Storm In My Soul

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Storms that brew within my soul that I live with constantly. Fear of people finding out about the things that I have lived through. I wrote this a few days ago when I was feeling really down...down on life and down on myself. A moment of self-doubt.

Submitted: April 18, 2007

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Submitted: April 18, 2007



Rain falls all around,

In the lonliness I hear every drop hit the ground,

The lightening flashes in the very depths of my soul,

Soon I only hear the thunder roll.

I watch the storm brewing outside my window;

But it is not the only storm that I know.

There is a storm in my heart that never stops, never ends...

Nobody knows-behind a smile it pretends,

All is well...

And only I know the truth of a life of abuse, torment and hell.

I can't talk about it-now, maybe never...

It seems I will carry my burden forever.

What would people think if they knew?

The constant storms I go through.

Would they turn their back and walk away?

After all my brother and sisters didn't even stay.

They hate me for something that was beyond my control.

And for the life of me I can't seem to let the bad memories go.

So in this fierce eternal storm I remain...

Lonely, listening to each and every drop of rain.


Falling-frozen in time...

Tears-God's tears too,

Tears for a world in turmoil-tears for each of you...

The people going through their own personal burden...

Praying for all the storms to end.

Whispering prayers in the dark, stormy night...

Praying that all will be well by morning light.

Maybe the storm in my heart and soul will eventually subside.

Maybe someday I will let go of my foolish pride.

Maybe someday I will confide.

Pushing all of my fears aside.

After all if somebody can hate me for what I've been through.

Then their love and/or friendship could have never been true.

So for now I will sit alone and try to drown out the thunder and the rain.

Stay busy to keep from going completely insane.

Focus on the beautiful things around me-

Maybe that's why I like fairies, unicorns, astrology;fantasy...

It's my own little world, you see.

Where I can pretend, let go and just be me.

Completely Pain Free,

No more storms, guilt or self-pity. 



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