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A poem to my god daughter who was killed this past year.

Submitted: February 14, 2007

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Submitted: February 14, 2007



To Our Dearest Madison


I know there is a reason

No matter what the season

That people are taken away

So down on my knees I will pray

That someday we will understand

Exactly how god develops our plan


You were not very old

And now your body is solid and cold

Who decided it was your turn

And made everyone’s heart burn


The days we had with you were great

There are many things we wanted to get done

But now it’s too late

And time has passed for all the fun


It is said the good die young

And be it as it may

Our heads are all hung

And we will see you again someday


You had a wonderful time while you were here

We will always love you my dear

The time has come to say goodbye

And all we can do is cry


You had numerous plans in life

Including being a mom and a wife

You truly wanted to teach

A goal you will never reach


You loved C.A.P., with the highest rank

Never did drugs and rarely drank

So what did you do that was so wrong

That you weren’t kept around very long



You were very good at school

And everyone thought you were cool

You had your own unique style

And a smile that lit up atleast a mile

Being your god parents is a complete honor

As we love you just like our own daughter

For you we will always miss

It hurt so much to give you that one last kiss


Your sister Lexi is your best friend

And stood by you until the end

The love you two share

No one could even compare

She needs your help to be strong

But know we will be there all along


Now you’re in a wonderful place

In the presence of god’s good grace

Take care of her my dear big brother

Until the day she is reunited with her mother


Your memories are grand

Bigger than all the land

We will share them a lot

And make sure your never forgot


Shine down on us angel face

From your wonderful new place

We will keep you alive in our hearts

For that is the only place to start

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