Jane Grevlin is like any other girl in the 8th grade. She stinks at sports, is good at science and language, and has a crush on the bad boy, Jess Dason. Not to mention, Jess is cute,funny and quite smart. But after a bad valentines day, a humiliating name with Jess, and losing her best friend Emma, Jane has had enough. She needs a boy to care for her, and if it won't be Jess; then it'll be Milton, the new boy who's not only cuter, smarter and funnier than Jess, but the one Emma is set to have...

Table of Contents

Dear Milton

Valentines day. Jane's worst enemy. Will Jess like the chocolate she got him? Will Jane get the flower gram Milton sent her? Will Emma finally apologize to Jane after all the heart break she put her through? Read Chapter