41st & 5th

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A woman has a brush with her past.

Tired of waiting around and

wondering what if…

Tired of wondering whether you

refuse to offer me closure because

my love is unrequited

or because you wish to save a

hollowed out spot in my heart for

yourself until you’re done with

whatever it is you’re currently

preoccupied with.

But, I’ve decided to go forth, though

It hurts and I’m reluctant.

Perhaps if I don’t, I’ll miss out on

something great… something I need.

And if I try, and it falls through, I’ll be

ten times happier bawling over my failure

than I am right now, dry-eyed and waiting

in the same spot for you to return.

And if it works out, perhaps one day we’ll

meet under different circumstances,

staring into each other’s eyes, wishing

things could have been different.

--Wishing we could have seen this sliver

of the future before we’ve aborted what

will soon be known as our past.

Perhaps two children will be huddled

closely together, hugging my legs… calling

me mommy, wondering of

what importance you are to me… because

they don’t know you.

Noticeably perplexed, you’d recall a time in

which I had only wanted you.

But now, two children—with faces like

mine, eyes like mine, their father’s blood

coursing through their tiny veins—stare

up at you.

In your wistful rage, how could you ever

explain that the hot blood racing through their

bodies should be yours and not their father’s?

How could you ever convince me that you

never intended things to be this way…?

Fate is not obligated to be fair

or kind.

But in this moment, I’ll remember who you

used to be.

If only for a second, I shall crave for

what we once were

for the trickle of an existence we almost


Then, I shall take up the smallest in my arms

and hug the other close.

I shall nod you a solemn farewell—

and forget this chance encounter

at the corner of 41st and 5th

that wrought up the passionate ghost

which was our past.



Submitted: September 03, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Jennifer Brighton. All rights reserved.

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Henry Duthler

Your words flow so well, such an easy read... You have an incredible talent!

Mon, January 6th, 2014 7:45pm


(: Thank you so very much.

Mon, January 6th, 2014 1:47pm

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