the lurking

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shay runs faster and faster by the minute her breathing quikens the creatures of the night are gaining on her up ahead she sees a dark shadow scurry away she stops she can feel her heart racing surrounding her are the demons of the dark the monsters of the sky--vampires

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011



The Lurking


Shay is your normal, everyday girl. Shes an inspiration to many artists of her time. But now, the passion for shays books and writing will now become great. Shay had never believed in vampires and ghosts and all that mythological stuff. She didnt understand why people would make such a big mess out of a couple voices or creeks. She knew that there was a logical explination for everything. So when she wrote about fantasy life, she really did think it was fantasy. But one night, everything will change. Shay was going to bed when all of a sudden, she heard her mother scream. So she ran down the stairs, across the kitchen, and into the living room where she stood, paralized. "Mom!" she screamed. Her mom had a giant gash on her leg that was about 6 inches long and two little dots on her neck. From each dot, a trickle of blood ran down her neck. "It was, He-here," stammered her mother, pointing a finger towards the wide open window. Shay ran over to look out the window but all she saw was their backyard and the tree that stood in the middle of it. But there was something else. She couldnt make it out but it looked like a cross. it layed there by the trees roots. "Mom,you dont think it could be-" she turned around."mom!" her mom lay there, on the floor, dead.

Shay waas determined to find the idiot who had done this to her mom. So she threw on some boots, a sweatshirt, and some skinny jeans. She ran out the front door and turned to the cross. she gasped when she saw that somebody had stuck it in the ground straight up and down. "It's not funny! If your gonna kill somebody, then kill someone else!"she yelled. right at that moment, she heard another scream from the house next door. so she ran over to their house and there, in the front yard, stood her neighbor annie and her apparently dead friend, alex. "Shay! come here,"said annie, who obviously had had the same experience as her."Please help me! It got her!" she cried."what did?" shay was confused. she didnt know what to think. first her mom and then her liftime friend. whoever had done this went way too far. "The, the- vampire!" Shay rolled her eyes. "yah right smarty. I highly doubt that a blood, sucking monster could-"Shay thought for a minute. all the claims of bitten loved ones and light hating monsters. The cross in her yard and the bite marks on her mothers neck. It was true. A vampire was after them. and shay was next on it's list.  The next thing she kows, shes running away from the horrible sound of blood curdling screams and the sight of dead bodies and blood. Shay was being chased by the horrible cannibal. she sees figures all around her. she runs faster. her breath is quikening and her heart is racing. She looks around but theres nowhere to hide so she runs faster. She cant feel her legs. suddenly, she feels a sharp painin her leg. shay cant stop now. she takes a quick glance at her leg. blood covers her knee down.a figure scurries in front of her. She stops. her first reflex is to dash the other way but there are demons surrounding her in everyway. Shay closes her eyes. Think,what happens when you get bit by a vampire? you turn into one. thats just great. looks like i should be collapsing any minute.  she starts to feel dizzy. her head is filled with thoughts of how to scare away a vampire. "Wait!" she yells. all of the screaming and evil sounds stop. "why have you come here?"Asked shay. a voice that sounded like snakes in a knot answered,"Well, we have come to suck your souls out of the blood they live in. Thus shall not stop us from satisfing our hunger.though you do seem like a tasty young girl, we have better things to do." Shay was shocked."okay then, why dont you pick on someone  your own size?" she said. "because you are just like us. no one understands you. you dont have the life that you planned for." it answered. Shays heart told her to run away from the bad in the world and her mother said the same. She started to cry. Her lifed had been ruined and it knew that. but what it didnt know is that now, there was no more people that could protect her from good or bad. Her leg started to thrive with pain.She collapsed.a vision flashed before her. she thought that this was it. her last stand. but in the vision she saw her mother. she reached out her hand. Shay tried to grab it but she finally came back to her senses. "Mom!" she awoke in a cold sweat.She was in the hospital. she looked down at her bitten leg. a bandage was wrapped around where the demon had attacked her."where am i?" she asked a passing nurse."your safe, dear. So is your mom."Shay looked around. the nurse was right. her mom was in the bed next to her. "but, i, i thought that you were dead?" her mom smiled. "it may of taken my blood, but it didnt take myheart and soul.shay smiled back. she reached out her hand and her mom held it tight in hers. everything was back to normal. except for the fact that shay wouldnt be able to walk for another 3 years, she was happy. Everytime that shay thinks of what happened, she smiles, knowing that this experiece brought her closer to her mom, forever and always. 

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