Her Man Aphrodite

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I don't realy know what to say, lol. except it came out and I haven't even read it. It's all true, it's about the role a man plays in a girls life and falling in love and the power of that feeling.

Submitted: March 25, 2010

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Submitted: March 25, 2010



He captured her forever upon her eighteenth year...

She would never be the same, never know peace again.

It started with the first kiss he gave her in the rain...

and a torn white piece of paper with his number, and his name.

It was planted there...that seed of passion, and infatuation grew...

He was, she would soon discover, the epitome of the Perfect Man.

How she held out, held back? she would wonder years later

He persued her, and she observed secretly the contradiction that he was.

He was jock, he was humble, he was comfortable in his skin~

At the same time cultured, well read and loving towards his kin...

Popular. Out going and confident completely. And the sex?

When finally she gave in, was Astounding.Absolutely he blew her young mind.

She was completely hoplessly unable to deny him everything,

Anything, Anywhere at Anytime.  He had her body, he had her sole

He would forever be on her mind.  No man before him (or after) to this day,

Could compare to the complete perfection he was to her in every way.

Their affair came to an end in a most childish way, for they were young

Both full of ego and sex, pride and intensity. Maybe she loved him too much.

Maybe the power of their sex was too much for either of them to understand.

Either way, she unexpectedly settles down and he mysteriously moves away...

Her heart aches, body burns, her sole needs for Him strong.

His mind replays the power of their sex and calls her six months too late.

But their lives would collide, once again ten years later...unknown to either.

And to her complete detriment she would find Him the same.

They quickly pick up where once they left off, and all is fire and power and sex.

Strong as she remembered it, stronger actualy and more painful the pull,

He is her male aphrodite, her achilles heel, the master of her will.

The sex is much more fantastic, he is skilled and amazing

with a knowledge of carnal pleasure and mind fucking unmatched.

How quickly he Masters her and plays with her expertly

She is miserable, and he is untouchable, and everything is the same.

And she is lost in the garden that grew from that seed,

That he planted upon her lips in that damp November rain...

He is (she concludes) the storm within her, the force controlling her weather

He Is, the fire that burns deep within her forest...never controlled or to be put out.

Then he is the thunder should she push him too far, and she always does.

He was the drought She suffered for over ten years... He is,

Like the golden shafts of sun that project downward from the heavens,

Giving warmth, life and strength... and in its absense taking so much

Leaving her wanting and waiting for that which he has...

and she waits.  And she fears she Always will from her place at his foot.

Looking up to Him, worthy. On His pedestal, upon which she has placed Him.

She wonders, (rarely, but does) if she could go back...

To that day, in her eighteenth year... and take it all back...

But that is the beauty of it, she doesn't realy even want to imagine,

How satisfied she might be, how at peace...without knowing Him, pain or no.

And She is happy to suffer if that means Him. Love or no, Sex or no

He captured her, and she is his forever.



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