The Tale of Jeffery Yeager

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It's a bad day for Jeffery Yeager...

Submitted: October 31, 2010

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Submitted: October 31, 2010



Jeffery Yeager is a 51 year old business man who was driving the two and half hours home after an incredibly long and dull conference. Jeffery was exhausted but still had to make several international calls  when he got in. As he drove along some winding country roads his car started to make a strange clunking noise like a tin can in a washing machine - 10 minutes later the car stopped dead.

Jeffery couldn’t believe his luck this was typical he was still about 2 hours away from home so decided to cut his losses and check into the nearest hotel. Thank fully there was one nearby and as Jeffery dragged his weary body to the door he thought it looked a little run down but he was so tired he just want to lie down and sleep so went through to the dimly lit reception.

Upon entry Jeffery was welcomed by the dark oak reception area and 1970’s orange print carpet even though there was hardly any lights on you could tell that it was absolutely filthy. The receptionist looked at Jeffery with a vacant expression that was normally reserved for people that had been drugged. He paid the £30 in cash, picked up his keys and went to his room.

Things got worse when he walked in the bedroom. There was the most horrific stench of damp and dirt. There was a single light bulb daggling from the roof which immediately blew as Jeffery switched it on. Jeffery considered this might actually be a blessing in disguise as without light he couldn’t see the full scale of the filth. The bathroom was completely rancid there was mould covering all the tiles and the shower curtain which was hauled around the bath was spotted in yet more filth. Jeffery was beginning to get really freaked out with the whole thing not just the filth but the place had a creepy atmosphere. The place was silent, it didn’t sound as if there was another heartbeat in the building. He considered leaving. Jeffery told himself to man up and get a grip he was a 51 year old married man, father of two, responsible grown up. He was not going to let this bother him. Jeffery quickly texted his wife and went to sleep.

After a restless night sleep of tossing and turning he woke at 6am and decided that he would need to look into getting his car into a garage and getting home. In the morning light the room looked no better it possibly was even worse. The stench seemed worse in the daylight and Jeffery decided he would splash water on his face to waken him up and get out of this dive.

When he entered the bathroom he decided it was probably better to have a quick shower when he pulled the curtain over he could not believe what he saw. He could not believe what his eyes were telling him.

The girl from the reception last night was lying in the bath with that same vacant expression from yesterday only this time she no longer had the expression which was reserved for someone who was drugged but someone that was dead.

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