The Deal (Reposted)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rex Thorson makes a deal with an ancient evil that comes with deadly consequences that involve death, possession, and giving up your soul.

Prologue: The Sealing

It was 1896 when it happened. People were dying of something that could do inhuman things and even kill someone when they're dead asleep. No one could stop it. Not even the highest ranks of the Holy. Priests tried to seal the evil, but all attempts failed. All of the innocent knew the end was near as they all died. All that they could do was wait to die. The evil was approaching in the final hours of the lives of the innocent and the Holy both.

The evil arrives and prepares the final blow, to the entire town by saying one sentence of unknown boundaries of evil. "All those who have sinned me shall die last of very gruesome deaths." All of the innocent wondered what the sentence meant, mostly the part where it said all those who have sinned me. The people who had sinned it must've been a human before, and not evil. One person of the innocent calls out "Who has sinned you"? The evil replies "All those of the Warren General Society."

The person remembers something of the Warren General Society, and that it was home to the most ungrateful kids in the 1820's. She was part of it once, and she remembers one person who she traumatized for life. At that moment, she knew that it was that person, and as she goes to say the name, the evil takes off its hood to reveal its face. The name of the person is Ronald Woswik, only he wasn't old and not even aged. He looked exactly like he did in 1820's, young with brown hair, rows of adult teeth. He looked 16 years old, the age before he disappeared from the world.

He has an evil grin on his face, with red eyes, dark lines under his eyes, and sharp jagged teeth. He prepares his final blow, and right before he lets his final blow go, he says "THIS IS FOR RUINING MY LIFE! ROT IN HELL YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS!" The final blow is released and it completely evaporates the entire town. All are dead now, and Ronald has had his revenge. He returns to his old house, where he awaits his death.

He sits, then there’s a knock at the door. He stands up and rushes to the door to answer it but is stopped by a great shield that is beyond Holy. He backs away from the door thinking he is safe, until the door's lock is broke, and the door is forced open. An army of priests enter the house chanting the words of the Holy. They say things that force Ronald back into a corner of the house, and is stuck there. One of the priests open a cuts a small door in the middle of the house with a knife of sealing power.

The priest opens the door, and quickly tells the other priests to draw Ronald to the entrance. The priests draw Ronald from the corner to the entrance, and quickly drop him down into the entrance. The priest shuts the door, then carves a sealing mark with the knife he cut the door with. The priests leave the house, and on the outside they cheer in happiness that the evil is ridden of the world forever. That's what they think, until now...




The Deal

It was quiet in the world at this time. The birds were no longer singing due to an experiment by the government that would destroy everything in the world if one flaw. The government had done some crazy things in the times of peace, but of course in the times of peace something always went wrong due to them. People don't admit it, even though they should that the government is a messed up system of nothing but crooks. They could help the world, but they decide to do nothing but sit back in their long chairs and wait for the world to end.

One day in class at this prehistoric school that nobody would know of its existence, I read a small article of how poor Iraq was. My first thought was "If you think flying airlines through the World Trade Center is going to convince us to give you money, then you are sorely mistaken." What was it that made them think this would make us give them money? All they could’ve done is asked, then maybe this world would have a better government instead of a crappy system of crooks.

My name is Rex Thorson. I am a 17 years old, and am heading to basically nowhere. I am bored from traveling over 300 miles across the United States. I was eating my cold french fries from McDonald's, and finishing off the last of my Big Mac. I know that McDonald's is the most unhealthy fast food eatery, but the Big Mac is and always will be my favorite. I was licking the stain from my Big Mac off my shirt. The stain was the so-called secret sauce, but even though everyone who eats at McDonald's, which everyone in the world knows that it's just Thousand Island salad dressing.

My mom and dad always put a ton of Thousand Island salad dressing on their salad's whenever we have dinner with a salad. My parents always tell me that salad's are good for you, and that I should have a salad with them. I always say no, because I am not a very big fan of salads. Salads hurt my teeth, then again the reason why it hurts my teeth is because I have sensitive teeth. I like food that is smothered with melted cheese, but my favorite is broccoli covered with melted cheese.

My fries were gone, so I grabbed my PSP and began to play a game. My stupid, adopted brother was shoving me and trying to grab my PSP from me. I hate my brother whenever we travel, because he knows he can tick me off and get away with it. I grabbed him by the hair and shoved him back to his side of the car. He hit his head on the window, and he began to do his famous ‘fake cry.’ My dad looked back and saw my brother doing his fake cry, pulled over to the side of the road, and shut the car off. He looked back at me and gave the glare he always gives me whenever I get into trouble.

"Rex what did you do?", he said.

"Ronnie was shoving me, so I pushed him back", I replied.

Ronnie is my demonic brother and has done nothing but ruin my entire life. Ronnie, still doing his fake cry replied by saying," I was minding my own business, and he just hit me for no reason."

I was getting frustrated and went to reply, but I was stopped by my dad.

"Give me your PSP, then say ‘you’re sorry’ to your brother", he demanded.

I replied in so much anger I nearly grabbed myself by the throat and ended it all. "ABSOLUTELY NOT! THAT LITTLE TWERP HAS DONE NOTHING BUT RUIN MY LIFE! EVER SINCE YOU ADOPTED HIM, HE'S BEEN YOUR LITTLE SWEETHEART! YOUR LITTLE GUARDIAN ANGEL! WELL, I'LL TELL YOU WHAT THAT LITTLE TWERP IS! HE'S ONLY NOTHING BUT A DEMONIC LITTLE OMEN!" My face was completely beet red with all my veins sticking out and steam coming out my ears. I was breathing heavily in anger, so I took my PSP and stuck it in my pocket.

"You can be happy with that little twerp from now on, because I hate you, and I never want to see you again, and even if I die out here I'll die happily without you pathetic excuses for parents!" My mom began to cry, and my brother had an evil grin on his face. My dad grabbed me by my shoulder in an attempt to stop me. I shrugged his hand off my shoulder, and began to walk away from them down the road. Soon, I was out of sight and was gone.

That kind of reminded me of the song "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas, because that what I was doing. I was leaving my parents behind and walking away from them out of sight. I was being dust blowing away from my parents to who knows where. I continued walking, singing "Dust in the Wind" to myself and admiring the mountains as I went.


* * *


Rex was gone and out of sight. His mom was crying, while Ronnie was laughing and pointing in the direction of where Rex began walking. Rex's dad was shocked and at the same time sad. He pretended to be bold, but deep inside he felt a sign saying to him "he's gone. He's gone. Gone. Gone. What have you done? Gone. Gone." He punched his stomach lightly, then feeling a tear coming on, wiped it away quickly.

Rex's mom was still crying. She looked down next to her and saw Ronnie laughing and saying "good riddance, good riddance" over and over. She used one of her hands to knock Ronnie upside the head. Ronnie began to cry again, then quickly stood up looking at his mom with google eyes saying sweetly "Why did you do that mom? Why?" Rex's mom quickly responded by slapping him upside the head again, making Ronnie cry this time for real, instead of fake.

Rex's dad looking at the sky, with the sun's glare reflecting off his glasses was thinking of what to do. His mind is puzzled with some of the things that Rex said to him. In his mind he thought "Why did I always accuse him of things he didn't do. Why? Why? Why?" His thoughts before always told him "Don't accuse him so much, and he won't run" The last three words mostly would repeat constantly "He won't run. He won't run. He won't run." Now his mind was repeating it again, but this time it was saying "He ran. He ran. He ran." He tried to brush the thoughts aside, but all he could hear was "He ran. He ran. He ran."

Rex's dad walked over to Rex's mom and told her that they should leave and try and find Rex. Ronnie is disagreeing to the decision and says that they should just keep moving. "Shut up Ronnie", says Rex's dad.

"Why should we go look for him? He made his decision, so let him die out here."

"Jesus Ronnie have some damn respect for Rex, said Rex's mom. Don't you even care for him"?

"How could you care for someone who shoves you on purpose?"

"That's it! You are out of line! Maybe we should leave you out here, you ungrateful boy!"

Rex's dad interrupts the arguement between Ronnie and Rex's mom. "Stop you two. Ronnie get in the car, and you are grounded for as long as it takes you to respect your brother".

"What?! Mom started it! She even slapped me in the head twice."

"Not another word Ronnie. I know very well that your mom slapped you,and you deserved it."

Ronnie said no more and stomped to the car.

"Let's go, said Rex's dad to Rex's mom. We'll find him. I promise."

Still sobbing, she replied, "Okay."

Both Rex's mom and dad walked back to the car, and got back in the car. Rex's dad with no more thoughts started the car, and pulled back onto the main road. He put the car in drive, and began his search for Rex out in the desert.


* * *



The day was coming to its bitter end. The wind had died down as far as temperature and it was cool. I was still walking up the road thinking of happy things that I did with my parents before Ronnie came along. We would go for rides up the canyons, play football in the front yard, eat together at the local diner every Friday, and do something stupid, like go look for ghosts, by running through really old cemetery's.

Life seemed perfect, until Ronnie came along.Now, we hardly do anything together. Instead, we have always attended to Ronnie whenever he needed it. I did all I could to support Ronnie in his baby years, but instead, he would pull my hair and spit on me. One time, I was doing the dishes, he threw his favorite cup at me and gave me a black eye. I was blamed for it, even though all I was doing was cleaning up after Ronnie. He also broke my trophies from playing sports in junior high school. I was also blamed for that, so from then on, I have tried to stay as far away from Ronnie as I could, but that plan failed a long time ago.

I had a to go to the bathroom, which in this case was rocks and sand. I went over and stood by a bush, pulled my pants down to just below the genital areas. I urinated on the bush, then when I finished, I pulled my pants back up and began walking even further to an unknown location. While I was walking, I could hear myself saying what I said to my parents. The people who raised me, fed me, taught me, and loved me. If only they wouldn't have adopted Ronnie, then none of this would be happening. I began to cry, but I fought the sadness and continued walking.

I was fed up anymore. They cared more for that accursed little twerp Ronnie than they did me. I am not sure anymore if they even care for me. I don't know what to do anymore. I feel abandoned and lost, like a little kid abandoned in the streets of New York. I have no food, family, or hope anymore that I may have a chance to be with my parents again. I will only go back to them if that demonic omen is gone for good with no chance of being with them ever again. I wish that I could go back, but they need to realize how I feel about having Ronnie around to wreck everything and destroy everything. It's devastating and I hope they learn that soon, because if they don't I'll die and they can have Ronnie.

I couldn't see anywhere to camp for tonight, there's no food, and many dangers surround me such as rattlesnakes and scorpions. That's one thing I hadn't planned for, so I took my PSP out of my pocket and played it until I fell asleep against a boulder. 2. Rex's dad is still on the main road, looking off of both sides. Both Rex's mom and Ronnie were dead asleep, but Rex's dad is focused on one objective-find Rex. He was aware that now it was his fault, and it was all because of what he did to Rex over the years since he adopted Ronnie. He knew that all Rex wanted was not a brother, but people that cared for him. He had realized that Rex was happy just the way things were before Ronnie was added in the family.

In his mind all he heard was voices yelling guilt trips at him saying "It's all your fault. It was perfect before. Why did you add an extra son to the family? Rex is your true so., Remember all the times you had. Ronnie has done nothing but make Rex's life a living Hell. If you don't find him he'll die. Why did you blame him for all of the past mishaps? It was all Ronnie who caused it all. Bad dad. Bad dad. Bad dad. Bad dad. BAD DAD!"

He shook his head trying to make the voices disappear, but it didn't work, and as he drove, that's all that he heard. "The only way to make them disappear is to find him. I have to find him. Find him." 3. The next morning I woke up on the ground. My back was sore from laying up against the tree I fell asleep on. The sun was shining down on my face, which blinded me when I first opened my eyes. I stood up slowly hearing every one of my spinal cord bones pop, I also popped my neck to prevent stiffness. I didn't need any arthritis at this time, even though it's very familiar on my dad's side of the family. Any other way, I would get arthritis some point in my life.

It really sucks that I have to get arthritis, because I don't play guitar, work hard, or do anything else that would cause damn arthritis. My dad has it, because at one point in his life of 45 years, he played guitar. My mom doesn't have it, because in her life of 34 years, she never did any type of activity that would possibly lock your joints up, then again anything can happen to anyone, despite their family history.

I had no breakfast or anything to drink. Damn! Another thing I hadn't thought of before I stormed at my parents. It's just my luck though. I have never had any good fortune at all. I kicked a rock, and afterwards, grabbed my shoe and hopped on one leg saying "Ow! Ow! Ow!" as I hopped. I looked so dumb, as if I were a leprechaun hopping around in joy that no one stole my gold from the rainbow's end. My mind was yelling out these ridiculous things that all of us know are not true. First of all, leprechauns don't even exist, and there is no end to an rainbow.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead, and recuperated back to the fact that I was alone with no food or water. In my mind, I thought of one place I may find water, but then it faded away, because I realized it was the summer season. I punched a rock, which caused me to bleed. I held my hand, now red and swollen and tried to compress my wound. Blood covered my hand, and I looked like I had slaughtered someone and had gotten soaked by their blood. I ripped my shirt sleeve off and wrapped it around my hand. I tied it into a knot, then compressed it with ease.

After the pain soothed, I went back to the idea of something to hydrate me. One more thought came to my mind, and at first it seemed disgusting, but I knew that it was my only chance of hydration. I would have to do something you would usually see on survival shows- drink my own urine. I grabbed a rock with a nice gap in it, and placed it on the ground. I took my shirt off and wiped the inside of the rock as clean as possible. After that I pulled down my pants, and with careful aim urinated into it. Once I finished, I pulled my pants back up and prepared myself for the worst. I picked up the rock with my urine in it, and with a disgusted look on my face drank it.

The taste was horrible, like spinach and a cowpie mixed together as a liquid. I wanted to vomit so badly, but I told myself that I needed to keep this down in order to stay hydrated. I finished in moments, and had urine all over my lips. My body immediately was wanting to vomit, but I told my body that it needed to hold it down. My body didn't listen, so I had to force myself to be strong and not give in to the urge to vomit.

I originated back to the fact of having no food to eat. At first no ideas came to mind, but then I remembered on a survival show they ate rattlesnakes. I was relieved at first, but then I realized that I needed to build a fire in order to cook one. Again, there goes my misfortune. Why does this always happen to me? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? I had no choice, but to go without food for today. My body kept telling me that I needed to feed it, I told my body that I can't, but my body just kept yelling at me "Feed us! FEED US!" Even though the voices kept yelling at me, I began to walk on with all of the voices in my head still yelling "Feed us! FEED US!"

4. Rex's dad continues to drive down the long road. The voices are still yelling at him, as if he were in a all-day echo chamber. He is weary from long travel and is ready to fall asleep at the wheel. He keeps hearing the words "BAD DAD! BAD DAD! BAD DAD!" in his head, and has grown tired of it. He accidentally honks the horn and wakes up Rex's mom and Ronnie.

Ronnie immediately, complains that he's hungry and kicks the back of Rex's dad's seat. "Ronnie you'd better stop now! I have been up all night, and am not in the mood for your selfishness!" Ronnie stops and tries to fall back asleep, but the sun blinds his eyes. Rex's mom stretches and reaches over to kiss Rex's dad, but then sees he is focused more on finding Rex than getting kissed.

"Honey, where are we", said Rex's mom.

"About 20 miles up the road that Rex walked away from us after he stormed his anger at us", he replied.

"We should've found him by now. I'm so scared." Rex's mom began to cry again, so her husband calmed her.

"I told you, we'll find him."

Ronnie interrupts with a rude comeback. "You are still searching for him? Why don't you just face the fact that he's dead and go home where I can have an extra room."




Ronnie remained quiet realizing that he had lost the battle to stay in the family. Rex's dad held his wife's hand, and with as much effort as possible, continued their search for Rex.

5. The sun was harsh as its rays of blistering heat shone down on me. I had obtained a sunburn on both my legs and on the back of my neck. I was hoping to find any sign of civilation, a sign that gave any indication of a town nearby. I walked the harsh road with my legs feeling like they were made out of Jello. I felt as if I were paralyzed from the waist down, and that I were in my 70's or 80's. In my mind, all I thought was that I was going to die, and that I would be eaten away by the crows.

I sang a little tune I always sing when I had troubles called "Lost Boy"

"I'm just a lonely stranger in a twisted world

Nobody respects me and I always end up lost

Nowhere to go except where hope lives

Hoping that I get there before God takes me

Just a lost boy

taking the long road

to where no one knows

because dreams exist that way

Lost boy dream away"


Finally, I hit my final step and passed out in the road.

6. I was awaken by somebody or something bumping me. I had foam coming out of my mouth, and my eyes were almost gray. I turned my head and saw a man in his mid 70's with a cap that had the insignia Caterpillar on it. I coughed and tried to mutter out "who are you?", but before I could I passed out again.

I woke up in a truck with cool air blasting in my face. I was so confused, because I was delirious. The man I saw before was sitting next to me, slapping me lightly on the cheek to keep me conscious. I regained full consciousness and stood up straight in the seat. The man looked at me with a sign of relief and stopped slapping me.

"Hello", he said to me.

"He-he-hello", I replied with a dry, raspy voice.

"My name's Tim, what's yours?"


"Rex eh', well Rex you’re lucky I didn't clip you, I thought you were an old sign tipped over in the road. I got out to pick you up, but then I realized it was a human. At first I thought you were dead, but I checked your heartbeat. It was very faint, but I was able to revive you."

"Thank you sir."

"If you were there for another minute, you would've died for sure. How long have you been out here?"

"A day and a half."

"Holy shit! How are you even alive?"

"I was able to find a shady spot."

"Good, it would be a shame to die out here in the Horsha Desert."

"Do you have any water?"

"Yes. I'll be back."

The man left, and in the meantime I thought of what I should do next. "Should I go with the man? Should I get to a decent spot where it's shady?" By the time I could decide, the man returned with a bottle of water in his hand.

"Here, ya' need this. You must be dehydrated."

"Thank you." The man handed me the water, and without hesitation I grabbed it from him. I opened the bottle and began to chug down the water so fast that in seconds, the bottle was empty.

"You were thirsty. Do ya' need another?"

"Yes, and if you have any food please bring it."

"Yes sir, my pleasure."

The man left to get more water and food. I thought hard about what to do, and I decided to stay with the man for now. It would be best to get to the nearest town and stay in a motel or something, until I can get back on my feet. Otherwise, I could just hope for a miracle that I see my family's car, and that I can stop them and go home. I really hope that they have chose me over Ronnie, if they haven't I'll just run away from home to an adoption center or orphanage until someone else takes me in.

The man returned with two bottles of water in his right hand and a container of beef jerky in his left hand. The jerky was labeled Jack Links brand jerky. I grabbed the jerky first, and set it in my lap. I grabbed the bottles of water, and set them in my lap with the jerky. I immediately, grabbed the jerky, and unzipped the bag. Once the bag was open, all I could smell was the sweet scent of teriyaki. I grabbed one of the long strips of dry meat and took a bite of it. The taste was sweet and tempting. The smoky taste was delicious, and the teriyaki was swooth and juicy as it swirled around my mouth.

I finished the jerky in less then ten minutes, then turned to the water which was gone in less than a minute and a half. The man looked at me with two empty bottles of water, and an empty bag of jerky in my lap. His eyes were as big as tennis balls, and his jaw was hanging down revealing his yellow teeth. The yellow teeth probably tells me that he smokes, but I don't care.

"Are ya' full Rex?"

"Not exactly, but it'll do for now."

"Good, cause' that's all the water and food I have with me."

"Tim, where are you heading to?"

"Kansas. Why?"

"I'd like to go somewhere like a motel, so I can hopefully locate my family."

"Well, there's a town about ten miles from here. It would throw me off my schedule, but I can't abandon ya'. I'll take ya' to the town, and I'll buy ya' a room at a motel."

"Thank you so much Tim."

"Pleasure's all mine Rex, now let's get movin'."

"Sounds good." Tim ascended into the truck on the driver's side, and shut his door. He buckled up, and then sent me a sign with his fingers telling me to do the same. I followed his sign and buckled up. After I did, he gave me a thumbs up sign, which means probably "thank you". He started the truck up, then shifted the gears to the "D" signal which means "drive". He pushed the gas pedal, and began to head up the road toward the town he had mentioned.

7. In the semi, I looked out the truck and saw that I was in the town Tim told me about. I looked over and noticed that Tim wasn't in the truck. I stood up looking around for him outside, but he wasn't there. The emotion of panic struck me like a lightning strike, and I began to get chills. There was no motel. Just a gas station, then I slapped myself in the head and began to realize that he stopped to get gas. He was clearly inside the building paying for gas.

"Man I'm jumpy, in fact I'm probably losing my mind due to all this damn fatigue." I stepped out of the truck next to a gas pump, and walked out into the parking lot. I looked around, and realized the sun was setting. I must've been out longer than I thought, when I passed out in the road. There were teens hanging out around what looked like a 1978 Ford Mustang. One of the teens had a black leather jacket on with the "greaser" look.

He had seven other girls with him. One was blonde, and the rest had dark brown or black hair. The girls looked like they were still thinking it was the 1980's, due to their hair that stood about seven feet high. The male was smoking, and the girls were all chewing gum. I turned my attention away from them, and walked over to a payphone. I was going to call my parents and tell them where I am. I wanted to see them again, I wanted to hug them, love them, and mostly, say I'm sorry for saying what I said to them.

I dialed their number 862-9017, and awaited them to answer. My dad came on first and talked to me.


"Hi dad."

"Rex! where-where are you?"

"At a gas station in a small town, that a man took me to."

"Are you hurt?"

"Few scratches and bruises."

"Where's this town?"

"Straight up the road from where I ran away from you."

"We'll there to pick you up, so don't move."

"Thank you dad, and I love you. Tell mom I'm okay and that I still hate Ronnie."

"Okay. Love you."

"Love you too."



I hung the phone up, and smiled a sigh of relief. I was going to see my home again, I'll be able to graduate, and I will get to have another chance to make it up to my parents. I sat down against the side of the building still smiling. I looked up at the sky and saw all the stars, they calmed me, until I felt fear kick in and realized I had a pocket knife at my neck. I looked down and saw the male teen I had seen before with an evil grin on his face.

"Kid. Unless you give me your money, you'll lose a lot of blood."

"What? Those two quarters I just spent was all I had."

"That's a shame, say goodbye."

I thought fast and came up with one solution, so I kneed him in the groin. Immediately, he dropped the knife and fell to the ground, groaning in pain. I ran as fast as I could to anywhere except toward him. I ran into a thick brush of trees and didn't stop, until I hit my head hard against something. It wasn't a tree, it was a small little shack house. I looked at it, and saw it was an abandoned old house from l'd say the 1800's. I could hear the teen rushing through the trees saying "You're dead you little runt!" I didn't hesitate and quickly ran into the little house, and shut the door behind me. I looked around for anything that could block the door. I spotted a little chair and quickly, pushed it over toward the door, hoping that it would hold.

It was heavy and very suffocating in the shack. It was almost as if I wasn't welcome here. I looked around and saw that I was standing on a wooden floor that was spotless. Immediately, I thought how could it possibly be spotless? It must be centuries old. I also saw that in the middle there was a square, so being curious, I walked toward it. As I got closer, I felt something powerful and voices chanting something were all around me. My mind immediately, said, "Stop Rex! Don't go any closer, or you'll be doomed to Hell! Stop now! Leave now! Stop!

I wondered if I should stop, but I was curious. I rejected my body's warning and kept walking, until I came to the center of the room. I looked down and saw a symbol with a square and a line going through the center. I had never seen a symbol like this before, not even in history books. I saw a latch, and reached down to grab it. I grabbed it and pulled, but it didn't budge. I pulled even harder, and this time it barely moved. I took a deep breath, and with one last-ditch effort, pulled as hard as I could. The door opened at long last, and all of a sudden, the heaviness was gone along with the chanting voices. I looked down through the opening and saw that it led to a cellar. I stuck my legs in the hole and descended into the cellar.

In the cellar, it was dark with only a shine from the full moon coming through a window. I looked around and saw nothing but a large empty room. It was cold as the winter season and almost below zero degrees. My body was wrong, there's nothing here except dust and cobwebs. I was disappointed, because I thought there may be something here. There had to be, because that symbol meant something. Apparently, I was mistaken, so I came here for nothing. I turned to leave, but something stopped me. A figure in a hood stood before me blocking my way out.

"What-what the hell are you?"

It reponded in a very faint, demonic voice. "Well, well. I haven't seen a human for centuries."

"Wh-wh-what centuries!? What are you?"

"What you have wanted for a long time Rex."

"How do you know my name!? We've never met."

"You're right Rex. We haven't, but just listen to me. I know that you want revenge against Ronnie, so let's cut a deal."

"I shouldn't have come here. I must leave." I went to leave, but the figure blocked my way.

"You didn't let me finish. The deal is if you shake my hand, I'll give you the power to have your revenge. Power beyond your wildest dreams. The power to do anything you want. Even immortality can be yours. Then when you have your revenge, the deal's over, and you'll have your life back."

The deal was tempting, but I kept telling myself that if I take the deal I may be in deep trouble. I wanted revenge so bad, but immortality I don't wish to have. "I'll take the deal, but only if you count out the immortality."

"Deal. Now just grab my hand and the deal will be official."

I held my hand out and awaited it to grab mine. It held out its hand, and immediately I was shocked when I saw the hand had no flesh. It was all bone. Before I could pull my hand back, it grabbed mine. The figure immediately, began to laugh and turn to dust particles. The dust particles stood separately in mid-air. The dust particles then rushed straight at me and went into my mouth and down my throat. The process lasted about a minute then it was over, and all that remained was the hood of the figure on the ground.

I felt no different. I just felt like the same old me. At first, I stood still, then I remembered I had to leave. I ascended from the cellar and shut the door, and one thing that I noticed after I closed the door was that the symbol was gone. I also saw that the floor was no longer new looking It was torn up with no remains of wood. I walked to the door, and moved the chair from the door. I opened the door and stepped out, only to see the male teen from before standing with the pocket knife in his hand.

Shit! I forgot about him, now what am I going to do?

"Prepare to die you little runt!"

I had nowhere to go, so I just stared at him with fear awaiting my death. He didn't attack me though. Instead, he was on the ground in pain screaming so loud that it echoed through the trees. It was me doing this to him, so I stared at him even harder causing the pain to increase.


"Fine." I stopped staring, and the teen got up. He ran as fast as a cheetah, dropping his knife as he did. I walked over and picked the knife up, and put it in my pocket. I walked out of the thick brush of trees back to the gas station, and when I arrived,Tim's truck was gone. Instead, in one of the gas pump collums was my parent's car, and they were sitting in the car waiting for me to appear. I walked over to the car and tapped my dad's window. He looked down at me, and then quickly, unlocked the doors of the car. I opened the door on my side of the car, and got in. I buckled up, and awaited my parent's reply. All my dad said was "Let's go home Rex, so we can be a family again." With a smile, I said "Yes, let's go home." My dad drove out of the gas station and pulled out onto the main road. Before I went to sleep, in the reflection of my door's window, I saw two red dots of evil in my eyes.


* * *



At home, I am unpacking my suitcase, and am still waking up from my long, extended nap. I grabbed my shirts, and put them in a pile next to the other piles of pants, underwear, socks, pajamas, and some other things. Once that was done, I moved over to my closet to grab some hangers. I grabbed about ten, then moved back over to the piles of clothes. I put my pants and shirts on hangers, then hung them in the closet. I finished the task by putting my pajamas, underwear, and socks in my dresser.

I took a deep breath, and swept the sweat away from my forehead. I thought of the night I made the deal. Who or what was the thing that made me the deal? It all seemed like a dream, but I knew it was reality due to the fact that I had two evil dots in my eyes after I made the deal. I also was able to cause that teen pain by just staring at him with sincerity. Was the deal a good or bad one? Had I just set myself a trap, and that soon it would hit me hard like a ton of bricks?

I wasn't necessarilly scared, just worried about what's going to happen. I shook my head clear of the situation, and stood up of my bedroom floor. I decided to lay down on my bed and watch some TV and hope to fall asleep again. I closed my eyes, and all I saw was the hooded stranger I made the deal with. It looked at me with two red dots in the darkness beneath his hood, and reached out to me saying Rex is dull. Rex is stupid. Rex is evil. Rex is damned to eternity in Hell. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't. They were sealed shut, as if they were glued shut forever.

The hooded figure kept repeating the words over and over, reaching out even closer toward me. It looked like it was going to try and strangle me, and possibly kill me. I took one last breath as it enclosed, and just stood still. I saw the figure's boney hand with no flesh or muscle emerge from the inside of one of the hanging sleeves, and as it got closer to me, it got colder and colder,until the hand was right at my neck. The grip was strong as it began to squeeze my neck to the point where I was gasping for air. I screamed all that I could manage, but it was useless. No one could hear me. I was a goner. I was dead, dead, dead...

2.Before I completely passed out, I was awaken by my mom. I arose from my nightmare, and looked around. I hugged my mom with my heart beating at over twice its beating limit. She looked at me with fear in her eyes, and she was crying. I was sweating like crazy, so I used my shirt to wipe the sweat away.

"Rex what happened?! I thought you were having a heart attack or something fatal."

"I-I have no idea. What time is it?"

"It's 2:50 P.M. Why?"

"I must've dosed off into a severe nightmare."

"You scared me to death, are you okay?"

"Yeah. I just had a nightmare."

"Okay, because you were screaming. Are you sure."

"Yes. I'm okay."

"Let me know if you need anything."

"Okay. I think I'll take a shower to wash all of the fear away."

"Good idea, oh and dinner will be ready soon so hurry."


Mom left my room, and I began to think if that so-called nightmare was real or not. It felt real as real can be, because I felt his grip. I felt myself gasping for air and the fact that I was going to pass out and die. I was scared now. What if the nightmare happens again, and this time I won't be able to wake up? Will I die or live? Will I be able to escape the nightmare, or will I suffer and die in my own nightmare? This situation was starting to sound like A Nightmare on Elm Street. Only this time it wasn't Freddie Krueger in the boiler room, it was a hooder stranger that has a skeletal hand, and apparently has the powers to get revenge on anything he wants.

I ignored the thought, and picked some clothes out. Once I had my clothes picked out, I left my room and went to the bathroom to take my shower. I shut the door behind me, and undressed. Once I undressed, I turned the shower's water temperature where I wanted it. I emerged into the shower, and slided the shower door shut. In the shower, I ran my hands back through my hair to get it wet under the water. Once my hair was completely wet, I grabbed the shampoo and squirted out a glob of shampoo in the palm of my hand, then rubbed it together until it turned foamy. I put the shampoo in my hair, and ran it down deep onto my scalp that I scratched all the dirt and grime away with my fingernails.

Tons of dirt came out onto the shower floor, and it was kind of disgusting to look at it washing down the drain. Once I was done with the shampoo, I grabbed the soap and began to rub it all over my body. I finished with the soap, then used what was left of the soap in my hands to wash my face. I rinsed all the soap off me, then shut the water off. I stepped out, then grabbed a towel from the cupboard. I dried myself clear of the water, then wrapped the towel around my waist. I used my hand to wipe the mirror cleared of the mist from the shower's steam.

I looked in the mirror at my reflection hoping to find the two red dots that I spotted in the car the night I made the deal. There was no dots, so I closed my eyes to calm myself. I opened them again and this time I looked in horror at my reflection, which was my skeleton. I yelled, then grabbed a brush to smash the mirror into nothing, but shattered glass. Immediately, my dad, followed by my mom rushed in the bathroom.

"Rex what did you do?!"

"I-I..." I knew that I couldn't tell them why I really did it, so I made up an excuse."I got to close to the mirror and slipped."

"Jeepers, are you okay?"

"Yeah, just help me out of the bathroom, then I'll help you clean this."


My dad helped me up, and helped me avoid the glass. I was out of the bathroom, so I asked my dad to let me go. I went to my bedroom to get dressed, and along the way I was still shaking from my reflection in the mirror. I also thought of many other things, but mostly the fact that I knew that I was in danger, and that I also knew my parents were in danger. What was next for me? I was scared that it would happen soon, and that someone was going to get hurt.


* * *


I dressed into some pants and jeans, and left my room to help my parents clean up the mess I made with the mirror. I was so scared for mom and dad, because I didn't know when it was going to happen. I shook the thought away, and l started to help my parents clean up the glass mess. I was careful with the glass, so I wouldn't get cut. I picked up the large glass shards, and put them in the garbage leaving the pebble-sized pieces.

"Rex go get the broom and sweeping pan, so we can pick up the little pieces", said mom.

"Okay", I replied. I left the bathroom, and went downstairs to get the sweeping pan and broom. I went into the kitchen, and looked around. I found them behind the kitchen garbage can, so I picked them up and went back upstairs to the bathroom. Mom and dad were still picking up some of the large pieces of glass that I missed picking up. I handed them the sweeping pan and the broom, and they grabbed them. They swiped up the remaining glass, then threw it away in the garbage.

The job was finished, so I shut the bathroom light off. Mom and dad went back downstairs, so I went along with them to eat dinner. I approached the stairs, and for some reason my mind was telling me not to go any further. I thought for a second, but then my dad looked at me funny as if I were being paranoid.

"Rex what's wrong?"

"For some reason my mind is tell me to not go near the stairs."

"Listen, I know your still shaken up from your little accident in the bathroom, but everything's okay. Come on now."

"Okay, your right I'm still shaken from what happened in the bathroom." I began to walk toward the stairs, then felt something push me toward the wall. I hit the wall so hard it caused a cut to appear on my forehead making me bleed severely. I then was released from the wall, and pushed down the stairs.

"Oh my god! Honey!"

Mom rushed into the room, only to see me on the floor bleeding severely.

"Rex! Get him in the car!"

Dad rushed down the stairs, and ran to me. He grabbed me, and ran me out to the car. Mom grabbed the keys, and ran out to the car behind my dad. My mom started the car, and pulled out of the driveway. She put the car into "drive", and drove at high speeds to the hospital thirty miles away. Along the way, dad tore a piece of his shirt off, and compressed it to my forehead to ease the bleeding. He looked at me with a mix of curiousity and horror, wondering what happened in those moments of impact. How I was pushed against the wall and pushed down the stairs. Why did it happen? How did it happen?

We arrived at the hospital in less than ten minutes. I was still bleeding, and in severe pain. My mom and dad took me into the ER or emergency room, where I was quickly taken to the OR or operating room. They all looked down at me, while one of them was putting an IV in my arm and another was putting me to sleep with a special gas. I wanted and didn't want to go to sleep, because I may not wake up this time. I was forced to sleep though, because the gas was too strong to fight.

In my dream or nightmare, I saw my parents and I before Ronnie came into the family doing all of our old hobbies. I was happy and finally at peace, because the figure wasn't there. I was free from any worries, my life was perfect again without no flaws or mistakes. I was finally doing what I always did before, I was with my parents again. I was in a dream I didn't want to wake up from, but I knew soon that I would be back in reality in a hospital bed. I took one last look at the good times I had with my parents before I had to wake up again. Five, four, three, two, one, wake up.

My head ached when I woke up. On the side of me was a tray with wrappers on it, probably from needles that were now sticking outside my arm. It was cold, and that was the one true reason I hated hospitals. The bed was uncomfortable, and my back was locked up in a bunch of knots. I raised my hand that wasn't broken, and put my hand on my forehead. I felt something rough on my forehead, which turned out to be stitches. I must've cut my head worse than I thought.

My mind kept wondering what it was that pushed me against the wall, then pushed me down the stairs. Was it really the hooded figure that I made the deal with? Is it an illusion, and I just tripped? No, it felt to real, and what about my mirror reflection? Am I going crazy? Stop worrying! My head was repeating voices of the same questions, and I was getting a severe headache. I had almost all my blood vessels bulging out of my head, and they were beating. My entire face was red as a beet, and I could feel heat begin to rise.

I yelled so loud it echoed throughout the entire room. A nurse came flying in, and quickly, was at my side with a kit. I looked at her, and gave her a sign I was okay, even though I knew I was far from being okay. I was losing my mind. She sat the kit down, and grabbed a rag from the kit. She wiped my forehead clean of the sweat that I had produced due to the voices repeating in my head. She was gental with the rag, and she wiped the sweat carefully away around my stitched up wound.

"You alright Rex?"

"Sure, I just had a nightmare is all."

"Call me with this remote next time, okay."

"Sure." She smiled at me, grabbed the kit, then left my room and shut the door behind her. I was confused, because I didn't know if I was safe. I didn't know if my parents were even safe. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't tell my parent's, because they'd think I'm crazy and send me to an asylum or some sort of mental institution for the mentally insane.

I didn't know if I should've been scared at first, but now I know that I have to be very cautious, because I am in a situation that just may end my life. I closed my eyes trying to forget the figure that I made the deal with, and replace it with happy thoughts instead. It was useless to sleep though, because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't go back to sleep because I was afraid that the figure would be there waiting, watching, and preparing to kill me.


* * *


I was happy to finally be released from the hospital, because I was sick of the clumpy, old bed. The food had to go too, because the only thing I liked was the shrimp scampi. That's what I ate for two days with a Pepsi as a drink, one day I asked for some chocolate pudding. The chocolate pudding wasn't even half decent in taste; in fact it tasted just like flat chocolate. I always have loved chocolate. It has always been my favorite dessert topping and many more things that I can't bring out in full words.

The nurse pulled my IV's and other needles out of my sore, bruised arms. It felt so much better after they were out, as if a ton of bricks had been lifted off my arms. She then pulled in a wheelchair, and helped me out of my bed to be transported to the wheelchair. She led me slowly, and I'm glad she did, because my legs were feeling unstable. I couldn't walk a straight line without leaning. It was almost impossible, but due to the nurse's help, I was able to make it to the wheelchair safely.

My parent's led me out to the parking lot down the elevator. When we arrived at the bottom level, I kept wondering if the building at anytime now would collapse and kill all of us. We all got closer to the car and closer and closer and closer. I thought, once we reach the car, the roof of the parking lot will collapse. Closer. Closer. Closer. I reach the car and touch the door to my side of the car, but nothing happens. Why is that? I'm getting in the car and am beginning to settle in by putting my seatbelt on. My parent's enter the car and shut their doors, and no collision yet. We drive out of the parking lot, and across from us I see the opposite parking lot, completely collided to nothing but rubble.

"Wrong lot idiot. Wrong lot."

We arrived home in thirty minutes, and after my parents helped me in the house, even though it wasn't necessary, I went to my room to lay down. I climbed the stairs seeing some of my blood stains in the carpet and on the wall where I hit my head. I reached the top, then suddenly I think I felt something cold touching me. I wondered if I should turn to see or not, because most likely it would be that damn hooded figure I saw in my nightmare and the same figure that caused my reflection to be my skeleton and the same figure who slammed me into a wall, then pushed me down the stairs.

What should I do? Turn or just walk to my bedroom and forget about that cold chill? Come on! Of course I shouldn't look, otherwise I may end up in the hospital where I'll die when I am released due to the figure knocking down the entire parking lot's roof. Don't look. Don't look. DON'T LOOK! I turned my head to where I felt like I was being touched. YOU FOOL! There, touching me was a hooded figure.

It looked at me with its unseen face and its blood-red eyes. It held me hard, so I couldn't jerk loose from its grip. In its hissy voice, it began to speak.

"Rex, watch yourself. Stay in your own sanctuary. Stay strong. Don't let him take you." Then the figure vanished into midair, without a trace.

Immediately, I ran to my room and shut the door and locked it, then began saying to myself in my mind "That wasn't for real!" It couldn't have been, because first of all it didn't attack me or try to kill me in any way. It almost sounded like he was warning me of something. Watch yourself... Those two words gave me the chills, and now I was so afraid to go to sleep. I was so scared, what did it mean by "don't let him take you" Was I under some spell he had cast upon me? I wasn't possessed. Was I? No, I can't be, or can I... Before I could answer that question, I was dead asleep.

In the night, I slept okay, but I felt almost as if I was being pushed away from my dreams for some reason. I felt so heavy in my sleep, almost like my body was full of ten thousand pounds of lead. The pressure was like a force, as if something was trying to take over and possess me. That was when I immediately remembered that hooded figure's words don't let him take you. This was what he meant; I was being taken over by the other hooded figure. I struggled to wake up, but no matter how hard I tried to resist, I would fail. My attempts failed, and immediately, I was taken over by the evil figure.

I was forced out of bed, and I walked over to my bedroom window. Through my blood-red eyes, I saw that I opened the window and then stepped out onto the roof. I walked over to a beam and jumped into the air where I floated. I was flying. I flew at high speeds of over two-hundred miles per hour toward a nearby city where I landed. I walked down a boulevard where people that were homeless were begging for change. If I were in control, I would give them some change, but the cold-hearted figure that possessed me refused and kept walking leaving the homeless behind crying their eyes out.

The sadness killed me inside, because I am more graceful than that. I once ran a program to help the homeless and now I am leaving them to die in the streets. I kept walking to the city's center, but before I could go any further, I was ambushed by two men. The two men were short and thin. One of them was a teen at about the age of twenty and the other was a teen at about the age of seventeen or eighteen.

"Give us your money kid!” said one of the men

In a demonic voice I replied "Get off of me or face your fates."

"Don't make me laugh", said one of the men. "You're cornered and have nowhere to go, so give us your money before I make you face your fate."

"Last chance; get off of me or you die."

"That's it kid, say goodbye." He grabbed his knife and cut my throat, but no blood came out and instead the cut immediately healed back to its normal way not even leaving a scar. "What!? No! Impossible! You should be dead!"

"Fool! I am dead!"

The man immediately got a sick look on his face and was white as flour. He began to back off and dropped the knife as he did. He ran away from me, but I picked up the knife and threw it at him. The knife went straight threw the man's back and out the other side. I called the knife back almost as if it were a boomerang and threw it at the other man. The men both fell to the ground bleeding severely. "Thanks for the weapon. I needed it. Now, lay here and die shamefully."

I walked away and began to walk back to the city's center. I stuck the knife in my pocket, then walked to the city's center where an adoption center sat. I got sick ,because I knew that the reason I came here was to kill Ronnie. I vomited and began to break down "What have I done?" It was too late now, because I couldn't take back over my body. Ronnie is going to die tonight. I began to fly again up to an open window. I walked into the adoption center's room and began to walk by infants sleeping on the floor. I turned into a shadow now and walked out into a corridor to many other rooms.

I walked about ten yards until I came to a door. Instead of opening it I slithered right through the keyhole. In the room sat only one person: Ronnie. He was asleep against the wall. I reached in my pocket and grabbed the knife, then approached Ronnie. I changed back to a human figure again and raised the knife in my right hand. Right before I struck, Ronnie opened his eyes and looked at me and said "R-Rex." Those were Ronnie's last words and I struck him in the chest with the knife multiple times. I struck his heart, then before he could speak, I slit his throat.

Blood was everywhere. On the walls, ceiling, my shirt, and all over my face. The evil left and I was standing above Ronnie with the knife in my hands. I dropped the knife then threw up. I waltzed to the nearest bathroom where I washed all the blood from my face then threw away my clothes. In my mind, I felt sick because I had actually killed someone, and it was for no purpose. I hated Ronnie, but not enough to kill him. When I said I wanted revenge, I mean't just to do something he did to me to ruin my life, not to kill him.

I exited the bathroom, only to run into a cop with his gun pointed at me.

"Freeze! Put your hands above your head!"

I didn't hesitate, and immediately, I put my hands above my head.

"Walk this way."

I walked slowly, to the cop's side and stopped.

"Hold still."

I held as still as I could as he began to search me for anything.

"Follow me."

I followed him as he began to walk to the exit of the adoption center. Outside was his car with a door open.

"Walk to the car kid and get settled in, because we're going to the station."

I did as he said and got in the car and shut the door where I closed my eyes awaiting the next step in this crime that the evil inside committed and not me.


Epilogue: The Return of the Dealers



Rex was interrogated at the police station, and even though Rex told them the truth, he was still found guilty of murder. In court, Rex wasn't sentenced to jail, but to an asylum in a small town called Devil's Court. In the asylum, Rex was put in the youth's level away from others due to one night when he wrote on his cell wall "Sentos mara sen cas noa mes!" The words were translated into english and they meant " Nobody can hold me! Hell's gates will open to this world!"

Since that day, Rex had been put in salutary confinement. The employees of the asylum saw a change in Rex each day, including his skin color, language, personality, teeth formation, and each time they would check on Rex, demonic symbols would be engraved in the walls and his skin. The employees thought these symbols might be connected to the message, or possibly a door to Hell.

As a result, Rex was put on death row and in a week after being put in the asylum, Rex was electrocuted and died along with the evil inside of him. The employees thought that the horror was finally over, until one night a couple of familiar faces showed up at the asylum and destroyed it. The culprits were the spirits of two innocent beings who made deals; the two were Rex Thorson and Ronald Woswik, both smiling as pure, whole, and free human beings saying in unison, "You can't kill us. We are the dealers. We are forever alive. The evil is dead...forever."

They were never seen again.

Submitted: May 30, 2014

© Copyright 2020 jensensk. All rights reserved.

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great first chapter, keep me updated I look forward to reading more!
your hard word deserves much more credit and I hope you eventually get that!

keep up the good work

shanovel x

Fri, May 30th, 2014 9:38pm


This is the only chapter, seeing its a short story, but thankyou for reading, and I'll keep reading and reviewing your story's. If you want to read more work I've posted. Read "The Chronicles of Arme'." Thanks again :)

Fri, May 30th, 2014 3:27pm

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