The fear that became a small step

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my experience at exscape.

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



The ClimbJennifer McLaren


“Bang”! As the car door shut behind me. I had been dreading the day for weeks. The days were I would try to overcome my fear of heights. I and my friends had arrived at Escape. It was a huge shopping centre that had a rock climbing wall built into it and other activities that were done very high up. The palms of my hands had turned into a sweaty mess. I was shaking like a leaf and my legs were like jelly. I knew there was no backing out.

  We waited in the queue for ages. The longer we waited the more nervous I got. I just kept imagining me falling to my death when I was up there, I was absolutely terrified. It was finally time for us to get up there. We had to go through all the health and safety first. We sat in a room and waited for our instructor. In walked a tall man, he was wearing really weird shoes and his hair was scraped back into a pony tail, which was disgusting. He wore a baggy pair of trousers and a skin tight top, his name was Mark.

As he went over the health and safety I got myself into a nervous state. I couldn’t breathe right, my heart felt like a time bomb that was going to explode at any second. I was bright red and no matter how many times Mark said it would be safe, I didn’t believe him. It was time to put the safety gear on. It looked horribly uncomfortable. As I put it on I felt like I was been strapped into a strait jacket. It was tight in all the wrong areas.

  It was finally time to go onto the track. Mark called us over one by one. I was first. I tried to walk over to him but it felt like my feet were glued to the ground. I just couldn’t think straight. I thought I was going to be sick, my stomach felt like a washing machine. I was on the stand starring down. It seemed like we were thousands of miles from the ground, but I knew we were only a few feet up.

Mark said he would talk me through it step by step. I grabbed onto the first rock, a thought I was going to let go of it because I was shaking so much. Then I grabbed onto the next rock. As I realised that I wasn’t going to fall the fear in me gradually was disappearing and been replaced with determination. Mark and the girls were cheering me on. I felt great. I was actually enjoying it. I went higher, didn’t feel too confident about going right up to so I asked Mark if I could come down.

  Once everyone had there go we went back to the safety room. I felt excellent like I was superman or something. I was so proud of myself; I got a certificate to say I had done the activity and succeeded. I finally realised that I wasn’t afraid of heights anymore. I loved the experience and everyone was supportive and cheered me on. After words we were just about to leave but I noticed there was also a bungee jump in the centre to. I gathered up my courage and asked the girls if they were up for that too.

  We had to go through health and safety again but this time as I listened I got very excited and the excitement grew into being impatient. Mark took us onto the stand. This time we were a lot higher up. I was a tad nervous but I knew I could do it.

  Mark clipped me into the bungee. I was slightly shaken. The equipment was yet again very uncomfortable but my mind was set on doing the jump. Mark counted from three to one. My breathing got faster and faster and then I jumped of the stand “ARRRHHH” I whimpered. My heart felt like it had slipped down to my bottom “THUD” as I hit the floor. Everyone cheered as I got up. I felt dizzy and a little bit sick but besides all that I felt amazing that I had found the courage to do the bungee jump. I told Mark that I was feeling a bit dizzy and he gave me some water. I had always said to myself that I’d never go up anything higher than my house stairs and even that was a struggle, so you could imagine how I felt flying of the top of a stand to the floor. It was amazing.

  The day sadly came to an end but before I left I booked another session of rock climbing for the following week. I went into Escape a nervous and scared person to go on anything taller than myself (me being 5ft1) and came out feeling more confident and my fear of heights just didn’t seem to exist anymore

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