Anna See Anna Do

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This story revolves around how four young girls are influenced by the media to bully each other. In the end, they realize that bullying had hurtful consequences.

Submitted: December 06, 2011

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Submitted: December 06, 2011




8 year old Anna likes watching T.V. like many other girls her age. She especially likes watching channel 15, which airs her favorite comedy show, “Shelly and Kelly”. In the show, Shelly and Kelly are normal middle school students. They are not popular girls and they think popular girls are mean and are too confident. In the show, Shelly and Kelly are constantly competing with the popular girls and standing up to them.

One rainy evening, Anna and her parents are supposed to visit Anna’s grandma Lily. However, her mom decides that the rain was pouring too hard and driving will be dangerous.

Anna suggests, “Mommy, lets watch ‘Shelly and Kelly’!”

Anna’s mom agrees because she knows “Shelly and Kelly” is a friendly show which many young girls like watching.

Anna and her mom sit comfortably on the couch and watch the newest episode of “Shelly and Kelly”. In this episode, the popular girls, Phoebe and Jane, ridicule Kelly because she didn’t wear nail polish like all the other cool girls were. Shelly finds out and plots a scheme against Phoebe by planting a rubber snake in her locker. When Phoebe opens her locker, she hilariously starts to scream and runs to the principal office. In the end, Shelly’s mother scolds her for what she did, but Shelly secretly felt satisfied and even high fives Kelly.

The next morning, Anna’s best friend, Cindy, comes to their house so they can go to school together and they chatter and discuss the latest episode of “Shelly and Kelly”.

“What did you think of the rubber snake idea?” Anna starts.

“I liked when Phoebe screamed” Cindy giggles.

Anna’s mom smiles and waves goodbye to them.

The next morning, Cindy comes to their house looking a little frightened.

“What’s wrong Cindy?” Anna’s mom asks.

Cindy looks startled, but she brightens up and says, “Nothing.”

Then, Anna and Cindy go to school like they normally do while discussing “Shelly and Kelly”.

The next morning, again, Cindy looks frightened. And again, Anna’s mom asks, “What’s wrong Cindy?”

Then, Anna catches Cindy’s eyes and subtlety shakes her head.

“Let’s go Cindy!” Anna cheerfully said as she grabs Cindy’s hand and walks away.

Anna’s mom becomes confused and worried at first, but then she just puts it aside and assumes Cindy was only having a bad morning.

Then, later that afternoon, RING RING RING, the phone rings and Anna’s mom picks up, “Hello?”

“Hello, is this Anna’s mother I’m speaking to?”

“Yes, this is she. Is Anna ok?” She asks.

“Anna has been bullying some girls in her class, and it’s becoming problematic, so I’d like you to come down and pick her up.”

Shocked, Anna’s parents hurry to Anna’s school. They walk into the principal’s office and see Anna, Cindy with her parents, and two other little girls with their parents. The two girls are wearing shirts with “Shelly and Kelly” on it, but the shirts are soiled in mud. All four girls look scared.

“Now that we’re all here, I’d like you girls to explain to your parents what happened.” The Principal starts.

Bam! All four girls begin to explain and argue with each other.

“Stop! Mindy, why don’t you begin?” The principal interrupts.

“Yesterday, Cindy and Anna tricked Joan and me by putting fake spiders in our cubbies,” she begins teary eyed, “and then we cried a lot. Today, other kids made fun of us for crying like a baby.”

“Why are you two covered in mud?” The principal asks.

Mindy and Joan fell silent. HA HA HA! Anna bursts in laughter and Cindy begins to giggle.

“We fell in to mud and they laughed at us. Then we went to tell teacher because they keep hurting us.” Joan answers softly.

Then Joan begins to cry. Her mom hugs her and comforts her. Because of this, Anna and Cindy feel sad and ashamed.

“But they kept making fun of us since school started.” Anna says while looking up at her parents.

“Anna, tell us, your side of the story.” The principal orders.

“From the beginning, they make fun of us for not being cool and not having clothes like Shelly and Kelly. I just want to make them feel bad like they made us feel bad.” Anna explains as Cindy nods along.

“Anna, you know that isn’t the right thing to do, you should tell your teacher or even us.” Anna’s father tells Anna.

“Now look at all of you. In the end, who wins? All of you are hurt now. This is called bullying. Girls, you have to understand that bullying is never good for either the bullied or the bully. I want you four to go home and think about what happened. No recess for a week.” The principal tells the girls.

“Mindy, say sorry to the girls ok?” Mindy’s mother asks her daughter.

“I’m sorry; I won’t make fun of you guys anymore.” Mindy apologizes.

“Me too, I’m sorry.” Joan whimpers.

“I’m sorry too.” Cindy adds.

“Sorry, I won’t hurt you anymore.” Anna tells Mindy and Joan.

Anna and her parents walks home in silence. When they arrive, Anna’s mom takes Anna to her room to talk to Anna.

“Anna, why does it seem to me that what you did to Mindy and Joan seems very familiar?” She asks Anna.

“I don’t…know.” Anna answers wide eyed.


“Ok, I got the idea from ‘Shelly and Kelly’.”

“Because you did something bad, you cannot leave this house for anything but school for two weeks. No more watching ‘Shelly and Kelly’ too ok?”

“Ok.” Anna reluctantly agrees.

Anna’s mom then gives her a big bear hug.

“I’m proud of you Anna.”

Anna smiles and hugs her back.

Now, Anna, Cindy, Mindy, and Joan will never bully anymore and they live happily and bully-free!

The end.

© Copyright 2018 Jenny Chen. All rights reserved.

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