Breakfast with Daniel

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Lori has breakfast with Daniel for once.

Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



Lori rolled over onto her stomach, nuzzling her face into the pillow, and blushed at its softness. She slowly lifted her head in the direction of the clock; it was 7:23 a.m., too early for her to be thinking of getting up on a Saturday morning. 

But, since she was slowly but surely becoming more and more awake, she decided that she’d take a shot at being an “early-bird” for once.

“Five more minutes,” she thought, “and then I’ll get on up.”

A cool stream of pallid-gold sunlight pierced through an opening in her curtain and streaked across her skin.

The small patch of feeble light grew increasingly warm with the sunrise; minutely, Lori smiled at the growing warmth snaking across her bare back and face.

 She slowly rose to her knees and pulled the curtains apart--letting the full brilliance of the sun pour into her bed and spill over onto the floor of her room--and soon found that its splendorous luster would be short-lived.

“Whoever knew the sun could lie so convincingly?” she thought, catching sight of the dark, boisterous storm clouds gathering on the western horizon--opposite of the sun.

Lori stepped out of bed and tied her hair back. Then immediately after going through with her daily grooming routine, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

She hardly ever got to make breakfast, let alone eat it, for she was always rushing off somewhere.

But this morning, she danced around the empty kitchen in her boy-shorts and tank and sang into a spatula for good measure--as it could be a long while before she’d get to do any of this again.

“Lookin’ good--”

Lori gasped and quickly pivoted on her heel. It was Daniel, her housemate, standing in the wide open space adjacent to her, just beyond the kitchen counter.

“Just how much did you see?” she asked musingly, squinting her eyes.

“Enough to know that either you lied about not being a morning person, or you’re just having a really good day,” Daniel said wryly, a crooked smile forming on his lips.

“Well, I didn‘t lie,” Lori tittered.

“I guess that settles it then,” he said, slapping his palms down onto the counter. “Guess I’ll grab me a quick bite since you’re hogging the stove.”

“I can make you something, it’s no big deal--”

“Good, cause I’m staaarved!” he exclaimed, sitting at the counter.

“I didn’t have to pull your leg either,” she giggled, turning back around to the stove.

Nope. I know what I want. I was just hoping you’d make it seem like it was your idea to feed me,” Daniel said, smiling harder than before.

“Well, next time I know better!” Lori exclaimed, waving an egg-stained spatula in the air. “How does toast sound?”

“I don’t want just any toast. I want that piece you serenaded earlier--”

“You’ve been standing there that long?!”

“I’m like… a cat. Better yet--I’m like a cat-ninja--”

“You’re a clown, that’s what you are,” Lori retorted playfully.

“Be that as it may, I still have eyes. Dancing while making breakfast? Somehow, you make it look sexy,” he teased.

“Oh, please. I’m sure you could pull it off better than ever I could.”

Not even close--” he rebutted. “What’s that little spin-thing you did?”

“What spin-thing?”

“You turn around and toss the spatula in the air--”

“Oh, and catch it behind my back?”

“Yea, that’s kinda hot,” he laughed.

“The only thing hot about that is the spatula in my hand,” Lori said smiling excitedly.

She scooped the food out of the pan and arranged it on Daniel’s plate.

This is yours,” she said, pushing his plate aside.

Lightning flashed outside, and a nosy Lori leaned over the kitchen sink to peek through the partially opened blinds.

“If you want to make it to work in time, it looks like you’re gonna have to take your food and get going--now. If you want to beat the storm, that is,” Lori said, stretching out a frail arm to pull the blinds shut.

Daniel, silently studying the extreme contour of Lori’s delicate body arched dangerously over the sink, quickly remembered his gaze and looked away.

“I--um--I’m sure they can do without me. Hey--could you hand me that plate there? I can’t reach it--”

“Stand up and reach across the counter; your arms are long enough for it.”

Daniel rubbed his eyes and cupped his reddening face.

“No--I don’t think I’m gonna be able to reach that.”

“I know damn well you can reach it,” Lori hissed.

“C’mon, Lori, I’m dying over here--”

Lori, slightly grimacing, took hold of the plate and slid it across the counter.

Daniel, with eyes staring down into his plate, poked out his bottom lip.

“What is it now?” Lori yelled. “You haven’t even tasted it!”

“No, it’s not that--”

“Then what is it?”

“Could you get me a… fork and knife, please?”

Daniel tried his damnedest to muster up an innocent smile, but frustration prevented him from connecting his facial expressions with clear thoughts.

“You get it,” Lori demanded.

“Please, just work with me--”

Lori turned around and grabbed a fork and knife from the drawer; and, she sat it on the counter where Daniel’s plate once was. Then slowly, casually, she sat on a barstool by the stove, picked up her plate, and began to eat.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…”

“I don’t see what the big deal is. I’ve already done the majority of the work! The least that you could do is reach over and take it.”

Daniel stared at the utensils for the span of about ten seconds; then, he retreated.

“I guess I’m not that hungry after all,” he began. “I think I’m just gonna go back to bed for a while--”

“Because of a fork and knife? That’s inane, Danny--”

“That may be so; but, I’m going back to bed,” he said turning around and sliding out of his chair.

“Are you playing some kind of mind game with me?”

“I’m not listening!”

“I’ll make you listen!” Lori yelled, running up closely behind him.

She pulled at his shoulder to get him to turn around, but to no avail. So, she did what came naturally. She jumped on his back.

Daniel, a bit off guard, teetered perilously and balanced on one leg. And in one great feat, they both fell--sideways--onto the sofa.

“Ah! Why didn’t you tell  me you had something in your pocket!” Lori yelled, rubbing her hip.

“If you hadn’t noticed, I’m not wearing any pants--and, my… boxers don’t exactly have pockets…” Daniel groaned.

Lori paused for a short while; a streak of red shot across her pale cheeks. Then she quickly pulled herself from under him.

“Oh… well, I‘ll just stop bothering you then--”

“Yea, and--I’ll just go to bed now--”

“Yea--okay, and I’ll just--yea…”

Lori nervously tucked a few fallen strands of her hair back behind her ear, and quickly waltzed across the open living-room space and back into her room.


© Copyright 2017 Jennifer Brighton. All rights reserved.

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