I just learned that another friend lost a friend this week...So sad. I had to write this

What is happening in this world today?
Why are all of theses people being taken away?
Leaving all of the people that love them behind.
Searching for answers that we can't find.
Leaving only sadness and tears in their place-
Thank God for our memories-that time can never erase.
Without those we'd surely perish-
If left with nothing to cherish.
We are left behind to ponder why?
And to say a prayer as we look up at the sky.
Begging for answers and help from the Lord above...
To help us move on past this tragedy-holing onto that love...
That love that we had for that person that we lost here-
Praying that they knew just how much we care.
And praying for the promise that would someday be-
Again their face we shall see.
Somehow it has to give us the hope and strength to get through.
Until we are once again there with you.
© 2007 Jennifer

Submitted: May 11, 2007

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A Stranger

Very true and pure words. It is a trying task to keep belief amidst tragedy. well written

Sun, May 13th, 2007 2:59am


Thank you so much for the comment. It is very difficult to understand when things happen, but writing it down seems to help me a little bit.

Sat, May 12th, 2007 8:07pm

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