Miley&Demi One Shot:// Love Me, Lust Me (Rated R)

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Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato....two friends about to be seperated. they both have a secret to tell...the same secret to tell. for so long they've been to afraid to say a thing, but on that one perfect day all is released and love and lust shall combine. :)

Submitted: February 16, 2011

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Submitted: February 16, 2011



MILEY'S POV: I hated the fact that in less than a week i would be moving away.  Away from my best friend, Demi, the girl i've secretly fallen madly inlove with, within the past four years of our friendship.  This last month has made it really hard for me...I want to tell her how i feel- I want her to love me back, but was too afraid she wouldnt.  she can see in my eyes and my faint smile when i'm around her now that something is wrong, but she always hezitates to ask; wanting me to be able to come to HER about anything without having to pick and poke me for info.  I honestly don't know how i'd ever continue life without her by my side. -End of POV-

Demi: *knocks on Miley's bedroom door* "knock, knock, knock!" *enters her room;giggles* "are you ready yet? We have to go!"

Miley: "huh, oh yeah...almost. Sorry"

Demi: "Oh Miley. Miley, miley, Miley...always spacing out into your own little world."

Miley: *laughs* "shut-up. You say it like i have A.D.D. or something."

Demi: "I didn't say that...but since you did, i'm going along with it." *smiles*

Miley: *playfully rolls her eyes* "Where are we going anyways?"

Demi: "The carnival silly! And maby I'll even win you some giant stuffed animal." *laughs*

Miley: "what is this, a goodbye present or something?"

Demi: *sighs* "No, i told you it's not goodbye. We can still BFFL's...and in the summer and holidays i'll come visit. Kay?"

Miley"Is that a promise?"

Demi: *links pinkies with Miley* "I pinky promise, Mi."

DEMI'S POV: I didn't want Miley to move two whole states away from me. I was sad on the inside...i felt like my life was being ripped out of me the moment i heard the words "I'm moving" coming from Miley's mouth.  But i didnt't want this to be the end of a beautiful friendship...I love my Smiley more than anything, and i wish sometimes i could express to her just how much i love her.  Putting on a brave courageous front is just what i do to hide my feelings.  I don't want Mi. to be sad...and i don't want to be sad. I want to live in the moment as great and as long as possible, having nothing but the time of our lives. -End of POV-

Miley: "Oh, but before we leave...we should exchange gifts we got each other now."

Demi: "Oh yeah! i love doing this- buying each other something nice once a week to show appreciation for our friendship. i think it's very original. first, Mi."

Miley: *grinning ear to ear* "you know the drill...close your eyes"

Demi: *anxious; closes her eyes*

Miley: *pulls out a small white jewelry box and places it in Demi's hand* "okay, open your eyes"

Demi: *opens her eyes; opens the small jewelry box in her hand and sees a heart locket necklace; opens it and sees a picture of her and Miley* "Oh's gorgeous.  Thank-you bestie!" *hugs Miley*

Miley: "your welcome...only the best for my best friend." *hugs back; feels Demi's warm huge boobs press against her 'not-as-big' big boobs as they hug; smiles*

Demi: *pulls away; puts the neclace on* "okay, my turn." *smiles*

Miley: *closes her eyes*

Demi: *Takes off her shirt* " your eyes"

Miley: *opens her eyes and sees Demi in just her bra; gasp and eyes widen; smiles and laughs* "I get a strip tease? Nice. But i wasn't prepared...i don't have any cash on me to throw at you while you strip. i know...i'll write a check!"

Demi: "No idiot!" *laughs* "it's not a strip tease...but however i will take your money." *smiles and turns around* "can you fully see it?"

Miley: *confused; looking at Demi's back* "see what fully? i don't see anything at all"

Demi: "ugh, then my bra is covering it.  unlock my bra please?"

Miley: *gulps; unhooks her bra pushing the two pieces to the side; sees a tattoo* "Dems, you got a tattoo?"

Demi: *nods* "read it!"

Miley: *reads it aloud* " 'BFFL's - Smiley+Demi' Aww, Dems, you didn't have to do that."

Demi: "But i did. Like you said...only the best for my bestfriend."

Miley: "thank-you...i love it." *runs her fingers lightly along the tattoo...then down the middle of Demi's back; breathing heavy*

Demi: *feels a tingle down her spine as Miley touches her; breathing heavy*

Miley: *pushes Demi's bra staps down to the side of her arms until her bra is fully off; rubs her bare shoulders while placing light kisses on her neck*

Demi: *bites her bottom lip; turns facing Miley looking her in the eyes*

Miley: "I- I'm sorry"

Demi: "just kiss me"

Miley: "w-what?"

Demi: *Kisses miley; grabs Miley's hands placing them on her boobs*

Miley: *kisses back deepening it; massages Demi's boobs and circling her tits with her finger*

Both: *pull away breathing heavily* "i have something to tell you!"

Demi: "you first."

Miley: "i love you..."

Demi: "more than a friend?"

Miley: *nods* "i'm head over hills inlove with you Demi."

Demi: "same. I love you more than anything, Miley. And i love everything about you."

Miley: *nods* "your hair, your smile"

Demi: "your laugh, your eyes, your body"

Miley: "your boobs..." *smiles; kisses Demi again; without breaking the kiss she takes Demi's hand leading her to the bed* "still up for that carnival"

Demi: "hell no! this is waaay better!"

Miley: *straddling Demi; kisses down her jawline to her neck on down; massages one boob with one hand and sucks her other boob nibbling on her nipple*

Demi: *runs her fingers through her hair; lets out a small moan*

Miley: *kisses her way down to her waist; takes off Demi's mini-skirt; softly rubs Demi through her panties*

Demi: *maons; arches her back tilting her head back* Mi., don't tease me...just fuck me already!

Miley: *slides Demi's panties off throwing them to the side; thrust her tongue in Demi's cunt and rubs her clit with her thumb*

Demi: *moans really load; clutching to the bed sheets* "Miley! Yes....YES!" *moves her hypes with the motion of Miley's tongue humping her tongue*

Miley: *pulls her tongue out puts two fingers inside Demi, finger fucking her; kissing Demi*

Demi: *moans inside Miley's mouth*

Miley: *can feel Demi's walls closing in on her fingers; goes faster and harder until Demi cums; licks up Demi's cum* Mmm, you taste good Dem.

Demi: *moans*'s your turn. *Flips over so she's ontop and Miley is underneath*

Miley: "you gonna undress me or what?"

Demi: *takes miley's top off her...then rips her bra off her and sucks her nipple bitting it softly*

Miley: "mmm, that feels so good!"

Demi: "like that?" *takes off Miley's shorts and panties; humps her while sucking her boobs*

Miley: *monas loud moving her hypes with Demi's* "faster!"

Demi: *goes faster; sticks two fingers in Miley's cunt thrusting them in and out hard and fast; moans*

Miley: "AHHH! YES...YES!" *grabs Demi's boobs playing with her nipples*

Demi: "lets try this..." *sits inbetween Miley's leg with one of her legs over Miley's and one under; starts scissoring with Miley; moaning*

Miley: *Moans really loud, puts her hands on Demi's ass* I....Love you....Demi!!

Both: *cum all in each other; breathing heavily they lay back on the bed together holding each other*

Miley: *still has her hand on Demi's butt, squizzes it then kisses Demi*

Demi: "I love you too."

Miley: "i don't usually do this kinda thing with girls...your the first. your really special to me Dems. sooo, i wanna know...will you be my girlfriend?"

Demi: "most definently" *smiles big* "this is the best present i could have ever recieved from you."

Miley: *giggles* "the feelings mutual, babe. We'll be forever..."

Demi: "and always"

THE END!!!!! I really hope you all liked it!!! :D please comment!

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