Looks Like We...

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It's about moving on and healing after a breakup.

Submitted: February 12, 2008

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Submitted: February 12, 2008



Looks Like We...


Looks like we made it-although at times I had my doubts,

Through all the anger and fights,

Through the days of wondering what it's all about.

Through all the long, lonely nights.


Looks like we survived all of the pain-

It doesn't matter that you're still gone.

It only matters that somehow I learned to feel again-

It doesn't matter that it all went terribly wrong.


I have finally moved on,

I can finally look back on the good memories and forget the bad.

All of the anger is finally gone,

And I have learned to be thankful for the life I've had.


I am so thankful that I survived this and that I am still here,

There was a time that I thought of ending it all-you see,

Only wanting to hide behind my pain and my fear-

Unable to believe in me.


But now i am stronger than before-

I have learned from my mistakes and life goes on,

I forgive you, but I don't miss you quite so much anymore.

I have accepted that you're gone.


So we've finally made it past the betrayal  and the hurt-

I'm feeling much better,

I'm no longer lying face down in the dirt.

I've picked myself up and made it through the stormy weather.


The sun is shining down on me,

I love, I care, I feel...

And I know that loving you was meant to be-

The love I felt was real.


I loved and lost, but at least I tried-

I've accepted that you're no longer mine.

I could run away and hide,

but who knows the next time i love it just might be-THE RIGHT TIME.

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