the truth about it all- to Shay

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Shay is ecstatic to have finally found her parents. but questions are starting to come to her that she feels must be answered. who is the blank woman? where have her parents been all these years? what is it with the people in this town? Shay is about to find it all out.

Submitted: June 14, 2012

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Submitted: June 14, 2012



the truth about it all

Shay jumped around happily as she told her parents how she had figured it all out. "Well, first I realized that the pathI was on curved onto an unfamiliar street. I must of just not recognized it. Then,I came to the town. When i saw the landscape and all the yellow houses, I thought that it was strange. When i knocked on a door, that woman who doesn't say anything answered. She said nothing and I walked away. I then went to a butchers house and he answeed the door. He said, 'leave immediately, or pay the price'. I was confused, and the phrase scared me, so I went away.

"When you guys took me in, I noticed something familiar. Of course, I hadn't seen you for years, so I didn't recognize you right away. But when Apollo barked at me, I realized that standing with you, he looked just like the family dog, and when you smiled, I knew." When Shay finished her story, he parents stood silent and nodded their heads from time to time in agreement. Suddenly, just as her mom was about to break the silence, a knock shook the front door. "I'll get it!" yelled shay, and she ran to go get the door. She held back a scream as the blank woman walked into the house. Her eyes were wild and her mouth sat in a straight, tight line.

"Excuse me! Eleanor, how could you just walk in like that?" said Shay's mother. Her father looked just as angry. "Emma's right. We are in the middle of a serious conversation, and you just barged in. What do you have to say for youself?" By this time, the woman had inched over to Shay, and stood staring down at her with a disgusted expression. "'Tis the year of the falcon, who shall rise above all, and leave no mercy!" Eleanor now stood right above Shay, who slowly made her way over to herparents. "What does she mean?" whispered Shay into her mother's ear. Her mother held a finger to her daughter's lips, as if to tell her that now is not a good time. "Eleanor, would you mind giving us a bit of time? We need to speak with our child privately." Shay's father walked over to the casually and kindly gestured her out. "Don't say I didn't warn you, Watersmith!" And with that, her father slammed the door. "Now, where were we?"

For the next hour, Shay listened to her parents as they told her about the crash, and how they made it out. Their daughter sat through every second of it, tuning out the distant sounds of voices and cars. "So how did you guys make it out?" asked Shay as an ice cream truck playing classical music slowly made it's way along the gravel road. "Window. You see, your father had the passsenger and driver seat windows open when the car ran the red light. We flipped on our side, and crawled out the driver seat window. when the police and medics arrived, they just assumed that someone had already picked us up and taken us to the hospital. They held a funeral for us using the pictures taken of us the day after the crash.

"When we realized that people flipped out when they saw us walk into the market, we knew what had happened. So without any further notiice, we packed up our few leftover items and left. We decided to move bac to yourbirthplace, thinking that you'd find your way back to us, and now, well, we can be a family again!" Shay smiled and ran over to her mother and father. She fell into their outstretched arms, unaware of anything else that was happening. And it showed, because Shay barely moved an inch when the front door came crashing down, and Officer Burkhardt and his dog came stampeding into the filthy living room

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