Memory Lane with K Pooh

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Memories with a best friend

Submitted: February 14, 2007

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Submitted: February 14, 2007



My Dearest K Pooh


Over the years

There have been some tears

And also many smiles

That could stretch for miles and miles


From walking into poles

To swimming in unknown holes

From still going during spirit week

Just to help out and then sneak a peek


From laying on my tummy

And making pancakes with mummy

From going to the prom

Then hiding the secret from mom


We’ve been through just about all

Yet still we never fall

We stand up tall

To be the best of friends after all


Then there was the bus ride

Or making cards, trying to hide

Then there was Hesser

Could we get any lesser?


When we would sit in the parking lot

Because we were out of class, NOT!

We used to miss class

Just to sit on our ass


From the days of the beepers

To planning to watch Jeepers Creepers

From it all depends on the situation

To the big day of graduation


Through the good times

And bad

You’re still the greatest girlfriend

J Bear ever had


There’s a lot of things we did do

But had lots of fun too

May the friendship continue,

 Always being honest and true

Always remember I love you

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