Uncle Jimmy

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something i came up with , let me know what you think or any idea's for endings .

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



Ucle Jimmy by Jennifer McLaren

It was a cold day. The sky was grey with only a few peeks of light shining down onto the graveyard. The rain banging down onto the gravestones, the trees swayed as the wind gushed through them. I had never seen Aunty Elisa so down ; Her face was white, her eyes where blood shot, and every so often a few tears slide down her cheek and fall onto the ground. A guess when uncle jimmy died none of us expected it, it was so sudden. Mum never told me how it happened, but I listened to Aunty Elisa’s conversation with the police the day it happened. Something about a lab and that some broke into it and had a fight with Uncle Jimmy, but I couldn’t hear the rest because mum heard the creaking of my feet outside the door.

My 14 birthday was the next day, but with the uncle jimmy’s funeral the day before I didn’t expect much excitement from anyone. Dad and mum took me to Uncle Jimmy’s house to get some things. When we got there the house was just full of his smell, the one that I miss so much. Me and uncle Jimmy were so close , he used to tell me loads of story’s about his “science experiments” I loved them all of them were so amazing and unique and made me smile. Mum and dad went into the living room , I ran straight up stairs to his room , just to find something that would remind me of him ,I had a good look around , a didn’t realise how much he loved science a thought the stories were just to make me happy but turns out uncle jimmy has thousands of science books. Knocking them all away I spotted a small box , not too big , it was brown , it had a great big padlock on it shaking it up and down hoping it would be opened , but nothing . It was locked. Mum shouted on me, the box was just big enough to put in my bag so I stuffed it in and ran down stairs then we left.

On our way home I just wanted to get the box opened and find out what was in it, uncle jimmy wouldn’t have locked it if it wasn’t important, I needed to know what was in it. I ran upstairs, pulled the box out the bag shaking it again and again but yet, nothing. But as I shaked the box something was definitely in it but it didn’t sound too heavy, guessing by the noise it made while I shaked the box, it was round. Giving up with my hands I ran into dad’s room, searching for his tool box, stumbling over shoes and cushions I finally found it. Something in the tool kit had to open the box.

Searching through the tool kit, I grabbed the screw driver. I hit and hit into the lock but it just wouldn’t budge, it just felt like an impossible task but I wasn’t giving up, uncle jimmy taught me never to give up. I went back to the tool kit searching through it to find something , anything that would help get it open , then I saw the hammer , I bashed and bashed , but no , still nothing. With every hit my hope for it to open grew. I tried, hours passed but nothing, I got frustrated, and I decided to go down stairs for a few minutes just to think of new ways to open it.

Mum shouted on me, she handed me a letter, just looked like an ordinary letter. She says that uncle jimmy had given it to her for my birthday. I was so happy that I got one last thing from him. I stumbled upstairs still exhausted from trying to open that box. Opening the letter a key fell out and dropped onto my hand, I caught it. The letter said “I hope you have a great birthday, a think it’s time you have this, and a hope you listened well to those stories I told you lots of love jimmy”. Wiping the tear from my cheek I sat down on my bed, it finally hit me I wasn’t going to see him again and that the letter was probably the last thing I would ever have from him. I looked at the key wondering what it was for, out of all the things he could have given me, I got a mouldy old grey key. It was funny shaped, never had I seen a key like this before. I threw it down on my floor and it landed next to the box, that’s it I said to me what if this key opened the box. I shoved it into the lock then there were a few noises and a click, it had worked, it had unlocked the box. Should I open it? I was scared to, what was in it? I just didn’t know to expect. I put my hands on both sides of the box, slowly, I began to open it.

And there it was a small, yellow, tiny ball. Nothing special, just a plan ball. I picked it up. I stared at it for a while. It had a weird design on it, with gold coloured writing in some sort of language looked like Arabic. I wiped the dust from it, I wanted to know what it as and quick…

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