Lovely Jane

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Jane is so sweet, it's sickening.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Spring had just returned to the quaint, little settlement, and everything was mild and sweet... The fragrant cherry blossoms falling apart in the gentle breeze was saccharine and only matched in sweetness by the budding young women who lived in the town.
Yes, the women were sweet, but none more sweet than Jane. She was sickeningly sweet. And rightfully so---decadently so. How was she to know that she'd soon pay for her good nature and charm?

She had smiled at him two days before. A pleasant smile. And, his heart fluttered. He had decided to court her in that exact moment. How was he to know that her smiles were meant for every gentleman with seeing eyes? --and her blushing cheeks were meant to please all those who could make her smile? --that her flirting eyes were meant to entice any weak heart in her path?

Those cheeks, once ruddy and warm with hot-blooded exuberance, were now cold and wan; her smile--awry and frozen in time. Those flirting eyes could no longer flirt--aye, but she could now flirt with death. The last vision, before those pale green orbs rolled back into the depths of her pretty skull, was of a boy she had once been sweet to.

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