In the throes of passion

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There is something sensually beautiful when two bodies reach a crescendo of passion.  It all starts out with the size up.  The first meet the first introduction.  The first hug.  Woman are specially selective creature and chose mates or possible partners for their gene make up and what type of children they can produce or what type of partners they can be.  For woman if the first introduction is not an immediate seller you have lost your chances of a second run in.  On the first meeting usually or normally, you would leave the man to strut his feathers and show his maturity or lack of it for you to make your assessment.  Depending on how he behaved, with you, around others, or even around children will give you a good sampling of his nature.  All depending on where this person is in their emotional well-being will factor in on several strategic moves.  If he has recently broken off a marriage or long-term commitment be very wary that you are not a rebound or become a rebound.  Play and hold your cards tight and hidden from the table as to not let on what you are feeling, sensing or assessing.

I am sure we are all relatively and hopefully mature enough to decide whether a next move or a next meeting should be undertaken.  The first meeting should always be kept very informal.  If short physical touches like a hug or a quick kiss is introduced that is a good start.  It gives you an indication of his masculinity power and passion.  A lot can be sensed and briefed from a kiss even the softness of his lips to the tender or throng of his hug.The second meeting could be anything from a formal dinner to lust and sensual sex.  Again depending on where this person is in their emotional state.  It may just need to be made clear from both parties so as to avoid an underlying confusion what the hidden agenda may be should there be any.  There is something very magical about a man who can entice lure and hold a woman all in a single kiss.  These types of men are indeed rare.  When you are however fortunate to meet a man like this, try to keep up!

These type of men grasp passionately kiss lingerly and make love like there is no tomorrow.  Your audible groans and moans will no doubt wake the neighbours as you are thrown into the passionate embrace of this man for hours on end.  Sweating licking sucking fondling, groping, grasping, begging and bonding on the passions smells tastes of sex.  If he rolls over and falls asleep, you were just a shag.  If he however sleeps over but doesn’t cuddle he is still unsure of what could possible be developing.  As unsure creatures, we are so men are as well and an emotionally confused puppy has deeper darker emotions to be dealt with.

Should you wake up the next morning get ready and leave at the same time for the day, there could be a glimmer of hope, but don’t hold your breath I’ve seen weirder things happen.  When he does bid you farewell and can’t and doesn’t know how to stop kissing your soft lips or stop hugging you, you know you’ve tweaked his senses in more ways than one.  Now keep contact reserved, at a distance but not alienated.  Leave the contact to him, no form of contact from your side.  I said none! Wait, patience a variant lacking in most women’s vocabularies.  Nevertheless, it will be all worth it.

On the second meeting if he invites you over to his place just play it cool.  He is now introducing you to his man cave to show you what and where he lives, how he lives and how he does it.  Now the shoe is on your foot, if you sleep over you are being polite and don’t want him to feel that you are just using him.  Men have feelings too.  As sad as that truth may sound.  Again if the passion and the throes linger and last for hours on end, don’t stop.  You doing it right.  After this the contact becomes a little more.  Now you thank him for the evening and even stay for breakfast, help prepare it, and show him some of your traits.  This time it shows him if you have nurturing instincts and abilities, something he is sizing up if he is looking at having children.  You keep contact reserved.Leave the running and calling up to him.  If he wasn’t interested you wouldn’t have reached second base.  Yes I know it sounds disgusting as if you are playing a baseball game.  That is life.

The third time could be something very different it could just be a visit, a night out, a dinner, a movie or just a sleep over.  If however any random choice transpires, that evening be grateful he likes your company and finds it sufficient enough to spend it with you instead of hanging out with his mates or being stuck home alone.  It isn’t always based on sex.  However, by third base it’s a given, he likes what he sees hears and feels.  Contact is still kept reserved and neutral, arbitrary discussion about work, life and and and.  Nothing melancholic or emotionally scary.  The last thing you want to do is scare the man after working so hard to make it a clencher or keeper.

The fourth meeting could go either way, this could be his closing moment passionately or this could be his dear Johnny moment.  If however it is the latter then you are in for the ride of your life.  This is then when he completely explores your body from your colour cutex you have on your toes to your clitoris.  Again if the passion is pause break continue pause break continue and you still then can’t stop kissing, sucking and exhausting each other with your passionate love making then you have clenched fourth base.  But this is the biggest breaker.  In all of this you need to not lose yourself and give yourself completely.  A very wise man once told me that you are your pinkie.  The top part you keep to yourself and the three quarters remaining you share with the world and the other person.  If you are not tolerable to bad manners and bad behaviour then you need to voice that and make it abundantly clear that you aren’t going to be his walk over due to whatever emotionally state he may or may not find himself in.  Men find woman like that weak.  The ones who don’t know how to say their say or stand up for themselves.

Unfortunately life is not a textbook or a map that you can say X marks the spot.  You have to play by the game rules, the players can be changed but the road and path of finishing it always remains the same no matter how many things you add or take away or how many times you try to manipulate it.  Foremost fundamentally always remain true pure and honest with yourself, with your intentions, goals and your agenda.  Give yourself much needed truth, respect love and honesty and you will treat every other person you come in contact with, with the same measure of valour.  Nothing is cast in stone.  Don’t forget to live, and don’t for heaven’s sake base your hopes dreams fears loves on someone who doesn’t deserve it.  It’s a jungle out there, I should know.  Swing with grape vines and sure enough your Tarzan will come swinging along.

Submitted: July 30, 2014

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B Douglas Slack

I can see immediately that a lot of thought went into this. I had no idea of all the pre-thinking that went into a relationship. Mine, on the other hand, was rather complicated: We met at a party, dated for a week, I (being in the Navy) went back to the Azores for 14 months then came back and we got married in a week. That process seemed to work well also since we are about to celebrate our 51st anniversary August 1st. All things considered, I like your scenario a little better. Good job.

Wed, July 30th, 2014 7:02pm


Hello Tom,

Thanks for the comment, at least someone is reading it and showing attention. Remember 51 years ago, a lot of things were different. Passion, commitment, family, duties and jobs were so different and way less complicated as things are today.

Also dating for both sexes has become horribly tedious and hard, and with the age of technology makes the accountability of someone else's heart that much less of a concern or an acceptance.

But glad to hear that you still can at your age celebrate such a lengthy marriage. Today it is a bygone era, a myth. Thank you for keeping the flame burning. You and your spouse, give people like me hope.

Warm Regards from the cold shores of South Africa.

Wed, July 30th, 2014 12:15pm

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