My eyes were opened to how corrupt our society is when I was 16, and then I was inspired to share

Open your eyes and see what you don't see.

This world is not the way our Lord intended it to be.

Look around you, evils in every place.

In our schools, our laws, in society, open your eyes you can see their face.

Now don't be scared or afraid because you are stronger than they.

With the Lord in your heart, you will stand in the evil days.

Have faith in the Lord and keep him in your heart always.

So you'll be able to survive the games that evil likes to play.

Analyze everything around you, is it really the Lord's way?

The schools say, “we come from apes" and the laws allow drugs that kill day after day.

Its brainwash the knowledge they teach us.

We should learn the knowledge of our Father, the bible, and trust.

Everyday people are dragged further and further away.

Away from the truth, away from our Father, if they are not taught, they will not stand in the evil days.

So for this I say to you, "they are our brothers and our sisters so let’s step forth and preach...

So they will know the knowledge of our Father and be able to enter the kingdom of heaven, our family of peace!”

Submitted: May 25, 2012

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