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I'm kind of afraid of flying. Planes just creep me out and this appeared to be the trip from hell. You will never get me on a plane like this again, missing people, faulty wings and full out fear. Time to takeoff. 

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012



I took a big step onto the airplane. I looked up at the helpful stewardess and gave her a shaky smile. Her bright red lips parted as she gave a dazzling smile in return. Her makeup was subtle yet immaculate and made her pretty face glow, she looked young, perhaps in her early twenties.

I turned away and looked  into the plane, the small rows were filled with a variety of people. There were worried mothers and fathers with small children who were squealing and squirming in their seats. There were some bad tempered old men and their wives who were glaring at the couples and they were also a few teenagers who had their headphones on, completely ignoring everyone. 

The plane wasn't very big, it was only made for short journeys like this one which took us from France to England. It's seats looked worn and shabby and the carpeted floor looked scuffed, probably from the stewardesses heels. 

My eyes roamed the plane, looking for my seat. I saw my empty space next to a rather big looking man. He was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt which revealed some of his stomach, he was eating some crisps and there were crumbs all over his beard, clothes and my seat. His hair was long, brown and tied in a ponytail and it was covered in grease. 

I started to walk closer to him my movement was uncertain and shaky, planes are my least favourite mode of transport. 

\"Hi,\" I said, plastering a smile on my face. He looked up at me with a frown on his face, he looked me up and down and I instinctively became stiff and self conscious.

\"What d'you want?\" he grunted. 

\"T-that's my seat,\" I said while pointing at it. He tried to turn to look but he quickly gave up. He looked up at me and grunted again, which I took for a go ahead. I managed to squeeze past his big legs which had taken up the space between the seats. I quickly swiped some of the crumbs off of my seat and then sat down. I strapped myself in and took out my iPod, planning to have a relatively peaceful trip. I put on my favorite playlist and tried to ignore the big man breathing heavily beside me. 

As soon as we were safely in the air I took of my seat belt and started to relax, concentrating fully on the music. I slowly drifted off but woke up as the stewardesses started their explanation on safety. I looked over at the big man, he appeared to be sleeping. The stewardesses were telling us to secure out seat belts. I started searching for mine but I couldn't see it anywhere. I glanced down at the big mans butt and saw a small part of my seatbelt sticking out. I looked up at the man but he appeared to be sleeping. I looked down again, determined to get my seat belt. I tried tugging out the little edge I saw but it was no use, it was fully wedged under him. I looked at his huge buttocks again and decided that I needed to get that seat belt. 

I slowly slipped my hand under him, I could feel his heavy sweaty butt on my hand but I ignored it and tried to grasp the seatbelt properly so I could pull it all out. All of a sudden the man grunted and started to move his butt, trying to get more comfortable, which consequently crushed my hand. I held back a cry and winced but nothing could stop me calling out when I felt something warm emit from his ass. A vile smell rose up and I gagged, trying to get the smell out of my body, it was so bad it was like I could taste it. 

I pulled my hand out from underneath him and decided that I would need help. I put my hand up nervously, feeling ridiculous, like I was back in school again. One of the stewardesses saw and came over to see what was wrong. 

\"My seat belt is... Kind of stu-\" I got cut off when the lights suddenly went out on the plane. \"W-what was that?\" I asked, trying to locate the stewardess in the dim light coming through the small windows. 

\"Don't worry dear, I'm sure it's nothing,\" the stewardess tried to comfort me but I would hear panic in her voice. My heart sped up and o could hear it thumping in my ears. \"I'll find out what it is,\" she said and scurried off, leaving me alone. 

I fell back into my seat and started breathing deeply, this was not helping my fear of planes. In and out, I repeated in my head and I managed to calm my jumping heart. I looked at the big guy but I couldn't tell wether he was awake or not so I tuned in on his breathing. He was breathing slowly and steadily suggesting he was asleep, so he couldn't help. I could hear other people starting to panic and the stewardesses were trying to calm them down. Little kids were starting to cry and parents were persuading them to be quiet with the bribe of sweets. 

The lights suddenly flickered back on and I sighed in relief, i leant back in my seat and looked around at the other relieved faces. The stewardesses were still comforting families and children when there was a massive 'thunk'. Everyone looked to the left hand side of the plane, where the noise came from. No one spoke and in the silence a small creaking noise was heard. The lights flickered again as an even louder THUNK was heard. A girl screamed and pointed out of her window and the people around her quickly rushed to check it out. The lights flickered more and more and in the light I could pick out the expressions if the people. Their mouths were open, some had tears on their face and all looked terrified. 

\"What? What is it?\" I demanded and stood up quickly. A tall man turned from the window and stare at me. \"What's wrong?\" I demanded. 

\"The wing,\" he choked out as he fell down on a seat. He rubbed his eyes before he carried on, \"it's... breaking off,\" I stared at him in disbelief and shimmied my way past the big guy. I clambered onto a free seat and looked out of the window at the wing. It was beyond doubt, the wing was cracked and hanging at an odd angle. The lights went out again and this time everyone screamed. 

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