When Someone Lies

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What happens to a person when people lie.

Submitted: February 14, 2007

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Submitted: February 14, 2007



When someone lies

No matter how big or small

It hurts your feelings

Whether it was intended or not

For a good reason or bad

It hurts your feelings

They all know the right thing to do

Even if it makes someone blue

Wouldn’t you rather know

That your friends are true


Its hard to find out almost everyone has lied

And there’s nothing you can do

No matter how hard you try

It is difficult not to cry

When the very people who claim to be a friend

Turn around and fuck you in the end


There are some things known

Things that can’t disappear when the wind is blown

People think I don’t know

But I am smarter than the average Joe


Feelings are crushed

And off to the side they are brushed

Not just by one personBut by them all 

Why do people feel the need

To be two-faced at all

That answer will never be there

Nor is the expectation they will actually care

They will all move on

Like nothing happened at all

And never mention they feel bad

For the acts and lies they had


If you’re reading this and feel its you

Then just maybe you made me blue

If you’re reading this and wondering who

Then I guess it isn’t you….

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