for better or for worse

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This one goes out to the second most important person in
my life,i cant reallt forgive my self for the way i treated
you,so i really didnt think u would have either some things u did aswell are unspeakable,but we love eachother all that matters ima get some of what i think of my chest so i dont even know just listen Xox

Submitted: February 08, 2010

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Submitted: February 08, 2010



threw all things got better,for worse or for not i cant stand being without u im glad im not,bcuz

your the one that i want the one that i need the one that i feel i gotta have just to succeed

when i first saw u i knew it was real im sorry about all the pain we made eachother feel.

that wasnt really me let me show you the way iv been looking for the sun but its been raining

for days,remebering how i gazed at your pretty green eyes cuz each time i did was like  god was there

heaven in the skys, i wore a disguise cuz i didnt wan to get hurt and i didnt realise i made

everything worse cuz iv fallen so hard for u and i dont wanna let u go as we have been

trying to forget our past now and let our love grow,you told me we waz crazy in love

but you didnt care push came to shove,i love u with my heart really and truly

theres no way i cud forget about the times that we shared when i would sitt there

running my fingers threw your hair ur love is unforgetable unregretable and i just

wanna be the one u run to when ur sad try to make u feel better when i know that you mad,ireally wanna know you like noone else can know you,your number one

always in my heart, i hope to god our love never gets torn apart just like it did befour

it drove me crazy and i couldnt take it for shore our love is water its unexplainable

pure,i know things will work this time for better or for worse.

I love the way i love you

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