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A decade ago, Clare Kimball fled Emmitsboro, Maryland, to take the art world bu storm. Now she's celebrated as the artist as the generation. But no amount if success can eclispe the nightmares that haunt her-or the memories of her father's suicide. Just as her star is shining brighter than than ever, Clase leaves it all behind to face her demons.

Emmitsboro sheridd Cameron Rafferty loved Clare from afar all through high school. Now that she's back, they form a bond that grows sronger each day-fueled by an attraction that's been simmering for years. But Clare's past soon rises up with a vengence, rocking the town with a sinister murder rhat clearly linked her return. As an investigation gets under way, Clare and Cameron will learn that evil can linger anywhere-even in those you love and trust the most. But it's a discovery that may come too late to save them...

Submitted: April 14, 2009

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Submitted: April 14, 2009



This book is very interesting. It's my favorite by her that I've read so far. Remember anything that is said in this review is only my opinion and things that are said in the book.

If you love suspense and love this is the book for you. Clare is an artist who is funky and different. When she was young and lived in the small town of Emmitsboro,she was quiet and even shy. Cameron was a cop in Washington but when his partner is killed he finds he can't work in big cities. He moves back to Emmitsboro. When he first lived there he was a trouble maker. People are surprised when he turns up as a cop.

Murders andmissing peopledon't usually happen in this small town. Ever since Clare returned to town however, there have more than a few. While Cameron is trying to figure out the mystery behind it all he is developing a relationship with Clare. They soon fall in love. Right under Cameron's nose, many members of the town are gathering in a Satan worshiping group. They kill animals as a sacrifice. Recently, they've taken to killing people. When it comes to girls, they're raped first. When any member of this all male group breaks the "law" they are killed.

Clare finds out that her father was a part of this group and that people from the group accidentally pushed him out of the attic window. Clare is haunted by the things she finds out and the only one there to comfort her is Cameron and Blair. Blair is Clare's brother who she is very close to. Clare isn't sure who from the town she can trust.

When the group finally takes Clare for their sacrifice (and for payment for her dad's breaking of the law) Cameron goes frantic searching for her. Crazy Annie, an old lady with a three-year-old mind remembers seeing the group's rite in the woods. She takes Cameron to the clearing and he saves Clare.

This story is full of many twists and turns that fit in a strange way. I suggest that this book is read, even though I understand it sounds like a sick story. I understand, I'm a Christian girl, reading about some of these things was disturbing. The story is just sooo good. I couldn't put it down.

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