Animal cruelty And Animal Rights

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being an animal lover i think Animal Cruelty i wrong and this is my opinion on it.

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



Animal rights & cruelty Jennifer McLaren

Every human being is entitled to rights so why shouldn’t animals be? “Man’s best friend” is being subjected to horrific acts of cruelty. I plan tolook atanimal cruelty in more detail and animal rights and how daily thousands are breaking them.

Human beings are said to be very intelligent and who are able to feel pain and think; animals can also think (to some extent) and they can most definitely feel pain so therefore animals should have the right to lead a healthy and pain free normal life. Animals are loved, cherished and protected by thousands; but tortured and inhumanly slaughtered by thousands and what is worse is to know that a small amount of our tax money is fuelling these evil companies to commit millions of slaughters each year.

Cruelty to animals such as bull fighting, dog fighting and fox hunting shows that there is people that have very low morals and who have no respect for animals - Animal fighting is also a sign of an uncivilised community. These acts do nothing but hurt innocent animals and encourage violence. It’s very disturbing how some human beings can find two poor helpless animals fight till death a source of entertainment that alone is wrong but what’s worse is they actually place bets on what poor animal will die in the shortest time.

If someone’s murdered, by the next day the story is splattered all over the new papers and is on every news channel to make people aware of it. When an animal is hurt, or murdered they get a quarter of the page in a news paper to report the story or sometimes it’s not even reported. So why is this? Is it because people think that human lives are more valuable? This shouldn’t be the case; animals help us too without them we wouldn’t be here. They are vital to our environment & they are a big part of the food chain.

Would you watch a snake being skinned alive? Thousands of woman buy handbags and purses made from real snake skin each year, the growing demand of fur coats (which takes 40 animals to make) hand bags made from snake skin and crocodile scales is shockingly high. Many women have no trouble handing the £100 for the handbag over but selfishly don’t find out what the animals went through to make it. Another order for a batch of handbags means another hundred snakes been slaughtered for woman’s leisure wear. It disgusts me how an animal that has done nothing wrong is being slaughtered to be made into an item for woman but it’s just “fashion right”?

Animal testing is said to be a good method of finding out how we can help mankind grow. Testing medicines on animals such as a 4 inch mouse can supposedly tell us how those products will affect a 6ft 11st man; however this is obviously ridiculous there is a rather big difference between a mouse and a human. These poor animals are being burned, starved, mutilated and worse , surgery takes place on dogs and rabbits with no antithetic and if there lucky enough to survive they are later reused for more testing. It totally disgusts me that humans can harm such little selfless creatures for their own selfish experiments. You would think if the scientist had other available methods of texting they would use them right? Wrong. There are many different methods but they are hardly used – reason for this is because they are too expensive. One alternative method is Human blood volunteers; this can be used to study pyrogenicity (the cause of fever).

Millions of dog breeders around the world think it’s acceptable to inbreed dogs they do this to quicken up the process of finding the “perfect dog”. Yet again animals are being abused to meet the need of humans. The dogs are usually left with breathing difficulties and many other different abnormalities and this leads to them dying at a young age.

Elephants are being whipped in circus acts until they step onto a stand and lift their legs up. Bears are being beat violently until they go into dance like spasms and are then tied to the poles in the streets of Turkey. Greyhounds are used as racing dogs then once they are either too old or too weak to race they are throwing out into the street and left to starve to death. Each one of these examples are horrific acts of cruelty but to the public they are classed as entertainment. It deeply worries me how any human being can find this entertaining! Would you see your child been made to race or beat her/him to dance? If not, why should animals go through it in my opinion it’s because they can’t stick up for themselves.

Animals are 65% of our food source the meat industry says “meat is good for you it contains vitamins and minerals that are only found in meat” where as in fact this is not true. Vegetarians are far healthier than a meat eater. Animal’s meat can raise the risk of cancer because of the compounds found in it. We actually don’t need meat so therefore the millions of animals that are been slaughtered each year can and could be prevented If we actually let the people who are eating the burgers see the animals been slaughtered would they still eat the burger? I understand that the meat industry makes a lot of money, but is asking that the animals are killed in the most quickest and pain free way a lot?

In conclusion animals are beautiful, exquisite creatures that should be loved and cared for they bring laughter and happiness to millions of owners all over the world. Tom Reagan states “its man’s duty to use his knowledge for the welfare of animals” but if people lived by this quote the suffering of millions of animals wouldn’t even exist. In the end really all the suffering is happening for our pleasure witch is disgusting.

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