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Submitted: February 14, 2007

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Submitted: February 14, 2007



My Husband, My Best Friend

The way I feel

Is very real

It has been so long

But it never felt wrong

My heads reeling

What is this feeling?

Turns out itis love

I feel so warm

And we fit together like a glove

When we first officially met

I’ll never forget

You were sick in bed

I gave you some medicine, your face turned red

Years later I asked if you had a girlfriend

Turned out to be me in the end

Who would have thought

The very next week

Flowers, dinner and presents you brought

Would make my heart and knees weak

Your sweet words and looks

Were better than anything out of a book

You stole my heart

It’s my favorite part!

When you walk in any room

My heart instantly goes vroom

A smile appears on my face

And I am in a happy place

You have beautiful eyes

That light up the sky

And a heartwarming smile

That extends across the mile

You are always there

To show me how much you care

And when I am down

You turn my frown around

After only six months

To me you wanted to wed

And after six years

To the castle you led

On both knees

At my favorite rock

Near the oak tree

Our commitment we would lock

You asked me to be your princess

And I said yes

Now you’re my prince

Been happy ever since

On the day we married

My heart you carried

You made my heart sing

When on my finger you placed the ring

I’m floating on cloud nine

It is official, you are mine

We’ve had our ups and downs

Been there through smiles and frowns

I would do it all over again

For you’re my husband and my best friend

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