The voice says Believe...

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The voices tell me to believe. Am I crazy?

Submitted: July 12, 2007

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Submitted: July 12, 2007



"Believe in yourself," the voice repeats.
I hear it as sure as my heart beats.
I shrug it off as just my imagination-
Why can't I just listen?

The voice is only trying to make me see-
That anything is possible if only I believe.
Believe in a higher power to help light my way.
For that guidance I still pray.

"Believe in love," says the voice within.
"You have to learn to trust again.
Believe in time that your heart will heal-
And someday you'll once again get the chance to feel."

"Believe in a future that is much brighter than before.
Believe that you won't be alone anymore.
Look into your heart and try...
To stitch up the cracks and rips inside."

"It is in much need of repair-
And in time they'll be new love waiting there.
tuck him away in a small corner of your heart-
It doesn't mean you no longer love him-but it is time for a new start."

This voice says all of these things to me,
I hear it, although I never see-
The person saying the words I hear; almost beyond comprehension...
Somehow I believe it's my own broken spirit trying to get my attention.

Either that or I really have gone insane-
Hearing voices inside my brain.
Either way-the voice seems to be trying to help-
Just wanting me to believe in myself.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me-
But I still believe I have a purpose to fulfill-a destiny,
And my inner spirit and the voice from above will guide me on this road-
As I watch the future unfold.

Things have to get better-I won't withdrawal-
From this life-even if I stumble and fall.
I have to believe-
That in time I'll find my way back to ME.
© 2007 Jennifer

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