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Love Story

Submitted: July 30, 2014

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Submitted: July 30, 2014



She insulted her family demanding to know that there is nothing between them and never will be.She forbade her from ever seeing him again.Mary had received a proposal sealing their families’ future.She rushed outside sitting under the old oak tree folding her arms over her knees as she sat hugged under the SHADEarrow-10x10.png\" of the tree in the late summer afternoon.Listening to everyone celebrating their joy, whilst she was denied hers. 
She could not sleep last night and woke early to go for a walk.She likes walking and he knows this.It is early morning the dew is hanging fresh in the air and the FLOWERSarrow-10x10.png\" leaves and grass are sagging with the weight of the dew.The morning is fresh, wrapping a shawl around her shoulders she goes outside.The entire household is still asleep but her mind and her heart is racing.She could not sleep. The pond is steaming with the early dew rising from the top.The grass and the weeds brush her ankles as she nears the short crossing to the other side of the open patch.She pulls the shawl in tighter feeling the nippy morning air brushing past her cheeks.Walking down the short crossing, she notices movement from over yonder. 
Like a ghost in the mist, she sees the movement of a tall figure coming closer towards the pond.The figure walks aimlessly slowly looking like a god that had fallen from the sky.The figure is dressed in sleek riding slacks, long brown boots and a long dark coat.The figure has been starring down at the weeds and not noticing that she’s been standing at the end of the small bridge starring at him.From the moment, she had seen him it felt as if her heart had leaped from her chest GALLOPINGarrow-10x10.png\" to the figure faster that what she could breathe. Her heart wanted to reach him to comfort him and assure him that all would be well. 
His gate becomes softer as he realises she is standing there, staring at him, never taking her gaze off him.Her breathing becomes shallower and quicker as she wants to reach out to him but she has no right or place to do so.When he comes to a standstill in front of her, their eyes meet with a deep longing and lingering to touch and caress each other but he stops her. “You have bewitched my soul and I find myself not thinking rationally or having sense, I’m not able to sleep or eat and have no normal reasoning”.It feels as if the world had come to a standstill as if nothing else mattered and we are stuck in a time warp.“If your feelings still remain the same as last summer, I will endeavour to make my intentions and feelings know to my aunt, and that I wish no longer to be married into an arranged marriage.But if your feelings however have changed, then I will die a slow and long death wishing and begging for your sweet attendance”.
It feels like eons when she finds the motion to move closer and take up his hand in hers folding her hand under his and kissing his fingers.“Your fingers are so cold”.As if in unison their heads move closer, their foreheads touch to form a beautiful heart, shaped shadow as the early morning rays glimmers past them.She wants time to stand still and their embrace to be captured in a solid mould that cannot be touched or ravished by time, wind or rain.For she so love this man that spending a day a moment a breath a heartbeat without him would be greater torture than being alive!

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