So, it begins...: The Reckoning.

Status: Finished

So, it begins...: The Reckoning.

Status: Finished

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Teaser. (2nd book series)

Author Chapter Note

Teaser. (2nd book series)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 15, 2013




So, it begins...: The Reckoning.

Chapter 1 (teaser)

So... cold.

I hugged my legs tightly and my eyes gently fluttered open. It was dark—well, dim. I could see no further than the scarce stretch of light that shone above me.

This bed was freezing... I looked down—not a bed. A table, And—I was naked—I quickly covered my body with open palms and nervous arms. Where were my clothes??

“Oh, you're awake--”

I felt a squeal rise in my throat. I whipped my head around quickly, my eyes searching every inch of the darkness for a face or figure.

He emerged from my right, arms stretched out and hands carefully reaching--

“Get away from me--” I said between nervous gasps.

I hopped off of the table and cupped my shame—as best I could.

“I won't hurt you—”

“Where are my clothes!”

“We removed them—”

“Give them back to me—“

“That's impossible.”

I hesitated.


“Because... I threw them away,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Wha—? Why would you do that??” I yelped helplessly.

“He slowly moved around the table to me, and I backed away.

“They were covered in blood—”

I inhaled then stopped breathing for a short while. I could hear my heart beating wildly within my chest; and, I could feel the throbbing within my neck increase significantly.

Then... I began to remember—The rodeo arena; parasites; I was nearly infected—James saved me... James...

I exhaled and a faint stream of realization trickled through my mind... Jessica shot me—

“Did I—Did I die?”

“We thought you had,” he began. “But, I checked you... And you were still breathing. It was so shallow, I had to keep checking the entire way back here.”

“Here... Where is... here...?”

“Look, I'd be more than happy to keep answering your questions, but you're naked—and as much as I like looking at you, I can't focus. And, I'm sure you're freezing right now.”

I bowed my head and blushed an embarrassed blush.

“Yes...” I answered simply.

I brought this blanket for you—” he turned and picked up the blanket from the floor. “I'm sorry that I didn't bring one sooner, but... I had to be sure—”

“Sure of what?”

I turned my back and quickly reached for the blanket. I could hear him chuckle lightly. Then, I felt him drape the blanket about my shoulders.

“I'll explain all of that very soon. But for now, we have to get you some place decent.”


© Copyright 2016 Jennifer Brighton. All rights reserved.

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