What's Life For?

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Submitted: April 05, 2007

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Submitted: April 05, 2007



Have you ever wondered what life’s for?

Can you feel that emptiness inside?

What’s there to fill the void?

The people here on Earth

Use the things of the world

Like television, work, friends, family, etc.

But they are never satisfied

They are always looking for something more

Or try to reach a higher goal

There’s only one thing

That can make you happy

Jesus Christ is the one

God has created us to have this need

Which makes us yearn for him

Once you touch this lovely Christ

You will never be the same

For he wants to live in your spirit

And will grow ‘til He overflows

Into your soul and body

So that you will eventually

Express Him

In your daily living

This is God’s Economy

And eventually, you will be

Part of the New Jerusalem,

His bride.

If you try it, you’ll see

You’ve found the missing piece

And you will never regret it.

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