A Case Of Unknown Death

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Submitted: July 11, 2008

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Submitted: July 11, 2008



Holly Stripe was getting ready to go for vacation when suddenly the phone rang. Holly Stripe is a detective. She has long, blonde curly hair. She brought her detective equipment wherever she went, even on vacations. She wore spectacles, white golves, a jacket and blue jeans. Not many people asked her for help as she didn't like the fame and lived on a street unknown to most people. Holly was surprised that someone would call her so early in the morning.

"Hello, may I know who is speaking,please,"Holly spoke into the phone.

"It's me, Dr. Organo,"said the man on the phone. Dr.Organo is a man whom Holly had once helped in the past.

"Dr. Ogano,it's been such a long time since we've last met,"said Holly, reminscining the time when she had helped Dr. Organo to fix a puzzle of a policeman who dissappeared all of a sudden.

"Please, I beg of your helponce more. I've got terrible news, "said Dr. Organo, sounding extremely worried.

"You sound very panicked, Dr.Organo. Please calm down. And slowly tell me what it is that has happened,"Holly replied in a soothing voice.

"You know the school which I teach in, well just last week one of my students, Hashimoto, died for absolutelyno reason at all. And now, all the teachers and students are blaming me over his death because thistragic incident occured dunring my lesson. But Ipromise you, Holly, I didn't even touch the boy,"stuttered Dr. Organo.

"Oh my!"said Holly,shocked by what she'd just heard. ""Yes I do believe you would not kill the boy, Dr. Organo,for iknow you are a very kind man indeed and would never kill anybody," Holly added.

"Please help me, Holly. I've already prepared transport for you to come here. It will take you less than 20 minutes to reach my place,"mumbled Dr. Organo into the speaker.

Holly looked out of her window . She gasped in awe for there stood a jet on her front porch. She dropped her luggage and rushed into the jet with much excitement.

As Holly reached Dr. Organo's house, Dr. Organo came out to greet her. Dr. Organo looked like any other ordinary teacher. He wore a plain shirt and a black pants. He also wore a red polka dotted tie to add some colours into his black and white theme. Holly and Dr. Organo drove to the school as fast as they could . They came across a friend of Hashimoto and decided ti interview the guy. The first impression Holly had on this boy was a boy dressed even worse than a garbage man. The boy was dressedin a pair of torn jeans and a shirt that revealed half of his body which was not in the least flattering to look at. His face was red and filled with anger, his face as fierce as an old bird. His hair looked like he had just woken up from deep sleep.

"Holly, meet Tate. Hashimoto and Tate here have been friends for over five years," said Dr. Organo. Holly was practically speechless but managed to greet him.

"Let's just get over with this," Tate growled.

"All these years I've known Hashimoto , I've always hated it," said Tate. Holle and Dr. Organo were shocked by this unexpected statement.

"He did this to me. He brought his gang to pick on me. He used me. He....." Tate started crying.

"It's okay," said Holly, trying to comfort Tate.

Dr. Organo brought Holly to investigate the classroom he was teaching in when Hashimoto died. Hashimoto's body was still there, surrounded by police, investigating the case.

"There he is, the murderer," said a man in a black suit. His hair was white and flat. Everyone turned to look at Dr. Organo.

"You hyave no proof. ," said Dr. Organo. Everyone waited for the man in the black suit to strike back and start an argument but he just stood there staring at Dr. Organo and went out hoppiin and jumping. Everyone then continued what they were doing before, as if nothing had happened.

"Who is that man?" asked Holly as they went towards Hashimoto's body to investigate.

"Oh, he's Mr. Skittles, a phsics teacher. He recently went mad because a student's experiment blew up and Mr. Skittles was near the experiment. There was no other students or teachers there so only Mr Skittles received that fate," said Dr. Organo. As they approached Hashimoto's body, Holly noticed that there were two holes in his body. Holly used her magnifying glass to examine the holes and realized that the holes in Hashimoto's body were caused by gunshots. She decided to examine the rest of the room and saw that there was a camera with a weird design and no lens on a table.

"Dr. Organos this a photography room?"asked Holly.

this a photography room?"asked Holly.

""Yes. Why do you suddenly ask that?"asked Dr. Organo.

"I noticed that camera on the table,"said Holly pointing to the camera on the table.

"That camera was made by Tate himself. He was also in my class when Hashimoto died,"said Dr. Organo. Holly started taking down notes.

"Do you know why Tate made this camera?"asked Holly.

"No, but i think it's just a slingshot with a better design because you cant take pictures with it. The camera even shoots like a slingshot,"said Dr. Organo.

Next, Holly and Hashimoto drove to Hashimoto's house to investigate. The house was a mansion and even for a mansion the house looked massive as it was bigger than ordinary mansions. There was a fish pong and a garden in the area which probably took up a quater of the place.

"This house lookes familiar,"said Holly.

"I forgot to mention to you that Hashimoto's father is Mr. Hishamo," said Dr. Organo.

"Isn't Mr. Hishamo the man who recentlybecame the seventh richest man in Taiwan?"asked Holly.

"Precisely,"said Dr. Organo. As they rang ther doorbell, the gate opened for them to enter.When the door opened , they saw a man dressed like a butler.

"Hello. We are here to meet Mr. Hishamo,"said Dr. Organo.

"I will inform my master immediately," said the butler and he went back upstairs. A few minutes later, another man came down. He had short greyed hair and wore a long black coat. He also wore dark blue pants. He had a moustache.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Hishamo. Why do you come you come to visit?asked Mr. Hishamo.

"We are from the "Fabulous and Wealthy living " magazine. We have come here to interview you,"lied Holly, not taking any chances.

"I don't know any rubbish magazine of such but let's just get over with this,"said Mr. Hishamo.

"I wonder why he's so angry,"said Holly to Dr. Organo as they walked in . When they reached the living room, Holly asked Mr. Hishamo


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