Judgment Day-Over and Over

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I wrote this because my 8 year old son has severe asthma. He was born six weeks prematurely with sepsis in his lungs. There are horrible days that he can't go to school especially in the winter. Anyway he missed quite a few days last year due to this and he had to go to court for truancy. His good doctor that would have wrote up all of the paperwork to rectify the situation left the practice. Now the new doctor is okay as far as his meds etc. but he didn't fill out the necessary paperwork to get him homebound during the winter. This year he improved and has not been truant at all. The last time we went to court the judge said unless there are any truancies, you don't have to come back. His exact words were, "Hope to never see you again." and mine were, "me too." Yet here I am two months later having to go back tomorrow just as a dismissal or some crap-the truant officer says-nothing to it. Well that's easy for her to say. I have to pull my 8 year old out of school and sit in this tiny hallway for hours with him bouncing off the walls. He can't help it-there is so much albuterol and steroids in his system, he can't stay still. I am just so frustrated while my nephew last year had 50 unexcused absences-5 is truant and he has never been before the judge. Same town, same rules. This year he broke 3 fingers and was homebound for 9 weeks. Justice? So I was and am still angry and I thought I might as well throw the other judgments I have faced all of my life in there. There are a few curse words in the poem but nothing major. Thanks, Jen

Submitted: May 15, 2007

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Submitted: May 15, 2007



Judgment Day-Over and Over


What if you were sentenced to judgment day over and over again?

You repeatedly stood trial defending all of your sin.

You were talked down to like a mere peasant,

Continually judged for the past, not the present.

Every mistake you had ever made brought to light...

The same mistakes that keep you awake at night.


What if you stood before a Judge-always for the same reason-?

What if you were sent to prison...?

For a crime you didn't do...

What if the whole world continued to judge you?

What if your attacker never stood trial?

But you were continually judged and ridiculed-more judgments filed.

What if you were judged for something that you had already changed-?

What if the sentence was already in place and you were hanged,

For a crime that you didn't do,

And others were never brought before the judge-that had did much worse than you

What if it wasn't just a judge in a courtroom full of eyes?

What if your so called family sentenced you to die-

Alone, sad and unloved-

Turning their backs when times are tough.

Telling people that they didn't have a sister-not another,

The famous words of a brother.

Words I'll never forget,

Words that beat me down with one fierce hit.

So as I once again prepare for court for something I didn't do-

I start to hyperventilate over the hell that I am about to go through.

And I stand before that judge yet again-

I think about the injustice around every bend...

In the road we call life-

A road that for me is paved with pain and strife.


I think of the others that never stood trial for their crimes,

And how they have continued to get by so many times.

I try to hold onto my faith to get me through-

But sometimes I wonder how harshly will I be judged by you-

Will I be judged for things I didn't do, things beyond my control-

The same things society and my family hate me for-things they know...

Nothing about because they didn't care enough to ask what was wrong-

A straight A student, then straight F's-a fragile child crying out all along.

But nobody heard her cries-

And nobody hears them now while she simply tries...


To be the best mother, friend, person she can possibly be...

Nobody hears-they just judge me-

If this is a sample here on earth-

Constantly judged for my self-worth-

I think I should just skip judgment day-

If this is any kind of sample-I'm going to be condemned to hell anyway...

And he will walk through the pearly gates of heaven-smiling, laughing back at me-

As I continue to fall to my burning destiny.

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