The Legend Of Icefly

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The Kingdom of Qerigord celebrates the festival of Rolian, also the day the princess meets her new prince but it has been attacked by evil daemons and the princess got kidnapped now its up to 4 brave creatures and the legendary Icefly to clear the paths of evil and go save the princess!

Submitted: January 02, 2012

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Submitted: January 02, 2012




Scientists think they have found all the planets, well they haven’t. About 50,000 miles from Pluto is a small planet; it's called Elidopia. It's a very similar to earth, there is oxygen and water and trees and plants; its pretty much another earth but probably about the size of our moon. It has 7 moons orbiting around it and is full of fascinating life; the life there is also very similar to earth’s creatures but there are no humans on this planet. 10 main creatures rule this planet: Elves, Daemons, Gods, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Fairies, Spirits and the mixed breeds. The mixed breeds are creatures, which have different creatures genes or powers in them, which makes them the most powerful specie on the planet. The kingdom of Qerigord is the only kingdom on this world, which has all rulers living together. Qerigord was the place where the mixed breeds were created but now lots of them have left and made there own kingdom called the Kingdom of Haalimwen.


Every 1000 years in Elidopia there’s a festival called the Rolian Festival which is celebrated all over the planet. A star near by creates thousands of asteroids and comets, which are all, made of pure Rolian. Rolian is a soft and incredibly light rock which weighs about the same as a drawing pin and is also the most valuable rock in the galaxy, which is only falls and is found on Elidopia; which makes Elidopia the most valuable planet in the galaxy! Millions of tiny soft gentle pieces of Rolian come floating down onto the planet every 1000 years so it’s a very special festival.


The citizens of Qerigord all gathered to the town square to hear an announcement from Princess Olassi, the most beautiful princess on Elidopia. She has incredibly strong emotions and is hoping to find her loved one soon, she’s an elf mixed with a witch so she has the ability to cast spells and create curses. King Ethardotlan had planned that the princess shall meet her true love on the night of the falling Rolian; which was only in 6 days so he sent a letter out to all the male creatures in Qerigord. Of course they were all dying to be the Princesses true love! One creature especially, his name is Asinid. He seems like a dark person but truly he’s a loving creature. Every night he takes form as a werewolf. He possesses an unnatural strength and uncanny perception but although a werewolf may seem careless and thoughtless, Asinid had deeply fallen in love with the princess.


Back at the town square Princess Olassi was walking further towards the edge of the palace balcony to talk to the villagers.

"We are gathered here, to celebrate the beauty of the falling Rolian. We are also gathered to announce the name of the new prince of Qerigord! His name is..." Before she could say a huge bang shook the ground. Everyone looked at each other in shock and fright but there, in the distance were huge dragons firing huge fireballs and blasts of flames onto Qerigord controlling the dragons were the daemons, the most evil but intelligent creatures on the planet. Of course not all of them were evil cause many lived in Qerigord. A huge dragon swooped down towards the ground, sending the fairies miles with the power of the dragons mighty wings. It crashed down on the ground in front of the palaces balcony, the princess stood there in shock unable to move. A figure climbed up the dragon’s beastly neck and revealed itself on its head; it was King Crestfallen the king of the daemons


."Hello Olassi ready to marry I hear? Well us Daemons feel very hurt that your father didn’t invite us to your little gathering here! So we decided to make an informal arrival!" He grabbed her firmly and threw her onto the dragons back.


"Help!" she cried, "help!” The dragons soon left, not much damage done to Qerigord but a lot of damage done to the villagers hearts.


The princess was the heart of the kingdom; to loose her was like ripping it out. Everyone hung there heads and walked home but the kind suddenly shouted.

"Wait!" He cried, "I have a plan! 5 people shall go on a quest to return the princess back home. We need brave, intelligent, caring, strong, and magical people. Please, the palace doors will be open tomorrow and I shall decide the 5 heroes. Everyone cheered, and ran up onto Countburg hill, the place where most of the Rolian fell. Everyone stuck their hands in the air and waiting for a piece of Rolian to drop into their hands.


One creature called out "This piece of Rolian I have is for the princess!” Everyone looked shocked. They turned to see who had shouted it. It was Asinid. He had quite a thick piece of Rolian in his hand and a little piece of it in the other. He held up the big piece and said "its for who I love. I will go on the quest, anything... for the princess." At first everyone was silent and looked at one another but then a few claps came along... soon the whole village was cheering and applauding Asinid for his bravery. He smiled but soon the moons started to appear and Asinid soon turned into a werewolf and ran back to his cave. He laid the Rolian on a soft bed of muck and hay and covered it in grass so no one could see it. He curled up and lay down, he was thinking about how happy the princess would be to see him save her, how maybe she may fall in love with him. He looked up at the moons and said, "Maybe she is looking at the moons, someplace else." He closed his eyes slowly and drifted of to sleep.

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