Kingdom Come

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Telling a tale of a young individual reminiscing of the mass destruction at the exact spot months from it, Kingdom Come attempts to tackle the emotional side of readers.

Submitted: December 09, 2015

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Submitted: December 09, 2015



His eyes, he could not control them, they kept insisting that he stare right ahead, into the horizon, looking as the navy blue ocean start to turn a shade darker, a shade more vibrant. The amber light emitted onto the electrical panel of an ocean sourced from the diode of the sun. The vermillion red sun with an amber colored ring offsetting it, slowly began descending, starting to dip inches, then yards under the horizon.


His eyes, they still kept staring at the spot the sun once stood at barely moments ago, now with droplets of tears starting to materialize on his slightly roughed up facial structure. The tears were in no way the result of staring way too long into the blinding sight of the sun, no, it was the clear liquid that substituted blood as he remembered the last time he stood here, right on this very beach, right at this very spot. In order to convey his feelings, the pain and all of the displeasure it caused him, it would take a series of words, one yet to be listed into the general dictionary.


The skies were as blue and as gorgeous back then as they are today. The place looked almost identical back then, save for the lack of a couple of trees, a coconut tree here and another tropical tree which he knew not its name there. Almost everything was the same, but that was not what he was here for, he did not want to look into the sunset, he did not need to dive right back into the horrors of yesteryear, he had moved on, or at least that is what he convinced himself into believing over the course of the months.


Months, which the constructers used to slowly build the monument to all that had occurred that very day. A day where the sun shined bright onto all the people that stood on the soil of the beach. The tiny grains of sand glued onto your feet, as you either slowly walk along the beachfront, taking in the beauty of the sunset, or running along it to chase your meddling significant other. People chatting about in the background as your eyes silenced those disturbances because all you want to hear, is the sound of the person you have been sharing a cup of Starbucks with for the past hour, the person whose fingers you tangled with yours speak.


But moments like these, they do not last forever, perhaps the words you have with them, they may very well be your last. Perhaps the last sound you hear is their screams as the waves crash in on them, and their last gasp of air was coupled with the sight of you running into the waves to get them.


His eyes, they moved, away from the sun that no longer accompanied him, as the sky grew dark, as fast as they did that one fateful day, as he closed his eyes, and breathed it in.

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