The Consequences of War

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somewhat about the rape of nanking

Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



When kids are young, they play with toy soldiers

And they dream of being heroes of war.

They believe that war is fun and it is all play.

But allow for someone to tell the truth,

For this must be told

All the horrors and terrors of war.

This unlucky event occurs constantly in history

And does not bring joy to anyone.

So many deaths and injuries that scars for life.

What about the mental scars that will never heal

And the ex-soldiers that have flashbacks sixty years later.

They all regret going to war

And repent for every actions.

The destruction of villages.

The loss of innumerable lives.

The rape of the women.

The slaughter of the children.

The torture of the men.

All these and more forever haunt those who served.

People say the screams stay in the memory

And the pleading faces of the conquered plague all dreams.

After hearing all this, does it change anything?

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