Just a Lonely Jazz Musician (House of Suicide)

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A story that will send you through a time warp of revelation in just a few lines of this chilling poem. Enjoy. PEACE OUT

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013




My life, my pain, is all the same. My saxophone is my best friend, but not my only friend. I was traveling through time running away from the terrors of my house when I landed upon a particular flyer. It welcomed me to come to a concert of death. Everyone who attended would die at the end and that was my ultimate goal.

I prepared my journey to go to this concert; it was at a huge a hall in the middle of the desert outside of Arizona. I packed all of my nothings and caught the last train. The feeling of excitement was among me.

Finally arriving I realized this was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The servants filled you up with the delicate foods in the world as well. I couldn’t help but tear up at the sight of these glorious things. Almost everyone there was beautiful themselves. I didn’t understand how they would love their lives to end, seeing how they had so much going on for them. The atmosphere here was just too much for me, I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. I almost slipped on the marble floor rushing in the lavatory. Pearls danced around a huge oval mirror. I saw myself in it and instantly turned to tears. I saw myself as a child; sweet, young, and full of dreams. I saw myself as a teenager; surrounded by friends, saxophone in my hand, and my parents eyes admiring me. I saw myself as adult and my two beautiful children looking at their father with loving eyes, I saw my wife looking at me, shaking her head full of sorrow. The last thing I saw as I gazed in this mirror was an older me; happily playing with my grandkids, attending my daughter’s wedding, and a man telling me I’m worth it.

I walked out of that bathroom ashamed at even being at such a selfish place, but I was on a mission. I needed everyone in this terrible place to look into this life-changing mirror. I walked into the concert hall to find no one. “Had they played the song already?” “Did they leave?” These thoughts tunneled through my brain. On the stage at where the concert was playing read a sign saying concert starts in five minutes, yet no one could be found. Everyone must have left; oh I prayed that they all realized what I had. Deep down in my heart, I think they had. This place wasn’t to put you out of your misery it was to throw you back in your misery and give you the courage to conquer all of you troubles. 

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