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Some kids smking a hookah in a secret attic room.

Submitted: February 18, 2011

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Submitted: February 18, 2011



A bright wave of light was released upon the tiny room as Brady pulled the string. “Welcome to the Batcave, my friends!” he declared as he stepped over the bottom of the door frame.

The room was tiny- no bigger than a parking space, really. Sheets of various designs were thumb-tacked to the walls, hiding useless scraps of paper, and giant cardboard cutouts. On the floor was a rug, hairy and tan like a golden retriever’s coat. At the very back of the room , there were two beach chairs, both a vibrant rainbow of intense color.

Brady sat down in one of the chairs, and Lauren occupied the other. Abi, Allyson, Jeremy and Jennica soon followed, the two lovebirds sitting on a metal, blanket-covered chest, Abi and Allyson sitting on Brady’s feet on the dog fur.

Reaching behind one of the sheets, Brady pulled out the most magnificent thing that the kiddies had ever seen, and set in the middle of the circle. Standing well over two feet, blue velvet-encased tubes protruding from its sides, sat a hookah. The base was blue and white glass, swirled in a way that made it look like the most delicious soft-serve ice cream that you’ve ever tasted. Above that, the tubes had grown to each be about an arm’s length,  and were softer than Vlad’s luscious, Russian locks. At the end of each hose, there was a solid mahogany piece of wood with a shining metal spout on the end.

“Oh my...” Jeremy whispered in pure amazement.

“It’s absolutely beautiful, Brady. Where on Earth did you get this magnificent thing?” Jennica inquired, full of curiosity.

“Ben, of course. Where else?” he replied, almost shocked that she hadn’t immediately known.

After all of the excitement died down, Brady got to work lighting the hookah. He drew a gratuitous pinch of mango shisha, refined tobacco smoked purely for its delicious flavor, from a Tupperware container with his tongs. It smelled beautiful-- Imagine a blender-fresh smoothie of the tastiest tropical fruits. The enticing odor travelled the room, filling everyone’s noses, and leaving a smile on the faces of the delighted children. “I’ve uh... I’ve never done this before...” Jeremy said nervously, looking around the room, trying his best to avoid the eyes that he felt on him, but weren’t really there.

“Neither have I, beeeb,” Jennica said, trying to make him feel less out of place.

“Don’t worry about it,” Brady laughed, opening a fresh pack of charcoal. “it’s really not that hard to get the hang of.

Reaching for a hose, Lauren finally spoke. “Yeah, I’ve done it plenty- You’ll be pros in no time, I swear.”

Allyson chuckled. “Remember when Brady and Abi used to be in Youth to Youth? Now look at us all.” After a moment of thought, laughter spread about the room , bouncing off the walls, causing quite the commotion for such a tiny space.

“I used to be, too. Three years of my life that I’ll never get back,” Jeremy laughed, almost falling off of the chest.

He was fifteen with an in-between face- Not as chiseled and defined as a man’s, but still boyish and cute like a child. His eyebrows were thick and dark, almost meeting above his long, slender nose. But the way his pale blue-green eyes shown in the dimly lit room melted Jennica’s heart every time she looked in his direction. He was such a sweetheart, and there was no doubt in her mind that she absolutely loved the shy, awkward, lanky boy sitting beside her.

Glancing slowly around the room, Jennica couldn’t help but smile. Seeing her friends all together and having such a fantastic time just made her happier than anything.

As Brady held the lighter to the charcoal discs, he and Lauren inhaled deeply, sucking in as much as they could like it was the air that kept them alive. Holding it in for a few seconds, Lauren’s mood quickly changed from bored to completely ecstatic; She was doing her favorite thing in the world. Opening his mouth up wide, Brady stuck out his tongue. A cloud of milky-white smoke slowly danced out from between his lips, and quickly disappeared in the warm air of the secret room. “Who’s next?” he questioned, offering the hose to anyone who wanted it.

Hesitantly, Jeremy raised a visibly nervous hand. He took the hose from Brady and cautiously placed his lips on the shining spout. He removed the device from his mouth, and dropped his hands to his lap. “Uh, I don’t know, guys...” he said, a hint of sorrow intertwined in his words.

Jennica rubbed his back and smiled at him reassuringly. “We’ll do it together, how’s that sound?” She nuzzled his shoulder comfortingly, being sure to look him right in his gorgeous eyes and smile warmly at him. She then extended a welcoming hand in Lauren’s direction, trying her best to hold in her excitement. She and Lauren grinned at each other widely, giggling slightly, then breaking out into full-blown laughter.

Accepting Lauren’s glorious gift, Jennica retook her seat on the metal chest.  She focused all of her attention on Jeremy’s face, and soon her eyes found themselves looking directly into those pale blue-green eyes that she’d come to love oh-so much. She smiled at him, and took his face into her cupped hands. She twirled his beardy beard hairs in her fingers, and continued to stroke his chin. She smiled at him coyly, and pulled him in for a little kiss. She could feel his rough, sandpapery lips against her soft, moist ones, and she remembered all of the other kisses just like that one.

Both of the kiddies brought the nozzles to their mouths and began to suck in. Feeling his insides heat up, Jeremy smiled to himself, loving every aspect of what was happening. He stared at Jennica, inspecting every inch of her, flashing back to all of those nights they had spent together in her basement. He knew everything about her, inside and out, and there was no doubt in his mind that she was the one girl that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He couldn’t tell exactly what it was in her that made him love her more than anything he’d ever loved before, though.

Blowing out the out the contents of his mouth, he stared at the blurry air in amazement, a dumbfounded look on his face. The room erupted in laughter once more as Jeremy began to make a plethora of silly faces at everyone in the room. He began to chuckle, and slowly he burst into full-blown laughter. But to everyone’s dismay, he began to sob uncontrollably. “Beeeb? Beeeb, look at me. What’s wrong?”

Jeremy slowly raised his head and smiled widely at Jennica, the rivers of tears running down his face glinting in the dim light of the Batcave. “Oh God, this is just so beautiful.”

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