Creating a Hero

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A very brief short story about living with depression.


Facing the day isn’t easy. It could take you by storm some days and leave you by the shore the next. No day is exactly the same. Or maybe it is.


Facing the day when all you want to do…is nothing. You don’t care. You feel like shit. You wish things were better. You want… nothing. There is nothing to want.

What is there to live for anymore? Is there something you want? Is there a purpose to living? Your brain tells you to stay put. You just don’t have the motivation, you don’t have the energy, to get out of bed.


Some days are better. You swing your feet over the bed and follow a routine. You make it to work. You feel okay. It is what it is.

It’s there but they can’t always see it. It hits you in the middle of the day. You just want to curl up but you put on a brave face. You smile. You pretend you care. You laugh.

But it’s still there. Following you. Haunting you. Taunting you. Tormenting you.

It’s death without dying. It’s pain in your soul.

It tears you apart and shreds you to pieces. But no one can see it.

But that’s what makes you a hero.

You get up, even when you don’t want to. You live, you survive. Every breath you struggle to take that burns as you draw it in – it wears you down. But still, you breathe.

It is sadness and fear and loneliness and pain.

But there is something that drives you. You’re still fighting. You have strength you never knew.



Make it today. If you struggle to get up remember: you are a hero today and every day you awake.

Submitted: November 26, 2018

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