It Might Be A Fandom, but It's Love To You And I

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Lou and Harry have been so caught up in the fandom, but is real or not...

Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



It might be a fandom, but it’s love to you and I.

“Dude, that was AWESOME!” Niall’s voice echoed throughout the dresser room. The boys were happy but exhausted, from concert. “Yeah! The fans were incredibly loud.” Zayn said as he plopped onto the couch. “Hey, hey, hey lads!” said a deep mellow voice. “Harold, I told you. You do not sound like that, what is the name..Erhm, oh yes Fat Albert?” Louie scolded Harry playfully. “Where’s Daddy Direction at?” said Niall as he plowed down a cheeseburger. Niall was always eating. If he wasn’t eating, the boys would know something is up. “Maybe he is outside talking to Paul?” Zayn asked. “Ello mates!” Yeap, Liam arrived. After they talked for what seemed hours about how ‘sick’ and ‘breath taking’ the show was, the crew started to doze off. “Louie, just get off of Twittah!” Harry commanded as he playfully elbowed him in the side. “Okay, okay. I’m just trying to see what our Directioners thought about tonight, we are trending all ovah!” gasped Louie. “Let me see!” Harry cheerfully squealed as he plopped beside of Louie. Harry got really close to Lou, and it felt so right to him. As Louis was talking about how proud he was, Harry drifted off into daydream. His smile is so damn cute, his hair is so perfect, his everything is fabulous, he thought. “You know what I mean, Harry?” “Oh, wait, what? Sorry, I’m basically like a zombie right now.” Harry quickly responded, trying to hide the fact that he was staring right into his beautiful soul and trying to find the key to his heart. “Harry, listen!” Louie sassed him, followed by his adorable boy toy laugh. “Alright, may you carry on, please?” Harry mumbled a little embarrassed. “I was saying, that it would be quite lovely to be able to meet every single one of our Directioners, and say ‘Massive THANK YOU’ and hug them!” Louie squealed. “Hush, Lou! The boys are asleep, they hate getting woken up, you know that! Especially Zayn.” Harry said as he looked over at the couch. It was true, Zayn hated getting awaken. Plus, it would be such a shame to ruin such a cute scene. Niall was sprawled over one edge of sofa, Liam’s head was one Niall’s lap and his legs were on top of Zayn, and at the end Zayn was barely, but comfortably, hanging from the other end of the couch. Harry and Louis look at each other and smile. It seemed as if their eyes locked. Louis stared deep into Harry’s deep beautiful green eyes. Harry got really close and started to lean towards him, it was awful, but it felt so right. What in bloody hell are you doing?! Harry asked himself as he began to close his eyes and got closer and closer to Lou. “Guys, hello? Are you lads in here?” It was Paul. Harry got startled and jumped back without even thinking, and got his iPhone and started to mess around with it. “Yes Paul, come in!” Lou responded with a little bit of confusion in his voice. Paul opened the door and smirked, “What a cute li’l hot mess!” He was joking on the boys falling asleep on each other. “Look you guys, you killed it tonight! I’m very proud! Now let’s get to hotel before the fans find out which one we are crashing in.” He said and nudged Harry on the arm. “Lady killer”, Paul laughed and walked towards the sofa. “Look, Paul I need to step out for a few minutes to call Eleanor,” Lou said as he walked out the dresser. Ewh, Eleanor. She isn’t even all that pretty, Lou can do SO much better, Harry thought. It was obvious that Harry was jealous of Eleanor. 

Hotel 12:36 A.M. 

“So Niall you and I have a room together,” Paul was reading who got with who in the Suites. “Liam, you and Zayn have a room together, and Lou and Harry have a room together.” “Of course, ‘Larry Stylinson’”, Zayn giggled as he mocked them. “Alright lads go to your rooms and actually sleep, you guys need it. You have a busy schedule tomorrow.” “Alright,” Niall said with a yawn to end it, “that includes you Daddy Direction! Liam, I know you want to make the fans happy and that’s fine, but you exceed your limits sometimes. Please, instead of twittcaming with the Directioners tonight, get some good rest.” Paul ordered as he looked at the time on his wrist clock. “Yeah, yeah I’ll try. BUT I get to talk to Danielle a bit, right?” Liam hadn’t seen his girlfriend in about 6 months, he was longing for a hug at least. “Okay, you all can talk to your lassies, but only an hour and nothing more. I will be checking to see if you guys are asleep; so don’t try to play tricks. Ya hear me Zayn and Harry?” Paul had a very strict voice when he told the lads this, for Harry and Zayn had sneaked out before and caused such ruckus. The boys nodded, grabbed their keys and walked towards their assigned suits. It seemed as if Louis and Harry walked for miles. Everything was so awkward, yet comfortable at the same time. Harry began to get mixed emotions and began to worry that Lou didn’t love him anymore. 

As they walked on, the end of the hallway finally appeared and there was the elevator that the little paper said to go into in order to get to their room. “May I?” Lou asked as the door of the elevator opened. “Go right ahead, lad,” Harry responded without looking at Lewis. He felt bad that he had made Lou feel awkward or even end their friendship. As they went up the floors Harry noticed that they passed floor 12, their room floor. “Erhm, Lou? We past our floor lad,” Harry was curious and wanted to know why they had skipped their floor. “Shh, technically we aren’t sneaking out of the hotel, eh?” Said Lou with a cute mischievous grin. Harry’s eyes wandered to the buttons of the elevator, the floor designated was 20. Harry smiled and turned to Lou. The doors finally gilded open and the two boys walked out and they were completely in awh, below where the beautiful lights of New York. The lights made the city look so alive and made the whole city twinkle as if they were looking at the clear night sky. “Wow, this is massively amazing,” Harry gasped in the appearance of the breath taking city. “I agree,” Lou’s eyes brightened as he said it. “Isn’t she beautiful,” Harry sang towards the city, and opened up his arms as if he was about to fly. Lou giggled and began to sing “where do I begin? Should I tell you,” “how bad I need you now, yeah?” Harry finished off the lyric. They both loved Olly Murs music, for Olly and the boys were really close since the X-Factor and he was touring with them. “You’re underneath my skin, but I’m confused, my head is spinning all around.” Harry smiled sweetly as he sang it to Louie. “Ohh, I’ve waited so long, I need to know, darling. What is on your mind?” Louis snapped his fingers as he sang the lyric, and soon enough Harry joined in. “Normally I try to run, and I might even want to hide, cos I never knew what I wanted till I looked in to your eyes. So am I in this alone? What I’m looking for a sign, that you feel how I feel for you. Baby please don’t let me go, baby please don’t let me go, baby please don’t let me go. Baby no, no, no, no. Badabadeebapa.” They laughed as they ended off the lyric. Harry sighed and thought about how beautiful they sang together. “Harry, I understand that you are confused about your feelings right now, I know because I am pretty confused as well. We are great friends and maybe we are misunderstanding the meaning of the greatness we hold within.” Lou said it in a very sweet tone, which meant he was worried about Harold. “Louis, I love you,” Harry responded with a very serious but sincere tone. “Harry, stop. This cant be happening anymore. I like Eleanor very much, you know that.” Louis looked at his feet, and began to cry. “Lou, please. I’m sorry. I know this hurts you, but after all you just said liked. You don’t love her, do you?” Harry asked Lou with a very quiet tone. “I don’t know what to do, or even how I feel, Harry. But please, just wait. Our feelings are very messed up right now.” Louis wiped his tears and walked towards the elevator. “I’ll see you in the room,” he said with a very mellow sad voice. Harry could tell he was still crying. What do I feel? And what does he feel? Harry asked himself.. 

Hotel Room 2:35 A.M. 

Harry finally got to his room after a long thinking break on the top of the hotel. He opened the door quietly and walked in trying not to wake Lou up. As he walked towards his bed he shone his phone light as if it was a flashlight towards Lou’s bed. He was asleep, and he looked like an angel. He was sprawled over the bed with his arms around a pillow as if he was holding someone. Harry smiled and walked away. He stripped off his clothes and went commando, Harry never slept with clothes. He felt too uncomfortable. Soon enough he dozed off thinking of, Louis. 

Morning 7:24 A.M. 
“Aye, wake up lads!” Niall yelled into Lou and Harry’s room. Louis got up and walked towards the bathroom. Harry laughed at his sleepy face, for he thought it was the cutest thing to wake up to. Harry got up and stretched his arms wide, rubbed his eyes and as the usual flip his luscious curls around. “You better put some britches on before I step out!” Lou yelled from the bathroom as he laughed. Harry giggled and quickly dressed. “Cleaning!” Yelled a lady from the other side of the room door. Harry quickly made his way and opened the door. “Hi, I’m Harry,” Harry smiled and moved back so she could make her way in. “You guys need any fresh towels or any other supplies?” The little old lady asked as she looked throughout the room to see if there was any necessary cleaning to be done. “Well, not really. But thank you much.” Harry replied and smiled. “Here’s a menu for breakfast, just call to the number written on here and order. But you don’t have to eat here there are other restaurants around here that serve very good breakfast.” She walked away and gave him the menu. Harry’s eyes skimmed the menu and nothing on there really interested him. Lou walked out from the bathroom and asked, “any good food?” “no, not really but the lady said there are really good diners around here.” Harry handed Lou the menu “you want to go and see if you want anything to eat from there?” Lou asked Harry as he walked towards the window. “Sure, let me get dressed up and clean.” Harry walked towards the phone and called Paul so he could ask for his bag where his clothes were packed. 

NEW YORK CITY 10:20 A.M. (Harry and Lou walking to the diner)

As Harry and Lou walked up the street trying to cover up their identity laughing at the girls that would walk right by but then double glance back at them. At the end of the street, a crossing came up. Lou and Harry came to a stop and looked both ways. “Well the light is red but there are no cars?” Lou told Harry confused. “Just wait Lou, we have to wait for the green light thingy to come up.” Harry explained. “Come on, lad! I’m hungry!” Lou said as he walked towards the street. Harry’s eyes widened and ran towards Louis. He pushed Lou out of the way and ran in front of him. A car had hitten Hazza. Louis got up frantically and had a horrified look on his face when he seen Harry on the road like an animal that had got hitten. “Harry! Oh please Harry! Are you OK?” Lou got on his knees and held Harry tight in his arms. Blood covered and unconscious Harry there laid. Louis couldn’t help but to think that it was his entire fault and began to cry his name as he sobbed. My best friend is dieing because of me, Lou thought, because of my stupidity.

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