a tragic conversation i created, that i composed into poetry

"Kevin oh Kevin!, please save me, it's crazy, i don't know what i've become, i'm feeling somewhat dumb, but overall that's not the case, somewhere along the way i lost my pace, it's hard for me to even remember your face, what is it that i need to do?, because right now i'm really needing you, you were once there for me, feeding me positive energy, making me feel great about myself, i had the feeling that i didn't need wealth, i'm sorry i did you wrong, but please bring me back to my comfort zone"

"Wow you need me now? i thought you would, but after three strikes you're out, on that i'm good, so i'm saying no, i refuse to go so low, even though i'm the type to go very far, but when it comes to you forget the par, you had all the chances you needed, you should have suceeded, it hurts me to know you are callin for me, but help from me just can't be, i really have nothing left to say, you are the one who continuously ruined my day, sadly it has to be this way, so as an ending once again i tell you nay!!!"

"What a sad way for a thing to end, but this time my rules won't bend, i have to stay firm, even though my heart will yearn, but if i don't take a stand now when will i?, this is one time i had to deny, even though it hurts to move along, i won't feel guilty and wrong, i forgave you a long time ago, when i left you sittingthere with your denero, hopefully one day you will see it like you should, for us combining one more time would not be good"

Submitted: September 21, 2010

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