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Submitted: July 30, 2014

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Submitted: July 30, 2014



Relationships are utterly delicate and should be handled with so much care as to not distort the fragile BONDSarrow-10x10.png\" with which they are formed.Throughout life’s journeys and existence man has failed to communicate and relate messages, words, thoughts and feelings correctly.Had this been done properly so many historical events could have been avoided.Thus in your evolution towards enlightenment and growth understand that this process is intrinsic and delicate and should only be commandeered if you really want the results to yield positive outcomes.In all RELATIONSHIPSarrow-10x10.png\" no matter how big or small one should speak with your heart, your hands, your eyes, your lips, your body and your letters.Make this noise audible and clear and if it doesn’t get transposed correctly do everything possible to make it clear.I reflect on a recent episode that involves self LOVEarrow-10x10.png\", self trust and self respect, a topic I have discussed and mentioned before.
In order to progress and evolve all need to admit and acknowledge that none of us are perfect we are all fallible some with greater or lesser problems than others, but no less we are all imperfect.In order to be accepted and to accept your standards need to be lowered and the expectation replaced with hope.There is nothing wrong with striving for an idealistic world of perfection but it is ignorant to assume that everyone including you will ever reach it. How you conduct yourself and the levels of atonement you set for yourself and others will lead to disappointment if they are not managed and measured correctly.
In order to find commonality in A RELATIONSHIParrow-10x10.png\" whether it be physical, friend, parent, child or work related you need to have found or be on your way to equilibrium.The essence of pureness the essence of visual LOVEarrow-10x10.png\" is to project this and live this through you on a daily basis, so that not only do you preach but you practice what you wish everyone else to resonate, translate and project.The greatest give possibly that you can bestow yourself is to forgive and accept yourself. To make peace with your past, and not measure your mistakes or accomplishments against that, but to rather look at and understand that your journey is a life lesson, that every SINGLEarrow-10x10.png\"day of your existence is a lesson, a lesson to self enrichment, to self discovery to self love to self acceptance.
Strive today for the future not just for you but for your family your children and your FRIENDSarrow-10x10.png\" to reach that point of self awareness, self acceptance and self enlightenment.This is my dear wish for all beings no matter where you are that these words will echo through your soul into your heart and cause a burning urge for transformation.

I greet you with warm divinity and translucent LOVEarrow-10x10.png\" and acceptance for all beings.

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