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Fit Into Love

Book / Romance

Lee Marss has a been the invisible girl all her life. But now she wanted her crush to notice her. to have a perfect moment with the perfect body. To finally be happy. This is now for MidNightSun's Love Story Challenge due july 15.

The Night Walkers; In the search for who im not

Book / Fantasy

The Night Walkers. Nicole is a vampire. isn't she? She lives in a small colony of vampires, all made by one, who they call the "Lord". But she is not like the others. Ohh, yes she drinks blood. Tons of it.But She doesn't have the fangs that the others have in the colony have, and that she so feel attracted to. she doesn't have the skin that sprinkle in the moonlight. nor her eye glow green when feeds or is lusting.

Lady Necromancy

Book / Thrillers

Grabiel lives in New York. She feels the dead around her. She knows the dead is following her down the streets, until something happens to her boyfriend and she is determinated to find out what and do what ever she can to get him back. A/N: This is my short story Lady Necromancer I and Lady Necromancer II, i will divide it into shorts chapters, and add more to it to make it into Novelette lenght. Lady Necromancer I ( Chapters 1- 6 ) Lady Necromancer II ( Chapters 7 - ) Lady Necromancer III ( Chapter - )