Spuffy 1 part 1

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this is my own version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
this one is Season 6 Episode 20 entitled Villains

Submitted: August 14, 2011

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Submitted: August 14, 2011



I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its characters

BUFFY: (with Dawn beside her) Spike.

Clem: Hi Buffy! Hi (looking at Dawn)

Dawn: Hi

Spike:(stood up) What do you want?

Buffy: Uhmmm... (feeling awkward after the rape) I'm here to leave Dawn in your care... for a while and...

Spike: (cuts Buffy) I don't baby sit anymore. sorry

Clem: (feeling the tension between Spike and Buffy...)Hey Dawn you wanna play Super Mario? 

Dawn: ummm... (hesitating)

Clem: (grabs Dawn outside)

Buffy: Look Spike... I know what happened last night...is both painful for the both of us but... I need someone to take care of Dawn while I'm solving Willow's problem.

Spike: (seems like he's packing things up in a box)

Buffy: What are you doing?

Spike: What do you think I'm doing?

Buffy: Are you going somewhere?

Spike: You got it.

Buffy: Maybe you can take Dawn with you.

Spike: No... cause when i step out that door, I'm not coming back.

Buffy: What? Why? What do you mean?

Spike: Isn't this what you want? You don't wanna see me anymore, you don't like me, you can't shag me, and worst of all (murmurs) you can NEVER love me. So what's the point staying here?

Buffy: Look Spike...we need you.

Spike: you don't need me. you just pump out information from me and that's it. you gonna throw me again outside your world after that. Well, of course, I made something that can be my alternative, pet, this book. I wrote this book about demons and other entities related to them and the vampires. So you don't need to look for me for information about them. So bye slayer.(puts the book at the top of the tv, in that book, there is the answer how to stop the wrath of Willow)

Buffy: William, (near to tears) I'm... sorry (in a soft voice)

Spike: save your sorries... oh, anyway, you can ask Clem to take care of Dawn. He'll stay here.

Buffy: Where will you go?

Spike: Somewhere I can find peace. (heading towards the door)

Buffy: Spike...

Spike: (facing the door)don't worry, I forgive you. what can i do then, I can't force the slayer to love me.

Buffy: Spike will you let me speak!

Spike: OK, any last words?... 

Buffy: I know I was being such a bitch to you...maybe it's me. I'm the problem...

Spike: no

Buffy: yes Spike it's me... I feel disgusted, confused when you cross my mind that's why I'm taking my frustrations on you. because i just can't believe that someone like you will do this to me

Spike: someone like what? a monster?! a vampire that has no soul?! I heard it all slayer! I'm sorry that I can never be like Angel!!!

Buffy: i never wanted you to be like Angel! you don't need to be like him!

Spike: I need to! because that's the only way you can love me! It's the soul that i need! But you know i can't have it. cause i will never be the same anymore.

Buffy: but... (phone ringing, Buffy answers) Xander!

Xander: What's taking you so long? We still have stuff to do. Wait... is Spike bugging you again? I swear i'm gonna kill that...

Buffy: Xander no! He's not. I'm gonna get back there as fast as i can. Stay put.

Spike: (left and slams the door)

Dawn: (with Clem) Buffy, what's going on? is everything ok? Where's Spike?

Clem: I think that's him who slammed the door. (smiling) he always do that whenever he's leaving.

Buffy: ya eveything's ok. Spike left so i'm just gonna leave you here with Clem. I'm gonna go back to Xander.

Dawn: (puzzled) ok...

Buffy: thanks Clem... this is just for a while. after we fix Willow i'm gonna pick her up.

Clem: you're welcome Buffy!

Buffy: (to Dawn)i'm gonna go now. don't leave no matter what ok?

Dawn: ok.

Buffy: (left. stopped for a while looked left and right of the road to see if she can still catch up with Spike but she can't see him anymore. he just continue walking back home. feeling very sad about what happened between her and Spike earlier. she stumble upon Xander)

Xander: Buffy!

Buffy: Xander!

Xander: are you alright?

Buffy: yeah. i'm fine

Xander: did you ask Spike about something we can do to stop Willow?

Buffy: no, i forgot

Xander: what?! how can you forget that. it's important! Okay maybe i should just talk to him tomorrow...

Buffy: no, he's...gone. (almost in tears) but here... he left a book to help us about demons and vampires.

Xander: (stopped walking) what do you mean he's gone? 

Buffy: he left he's... not.... coming back (stopping the tears, walkes faster)

Xander: what?!  well, at least he left us somthing useful. you know sometimes he has sense. very useful

Buffy: yeah...seems like we can't use him anymore 

Buffy and ander reached the Summer's house

Xander: c'mon we better read this book now so we can think better ideas tomorrow

Buffy: ummmm... Xander, i want to rest. i mean.... i'm not feeling ok anymore.

Xander: but you told me you're alright?! Buffy we can't waste anymore time! Willow's gonna....

Buffy: (rushes inside her house

Xander: Buffy! Buffy!

Buffy walks slowly crying towards her room. laid down on her bed. sobbing on a pillow. cries until she falls asleep.

Someone is walking softly towards her room. It's Angel.

Angel: Buffy.

Buffy: Angel!

Angel: Is everything ok?

Buffy: no. as you know we're dealing with the wrath of Willow and... we can't find answers.

Angel: i know someone told me. I miss you.

Buffy: ya...

Angel: I love you Buffy.

Buffy: i know

Angel: that's it?

Buffy: what? what do you want me to say?

Angel: nothing it seems like you have another problem besides Willow.

Buffy: i don't have time for this

Angel: for me...you don't have time for me.

Buffy: what exactly you wanna hear or see from me

Angel: i want you to tell me you love me

Buffy: well, i can't make love while Willow is killng more and more people out there! i need to rest and think...

Angel: i don't really think that's the reason

Buffy: you know what? i thik it will be better if you just leave

Angel: fine! i forgot... i talked to Spike he said he's leaving

Buffy: i know. talked to him personally

Angel: can that be the reason why you can't say i love you to me?

Buffy: can you just...leave!

Angel: ok! i just hope it's not true. you can't love a man without a soul and he can't love you wihtout a soul (angel disappears)

Buffy: (laid back to bed and whispers) i can.... he did. (goes back to sleep a tear fell from her eye)

(to be continued)

by jeniction

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