A broken lonely soul

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I should have been celebrating my 38 th birthday tomorrow and my second wedding anniversary, but instead I am just sad and lonely.

Submitted: May 20, 2007

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Submitted: May 20, 2007



So much to do,

So little time-

So much to go through-

no longer mine.


Tears I cry,

Four years gone-

One lie

All alone.


Easier with time they say,

When will that be true?

Harder everyday,

Since I lost you.


My soulmate-

My true eternal love-

Perfection-everything was great-

Then suddenly not good enough.


Missing you-

Especially today-

My 38 th birthday and I am so blue-

Two years ago today we were supposed to say…

I do-

Completely, with all of my heart-

Unconditionally love you-

I pray everyday that you are okay since we’re apart.


I love you-

My other half-the best part of me-

You are forever in my heart no matter what you go through.

And I am right here loving you for eternity.


Just as I promised to do…

Forever is not long enough-

I would have stood by you matter what you were going through-

It was so pure and so real-our love.


Still trying to understand what I did wrong-

Why did you go?

I no longer belong-

No where, with nobody-just a broken lonely soul.

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