Mountain Hike

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One's mindset affects their decisions and their actions taken upon those decisions. During a school hiking trip in the mountains, the students' physical abilities are put to the test. Some do better than others, mentally, physically or both. A particular student is struggling to keep up, moreover, unknowingly pushing the limit of a very impatient classmate. How and if this classmate chooses to deal with it may change as his conscience is pushed aside.
I'm probably making this sounds better than it is xD My friend encouraged me to post it on booksie, claiming it was "awesome". I hope your readers will like it as well; R&R please=)

Submitted: November 01, 2009

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Submitted: November 01, 2009



Mountain Hike
All was quiet, except for the crunching and clinking of stones under our feet. The heavy air separated us. The cold laughed at us. The stone piles mocked us, shouting, “come here; no this way!”. I want to get off of this mountain already! I take another step and hear a call for us to stop. Impatiently I whip around to see what the problem is. Of course it’s none other than her. Having to take another break after a few hundred meters; she’s all out of breath even though we’re going downhill. I jog lightly on the spot to keep myself warm as the wind screech in my ears.

I’m tired of seeing the same scene over and over again. If only we could pick up the pace. Like flying in that emergency helicopter. An idea sparked in my mind as we moved on. Slyly I lagged behind until she was in front of me, shuffling along with those baby steps. The trail became dangerously steep; the rain made the surface slick. It’d be easy for someone to fall. I take a glance towards her. The hands that shoot out to rebalance herself, those legs that keep wobbling, so weak. I find myself closing the distance between us. Slow down! If only we could get rid of the problem.My hands rise from my sides automatically. Don’t do it! I take another glance in front of me, my hands outstretched towards her back. Surprised, I tensed for a second before letting my hands wander back to me.

Every step made my hands twitch, her back called out to me every time we neared a cliff. I can see another one ahead and instantly move closer again, so close I can see every raindrop beating down on her shoulders. My hands stretch out on their own, hovering closely behind her. I want to get down faster; I want to get rid of the problem. Stop what you’re doing! It’s dangerous! She falters, tipping over the edge. Catch her! Take a hold of her! Don’t let her fall! I feel my arms acting on their own, reaching forward to grasp her jacket, yanking her back to safety. The gratitude I receive awakens something in me, the thankful words clutch at my insides, those grateful eyes make me feel like a wretch.

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