Spirit Wind Dancer

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Amy wishes to be a spirit, a wind dancer, to be free of her physical body as she is in her dreams,she feels hopeless but she is closer than she thinks.

Submitted: June 26, 2011

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Submitted: June 26, 2011



The place is magical. A full forest lies before me, trees sitting with their roots twined together sitting in a large pool of water, and it is so clear yet full of life. A cool breeze draws me towards a small island in the middle of the magic spring; I float as if disembodied towards the island, my feet skipping over the water making only small ripples that don’t even disturb the bugs on its surface. I set my feet on the cool grass of the island. The breeze is stronger now, it flows around me whirling through the pond which is eerily still unaffected by the strong breeze. I hear whispers. Quiet whispers on the wind, music flow with them. A magical hymn is being sung with music. I follow the sound and see the winds. They flow like sound whirling around they look human but they are coloured and see through. I am drawn to their noise their beautiful noise. The smell of flowers surround me the warmth of the sun covers me. The wind dances around but as I reach out to join them, listen to them everything shatters. I lie awake in my room all too aware of my body. In my dreams I am nothing more than a spirit free of my body that limits me. I see my clock and go back to sleep; 3:15 is a bit early. That dream it only ever visits me once, only once am I allowed to roam free with the winds but never have I been allowed to join them whenever I reach out which is every time I wake up.

We are headed to the farmers market today, our weekly family time every Friday the only day my mom gets off. “Were do you want to meet up?” My mom asks, “How about we meet at the department store?” Jana suggests. My mom nods, “That will work at what time?” “Three,” she exclaims. Jana gets everything she wants, l am happy with food water and shelter but her room is jammed packed with every electronic thing out there and all the new makeup products there is. She is pretty but she would be much prettier without all the makeup slathered on her face day and night. She is two year older than me which is eighteen, we share the same blonde hair and blue eyes but she has more of a square head I have more of a round one Inside the farmers market we all split Jana with her hand out for money and off like a rocket my mom off to see some new sales in a book store. I take my pocketful of money to a stand that sells pretty charms and necklaces; I buy three charms and a bracelet that takes up the five dollars my mom gave me so I head to the department store to wait on a bench. It takes my sister forever to spend just five dollars she will deliberate for over an hour on nail polish. I don't try to but I fall asleep on the bench. I am standing on the island with the hymns being sung by voices that sound as beautiful as chimes, I float towards the winds and reach out to them, unusually they take notice in me they smile and float around me their voices so loud and intoxicating. “Wake up Amy!” I jump awake to see Jana with an annoyed look on her face, “This is a public place and we have to go now.” I get up and follow her drowsily out to the parking lot. I walk across the pedestrian crossing when a screech sounds out, then I am in pain, a truck rolls over me I scream. I am in so much pain. People are screaming, sirens are blasting, and the pain fades numbness taking over. I see flashes of light then I am out cold.

The pond is even more beautiful I skip over the water taking my time, I don't know why but I feel as if the winds are waiting for me, I walk slowly over the water. I set my feet on the familiar island. I float towards the wind their chime voices beckoning. I see a figure they are huddled over I rush to them, it is me. I am badly hurt, beyond repair I think. I look at my fragile face smeared with blood. She has fear in her eyes and sadness, I feel despair in my heart but at the same time I feel the start of something new. I hear the whispers again they are sad mournful. Do you want to go back they seem to ask or would like to stay and join us? I look at that girl with light blonde hair and dead looking blue eyes, her time is up, I think she has lived with the living for as long as she was meant to. It is time, time to become a spirit that dances with the winds and sings with her soul. I turn my back to the girl on the ground and reach out to the winds they are ready this time, as am I ready, for me to join them as a spirit. They whirl around there chime voices laughing magic bouncing with them as I am embraced by the winds then carried with them as another spirit wind dancer.

Jenna Raven.

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