In the Land of Happy

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In the land of happy is about the perfect scenario in the game of friendships or relationships in general.

Submitted: February 14, 2007

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Submitted: February 14, 2007



In the land of happy

We would all get a nappy

Half way through the day

So we can still go play


Also in this land

Everything would be grand

There would be friends who are real

And husbands they wouldn’t try to steal


There wouldn’t be people who stab you in the back

Or say stupid things like they are on crack

They would all be true

And admit when they make you blue


School would be a breeze

Not have you down on your knees

There would be plenty of work

And all bosses would not be classified as a jerk


Everyone would get along

Just as perfect as a song

We know that’s not the case

Sometimes we have to put them in their place


So what’s the reason for all the bullshit?

Why can’t people just admit it?

Everyone makes mistakes

And sometimes cause heartaches


It’s the ones who know they have done wrong

And can admit it all along

That help a friendship grow

Instead of having to tell them to go blow


Things sure happened in the past

I hope the hell it is the last

I will never forgive her

To us she will be just a blur


The land of perfect doesn’t exist

One day it can, I insist

When all is calm and right

You will see perfect in hindsight

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