Out of the Sky

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A boy, seeing something fall out of the sky goes to investigate. What he finds plunges him into a life that he never knew existed. One that involves angels and demons and the age old fight for power and immortality.

Submitted: October 23, 2007

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Submitted: October 23, 2007



The grass rippled in the warm breeze that idly played with the leaves of a tree before moving on. Under the tree lay a boy that looked to be fourteen. He was lying on his back, arms behind his head, looking up. The clouds lazily strolled across the deep blue sky, slowly shifting from one shape to another before disappearing beyond the horizon. Gavin knew that should his father catch him he’d be in for it, even worse his mother. She’d more in likely take a strap to his back then father. But he got so tired of plodding behind the oxen, while they ambled down row after row plowing the field. And so he laid there his head filled with dreams of a life of swordplay and chivalry. He’d make a grand ole knight. He knew it. The ladies would throw flowers at him as he rode his black mare down the street. He’d blow kisses at them. One girl would faint, while others blushed. He wouldn’t be a farmer like his father or his father’s father or his father’s father’s father. He’d run away, tonight maybe. He’d find some knight to take him in. He could squire for him. These were the same thoughts that he had last week and the week before, but this time he really might do it.
It was while he was thinking these thoughts staring up at the sky that he saw it. Something was falling from the sky. It was too far away to make out what. As he watched, it got closer. Gavin jumped to his feet. He peered up trying to make out what it was, but he was squinting into the sun and couldn’t see. Perhaps it was a large bird. It dropped on the other side of the hill silently. Gavin grabbed his felt hat and took off running. He was out of breath when he reached the top of the rise. He searched about the valley below. There it was! By the road leading into town. It was a mound of something white. He raced down the hill and tripped. He somersaulted the rest of the way down and came to a rest sprawled out beside the mound. Gavin got to his hands and knees. The mound turned out to be a girl. How did a girl get to be up in the sky, was his first thought? His second was she had to be dead. He looked at her, she rested peaceful where she had fallen. Her black hair was pooled out across the grass. Her dress was white. He leaned over her. Her skin was pale and her lips a deep red. He bent his ear close to her mouth. He couldn’t feel any breath coming out. She is dead he thought. Then she opened her eyes. Gavin scrambled back on all fours. He peered at her terrified, through locks of un kept hair that had fallen in his face.
“Your….how did…..” he sputtered and stopped, staring at her. “You fell.” He managed to squeak.
She turned her head, still lying there and looked at him. Her eyes were a pale blue and big. She looked back up at the sky.
“Are you alright? Your not de-dead are you. I mean of course your not. Wh-what happened.?”
She sat up slowly. Her long hair falling around her face and down over her shoulders. “I was riding the back of the clouds, the wind was blowing through my hair like I always do. Then I was falling. And then I opened my eyes and, you.” She looked confused. She shook her head. Her hair following. “I don’t know?”
“I do.” There was a man standing in the middle of the road. He looked to be in his mid twenties. His blonde curls framed his angular face. His eyes looked like they were a dim red but seemed to change to yellow when he moved his head. He wore a black silk shirt half unbuttoned and black pants with a black cloak draped about his shoulders. “I made you fall.”
Gavin looked around it was like he had just appeared there. The road stretched straight in the direction he had seemed to have come from for miles through the long valley. His eyes fell back on the girl. She was petrified. He looked back to the man.
“Be gone boy she’s mine.” The man seemed used to being obeyed.
“Help me please.” The girl whispered.
Gavin summoned up all his courage and stood. He stuck out his chest. “She doesn’t wish to go with you. You-you…” his courage started to fade. He kept going before it was gone. “You should leave. Now.”
For a second the man’s face distorted. What Gavin saw there was pure evil. It was twisted and red, filled with big ugly teeth. As fast as it came it was gone. The man was smiling now.
“I will rip out your heart boy and feed it to the ravens.” Still smiling he took a step forward.
Gavin took a step back and bumped into the girl who was hiding behind him by now.
She stepped half out from behind him. “You can’t touch him. There are rules you must abide by, even you. He’s a mortal.”
The man’s face twisted in rage. “That’s true, Intensity.” He snarled her name. “But you I can.” He smiled again.
His smile suddenly changed to a frown and he cocked his head. Gavin heard it too. Wagon wheels and the clop clop of horse hooves on the dirt packed road behind him.
“This isn’t over yet Intensity. Far from it.” He swirled his black cloak and was gone.
The wagon topped the rise behind Gavin. He recognized the horse and then the driver behind it.
“Father” Gavin said out loud.
“Please don’t tell him anything.” Intensity whispered to Gavin.
His father drew up when he recognized his son. “What are you doing out here on the road young man don’t you have something your suppose to be doing.” He noticed the girl. His face softened. “And who is this Gavin? She’s not from around here.”
Gavin looked at her. Then back to his father. His knees were still shaky. He hoped his father didn’t notice. “This is-is Mary. She got lost. She’s on her way to see her aunt in-in Plugeot. I told her this is the sister town. Plugeot is a half a day away.” He stammered through the lie. He was never good at telling them. He hoped his father bought it.
“Hello Mary. I'm Ned, Gavin’s father.”
“Pleased to meet you Ned.” She made a little bow.
Ned chuckled. “No need to bow to me, I'm no lord.” He looked up at the sky. “Seems to me you won’t be able to make it to Plugeot before dark. Would you care to stay the night with us?”
“That would be nice, sir.”
Ned chuckled again. “Gavin go get the oxen before they run off if they haven’t already. And then bring Mary with you to the house. I’ll warn your mother to set another place at the table.” He looked worried for a second. Then he whipped the reins. “Ill see you at the house Mary.” He said as the wagon creaked by.
It was dusk by the time Gavin brought the oxen in. He put them in the barn, pulled down some hay for them and went in the house. Intensity followed. She hadn’t said a word the whole time besides a ‘thank you’ for not telling father about what had happened. Gavin was too scared to ask about what had happened. He kind of hoped it would all go away if he pretended there had been nothing unusual.
His mother was grumbling when he walked in. His father was already seated at the table. He pulled a chair out for Intensity and sat in the one across from her.
“Go wash yourself. Look at you your dirty. You look like you’ve been rolling down hills. Look you tracked dirt all across the floor. You know better.” His mother raised the wooden spoon in her hand threatening.
Gavin hurriedly got out of his chair and disappeared. He came back a couple minutes later. His mother was drilling Mary.
“So what did you say your aunts name was again?” His father was looking on wincing.
“I uh I didn’t” She looked relieved when Gavin came back in the room.
“Smells good mother what is it?” He smiled at her
“Same slop I make every night. Since when did you care?” She eyed him suspiciously. His father jumped in to save him.
“I got a good price for the goats at the market.”
The rest of the conversation was about whether or not he could have gotten an even better deal. And Gavin and Intensity ate in silence, peering at each other every so often.
It was the middle of the night when Gavin suddenly woke up. He was scared. Something was in his room. It moved. He caught his breath. Then a girls voice said out of the darkness.
“I'm scared do you mind if I sleep with you.”
“Uh sure.” Gavin said not sure what else to say.
Intensity climbed in bed and curled up next to him. She was asleep almost instantly. It took longer for Gavin to go to sleep. He kept thinking about how pretty she was and her long black hair. Then he remembered seeing her fall out of the sky.
He woke up to his mother screaming at him.
“What is this? I will not have some tramp sleeping with my son, defiling him. Get up you dirty tramp. Neeedddd. Get this whore outta my house.”
Intensity was sitting up terrified. She jumped when Ned burst through the door out of breath. “What’s going on?” He panted. He was dressed in his small clothes. He noticed Intensity.
“I got up to get a drink and I saw that this tramp wasn’t sleeping on the floor in the kitchen so I came up here and found her.” She was pointing her finger at Intensity.
Ned laid his hand on his wife’s shoulder. “I’ll take care of this. Go back to bed.”
“You better. I want this tramp gone now. You brought her here, you make her leave. I wont have her under my roof another second.”
“But its still dark….” Gavin interrupted.
His mother spun. She glared at him. “What was that? Are you talking back to your mother?” Gavin cringed.
“I’ll see to it she leaves.” His father said meekly. Gavin hated how is father always gave in to his mother. He was weak and she walked all over him.
With that his mother stormed down the stairs. He could hear her muttering tramp and dirty whore and other things as she left.
“I'm so sorry. I didn’t mean anything I was just scared….I was just….”
“Shhh its alright Mary I know, I know. But you have to leave. It’ll be light in an hour. You’ll be fine. I’ll give you a little bit of food to break your fast with.”
Intensity nodded. She followed Ned out the door. Gavin went to get up.
“Stay in bed Gavin I think its best.” His father said.
His father raised his hand. Silencing him and then shut the door softly as he walked out.
Gavin was back in the field following the oxen up one row and down the next. His mother had been a foul mood when he had gotten up and for once he welcomed plowing the field just to get out of the house. Intensity seemed like a dream. She had gone just as fast as she came. For a brief time his life seemed to have changed, only to be thrust back into the same boring rut. He felt guilty. Guilty he hadn’t stood up for her, guilty because he knew she was in danger and he had let her go, but most of all guilty because he felt sorry for himself that his adventure was over so quick, he knew that was a selfish reason. Intensity could be dieing right now and all he could think about was himself.
There was a loud knock on the door and then two more before Ned could get it opened.
“Have some patient.” He started to say as he swung open the door. And then stopped. Something about the man standing in the door way gave him a cold shiver. He blinked and then wondered what had frightened him. The man was young perhaps twenty four. He had long blond curls and red, no yellow eyes, and dressed all in black. Strange he thought. “Can I help you sir.”
“Yes, um, it might be a little weird but I seemed to have lost my daughter. She’s absent minded and likes to run off. I feel shamefully embarrassed but have you seen her. She’s only fourteen. She’s a good girl most of the time. She has long black hair and…”
“Is her name perhaps Mary?”
The man smiled. “Yesss.” It came out almost as a hiss. “That would be her.” His face flashed just for a second.
Ned stepped back his mouth open. What had he just seen? Another small shiver ran down his spine. The man looked fine now. Something didn’t quite add up. Wasn’t this man too young to have a fourteen year old daughter? He was getting ready to tell the man that he couldn’t be of any help, when the man pulled out a small leather purse. He shook it and it jingled.
“I have thirty pieces of silver to the man who came give me information to her safe return.”
Ned’s wife was suddenly at the door way. She pushed Ned aside. “For thirty pieces of silver I’ll gladly sell you my own son.” She laughed
The man chuckled. “I don’t doubt you would, but I’m looking for my daughter.”
“Yes, a girl with black her and white skin, as white as freshly fallen snow or uh a cloud. She was here.”
The man stepped forward eagerly peering inside. “She’s here, where is she?”
“I sent the tram…the uh girl left for her aunts this morning.”
The mans face darkened. He lowered the purse.
“Wait, I can tell you where she was headed you should be able to over take her. She hasn’t been gone long.”
Ned laid a hand on his wife’s shoulder. “Honey, I don’t think its wise to….”
She shoved his hand off and shoved him back. She pulled the door shut behind her, leaving her and the man outside alone.
“My husband is a clot. Don’t pay him any nevermind. Now about that silver.”
The man was all smiles when she was done.
“You are a pretty lady and smart. You don’t find that combination often in a woman.”
She blushed at the compliment. She turned to see if Ned was listening by the door. He seemed to have gone. She turned back to the young man. “You yourself are quite handsome.” She giggled.
He reached up as if to touch her cheek. She braced herself waiting eagerly. But his hand dropped to his side.
“I cannot touch you.” He sighed.
She desperately wanted him to touch her. Her cheek tingled just at the thought. She never felt like this before. Somewhere in the back of her mind something warned her but she pushed the thought away before it had time to completely form.
“Why not, oh is it Ned, I’ll send him to the field.” She turned quickly before the man had time to respond. She pushed open the door. “Ned.” she yelled. No one answered. She stuck her head in. The room was empty but the latch on the back door was up.
“Oh he must have gone out the back.” She said out loud.
She turned back to the stranger. He was still standing there smiling. That smile. Shed kill to see that smile everyday. “Won’t you come in and have a cup of tea before you’re on your way?”
The man followed her in the house. She was strangely aware how close he was behind her. She spun and went to throw her arms around him, but he held up his hand. She stopped.
“Before I can touch you there’s something you must give me.” He whispered.
She looked at him. “Anything.” She whispered back.
He smiled at her again. She almost melted. He reached out his hand. She watched as his hand move toward her chest and then it was going into her chest. She watched curiously as his hand disappeared inside her. She could feel it inside. Her whole body was tingling. It gripped something. She gasped. Something seemed to fade away from her as he withdrew his hand, but it was hidden beneath the pleasure that was washing over her whole body. She saw something shining in his hand. And as he dropped it in a little leather pouch she saw it was a small stone. She sank to her knees the feeling was immense. No one had ever given her pleasure like this. She looked up at his face worshipful. He cupped his hand around her chin and held it. She couldn’t have pulled her gaze away from his even if she wanted too. And she didn’t.
“Thank you.” He chuckled. The laugh was evil. He pulled open her hand roughly and dropped the purse of silver in her hand. “your payment m’lady.” He was mocking her but she didn’t notice. He turned to leave and she grasped the bottom of his cloak.
“Don’t go.” She cried.
He ripped his cloak free. “Do not touch me, whore.”
She tried to grab it again anyway. He kicked her hard in the stomach. She moaned. But when she looked up at him it was still with adoring eyes.
“Please will I see you again?”
“Most likely.” He laughed. And with that he was gone.
Ned had slipped out the back door almost as soon as his wife had slammed the front. He had grabbed a few things first and stuffed them in a bag. He went to the stable and saddled his horse and then led it out to the fields in back of the house. He could hear the man laughing from the front. He shuddered. He found Gavin ambling along behind the oxen.
He thrust the bag in Gavins hand and in the other the reins of the horse. “Go son, quickly. Find Mary. Help her. I-I know what you told me about her was a lie.” He raised his hand when Gavin started to protest. “I don’t want to know. The less I know the better. There was a man at the house asking about her. You must get to her before he does. I cant…” he shuddered again. “You must hurry son. Take her away, far away. Here.” He thrust a handful of coins in Gavin’s pocket. There was a tear in his eye. “I'm weak I cant do it I’ll tell mother you left. She’ll have it out for me. that I let you leave. Also there’s something you should know Your not….. I mean …..” He looked at Gavin. “Go now before it’s too late.” He squeezed Gavin’s shoulder.
“Thank you father.” Gavin swung up in the saddle.
“One more thing, take this.” Ned unbuckled the long knife that hung at his side, that had hung there ever since Gavin could remember. He remembered always being fascinated by the three different colored stones on it when he was little. He used to rub his fingers over them feeling the warmth that they seemed to emit on there own. It been passed down through the generations of the family farther back then anyone could remember.
“Your knife father.” Gavin whispered.
“Take it it’s about time you had it.” And with that he slapped the horse on the rear. It took off at a gallop across the field. Gavin look back at his father and waved. Ned waved back his eyes filled with tears. He knew inside that he would never see his son again. He wondered if he should have told him the secret then shook his head.
“May the gods be with you.” He whispered.
Gavin raced down the road, his mind churning. The man had found them. Father had realized the lie somehow and had warned him of the man. And what was he going to say I'm not their what. He shook his head. Now was not the time he would ask him about it when he got back. When would he come back he wondered?
After an hour he slowed the horse down to a walk. She couldn’t have gotten too far on foot. He was anxious, but at the same time he didn’t want to kill his horse by pushing it too far. I’ll let her walk for fifteen minutes and then run her again.
He stopped the horse and listened. There was crying coming from behind the bush on the side of the road. He dismounted and led the horse over to it. Intensity was sitting on the ground, her head in her hands quietly sobbing. Her shoulders rose and fell. He dropped the reins and knelt beside her. She looked up at him.
“I'm so scared.”
Gavin reached up and pushed a strand of hair from her eyes. He didn’t know what to do so he just put his arm around her. She clutched him her tears soaking the chest of his shirt.
“We need to go.” He said softly.
He felt her head nod against his chest. After a minute he stood. She wiped her eyes.
“I wont cry anymore, I'll be brave.”
“Its alright to cry.” He said.
She shook her head furiously. “Its not, crying’s for babies.” She stood up a little straighter. “He came for me didn’t he?”
Gavin nodded. "We should probably get going. And if it makes you feel better I’m scared too.”
“It does.” She smiled a little.
Gavin helped her up in the saddle and climbed on behind her. He turned the horse deeper in the woods.
“We should probably not follow the road, he would have known that we were going that way. I think.-I think my mother told him.”
It was dusk and Gavin decided to stop amidst some old ruins. It looked to have been an ancient castle built by a lake that was half filled in with sediment. Give it another fifty years and it will be just a meadow, Gavin thought. But now there a few ducks on it and the walls of the castle that were still standing, offered a shelter from the wind. He dismounted and helped Intensity off.
“You think he’ll be able to find us here?”
“I should hope so. I am a demon after all.”
Gavin spun. The man was seated on the corner of a wall, looking at them like he was bored of the whole thing. He got up and started walking over to them. Gavin pulled out his long knife.
“Better stay away mister or I’ll-I’ll put this through your belly.” He held the dagger out in front of him.
The man chuckled. “You think a knife can stop me boy. You’re a brave one but I’m afraid your bravery is just going to get you killed. Stand aside and I may let you live.”
“He can’t touch you.” Intensity whispered.
“Always one for rules aren’t you Intensity. Your right of course. But it just so happens I have this.” He pulled out a leather pouch and emptied its contents in his hand. He held up a glowing stone for Gavin to see. “You know what this is, boy? It’s your mother’s life stone. All I have to do is shatter this and she dies.”
Intensity gasped. “How did you…?”
“Oh she gave it to me all too willingly.”
Gavin lowered his dagger. He had never seen a life stone before. He heard tales aplenty though he never believed them. But he could sense his mother in that stone. The feeling was strong, strong enough that he knew it to be true. The man walked closer. Gavin raised the dagger back up. “Don’t take another….” He stopped. The man was holding the stone over his head ready to dash it on the ground. And then he did. It shattered in a million pieces. Gavin felt something rip apart inside of him and die. He screamed. When he stopped screaming the man was holding Intensity.
“It hurts doesn’t it?”
“You killed her.” Gavin whispered incredulously.
“Love it’s what ties your life stone to someone else’s. It’s a bitch ain’t it. Yet it’s the only bit of magic that you humans have discovered. Such a costly one.” He smiled. His teeth were sharp and black.
“I’ll kill you.” Gavin whispered furiously. “I’ll make you pay.”
“Tut, tut. Better not.” The man held up another life stone.
“Father.” Gavin stopped paralyzed. “Not father.”
“Oh yes father. He was just as easy as your mother. By the time I decided to go back, he had found your mother. He was crouched on the floor holding your dear old shell of a mother in his arms. You see a person isn’t much without their life stone, not dead, although I’m sure they wish they were. I promised a trade. Her life stone back for his. He gladly gave me his. Such nobility, the fool. You humans are too trusting and predictable. So here we are. You, me, Intensity, and uh father here.” He held up the stone. As he held it up, it glowed brightly for a second and then flickered once and went out. The man dropped it, a surprised look on his face. “He’s…. he…”
Gavin was screaming again. The pain tore through his body like a twister in a corn field. As fast as the pain came, it was gone leaving an empty aching in its place.
“He killed himself.” The man said incredulously. He looked up at Gavin. “I told him as I left that I had found you. I had skinned you and left you hanging from a tree. I guess he believed me.” The man chuckled. “That and your mother’s death must have been too much for him.” He turned toward Intensity, his back toward Gavin. He thrust his hand deep in side her and pulled out her life stone. She gasped and sank to the ground.
“So beautiful.” He whispered. It shimmered in the air turning a rainbow of colors as the last of the day’s light hit it. Gavin was crouched by his fathers life stone tears filled his eyes. He looked up at the man. His face turned toward hatred. He sprang. Gavin grabbed the man and shoved his hand into his chest. He felt it slide past the bone. He saw the surprised look on the man’s face as his hand touched something hard within. He gripped it and ripped it out. He let go of the man and slowly backed away. The man was just looking at him a blank look on his face. Gavin looked down at his hand. He held a black stone. It seemed to eat up the light that was around it. He raised his hand to smash it, to smash it with all the strength he had.
“It’s time to die.” He growled.
“If I die she dies.”
Gavin looked up. The man was holding Intensity’s life stone. He had a foot on Intensity’s chest holding her down. Tears were leaking out of her eyes but she was trying hard not to cry.
“What do you want? Why do you want her so bad?”
“Power of course. And immortality. What else could I want? With her as a bargaining chip her father will give me anything I ask for. I can feed off her life stone for all of eternity.” He looked at Gavin. “You truly don’t know anything do you. She’s an angel Gavin. They make it rain when you need rain, sun when you need sun. They’re the givers of life. They give life to all, expect for us. And I’m tired of it. My measly little life is short compare to theirs. While I’m confined to dirt and filth, they stroll about on their little clouds doing good for you mortals who don’t even know of their exsistence. Well I’m tired of it. You see Intensity here is a princess, her father is king of his realm. And I aim to get a lot of use out of this girl before I’m done with her.” He eyed Gavin curiously. “But ill let her go if you give me my life stone back, along with yours.” He whispered the last part softly, almost reverently.
“Why would you want mine and if I kill you, you can’t do anything to her. I could kill you, you know.”
“If you kill me you kill her also. I'm not an unreasonable man I’m willing to give her up for my life back and yours. She can go free. You can save her. Look at her Gavin, she’s hurting.” He ground his boot hard into her chest. She let out a soft cry. Tears welled up in her eyes and poured down her cheeks.
“Don’t do it Gavin it’s a trick your-you’re the chosen. It’s you he always wanted, not me….. I just realized your…..”
“Shut up wench.” The man cursed and kicked her. His boot found the side of her head and she went limp. He looked at Gavin. “I'm done playing games give me want I want or she dies. Her life is in your hands.”
Gavin looked from Intensity to the man. He noticed the mist from the lake had been slowly getting denser and now it crept toward them at a snails pace.
“You win” he said “give Intensity back her life and I’m yours.”
The man smiled. “A wise choice boy.” He slowly reached down and placed the stone on Intensity’s chest. It sat there for a second and sank down and disappeared. Her body shuddered. The mist race toward her. It enveloped her body lying on the ground. The man didn’t notice he was walking toward Gavin smiling his evil smile. He snatched the black stone out of Gavin’s hand and slammed it into his chest. It disappeared. “And now for yours.”
He grabbed Gavin by one arm and sunk his hand deep into Gavin’s chest. Gavin felt a tingling and then all his life seemed to drain out of him. He fought hard to stay focused. He saw the man in front of him holding up a stone. It was huge bigger then mother’s and father’s, bigger then Intensity’s and bigger then the man’s black life stone. It was perfectly round, while the others had been long and slender, crystal like. To Gavin it looked like a miniature sun. The golden glow from it filled the now darkening wood. The man was looking at it speechless.
“You fool.” He whispered not taking his eyes from it. “It wasn’t Intensity’s life stone I wanted. I couldn’t even use hers, she’s too different from me. But yours….yours…you.” He looked at Gavin now. “You know who you are? Of course you don’t, they kept it a secret. You’re a combination of all of us. You’re no more human then you are angel or demon. A hundred years ago we almost destroyed the whole angel race and with it the humans. They managed to beat us back though barely. After that a lot of our power was taken away. Our lives shortened. We would grow old and die now. Oh, we live much longer then humans, but we’ll still die. They then took parts of the three different life stones and working with the humans, they created a new bloodline. One that superseded all the laws that had been in place since the beginning of time. This bloodline, you could travel through the three realms. With the power that you posses you’d be unstoppable. Their secret weapon against us. They protected the bloodline down through the ages always keeping it hidden from us. You were to be used against us if we ever tried to rise again. Well they must have gotten wind that we knew where the bloodline was because when you were born they stole you away from your real parents and hid you with the farmer. You real parents killed themselves so the secret would die with them. And you, you grew up thinking you were just a lowly farmer. Well we found you, it took us awhile but we did it. The trick was how to get you to give up your life stone. You see we couldn’t just take it. But you humans are so predictable. Your sense of chivalry and that blasted thing called love. I knew if I could find a girl to use against you you’d fall for it. And who better then Intensity a beautiful innocent girl. The whole time she would think I was after her and you being a human would help her. And of course when it came down to it you’d offer up your self for her. Sound familiar.” He chuckled loudly. “Fools, fools. You don’t deserve to have the life you do. Now with what I have in my hand I’ll lay waste to you humans and to these self-righteous angels. Oh she knew, she figured it out in the end but it was too late. She tried to warn you, you should have listened.” He stroked the life stone gently.
Gavin was trying to comprehend what he had just been told. His brain seemed sluggish and slow. He felt weak. He could feel power coming from the man. From the stone the man had in his hands. It felt familiar. He watched in silence as the man placed the stone inside his chest. A smile slowly crept across his face. He could see Intensity behind him laying in a layer of mist. She looked peaceful. It made him remember when he first saw her.
“Thank you kind sir.” The man made a mock bow. “Enjoy your cloud princess and the empty shell that will now be your life.” With that the man walked away.
Gavin sank to the ground to weak to even stand anymore. There was an emptiness in him that felt darker then when he felt his mother and father die. Mother and father, they weren’t even his real parents. He shook his head. This wasn’t the adventure he had dreamed about. He put his head on the ground. I'd give anything to be just back plowing the field. If only I would have….
Gavin looked up, Intensity was looking at him.
“Come here.” She whispered.
He managed to crawl over to her. She grasped his head in her hands.
“Look at me.” She said. He looked at her, looked in her pale blue eyes. Gods she was beautiful. “Take my life stone. You can use it. Your body’s made to use any of the three stones.. Take it. I give it to you.’
Gavin looked at her. “But what about you? What’ll happen to you? “
“It doesn’t matter, just take it.”
“I can’t. I'm not going to let you die so I can live.”
“You must, you’re the only one that can beat him. Take it. Destroy him and bring it back to me.” She looked at him pleading.
He closed his eyes, knowing what he had to do, knowing it was the only way. He shoved his hand deep in her chest. The life stone was there he could feel it. He wrapped his hand around it and pulled it out. He heard her gasp. He opened his eyes and saw the life go out of hers. She was still alive but fast becoming nothing more then a shell of what she was. He shoved it in his chest quickly.
“I wont let you die I’ll be back. I won’t let you. I won’t.” He grabbed her hand and squeezed and then quickly but gently kissed her lips before jumping to his feet.
He felt life returning to him. It was an odd feeling. He didn’t quite feel like himself, but after before, the feeling of life was sweet and he was running.
A couple of minutes later he came across something black on the ground. He stopped. It was the man's life stone. I guess with mine he doesn’t need it anymore. He stooped to pick it up. Then he got a curious look on his face as he looked at it in his hands. He thrust it in his chest. He felt it take hold. He felt a strength thread through his body. He was running again. He caught up to the man in a clearing. The man was doing something with his hands. He looked to be fashioning a gateway out of air. The man looked up startled to see him.
“You.” The man growled.
“I seem hard to get rid of don’t I?”
“A matter I should have dealt with back at the ruins. One that I plan on fixing now.” The man started walking toward Gavin. “This time I’m really going to rip out your heart. There are no rules that can stop me now. No laws that I’m bound to.” He smiled.
Gavin stood his ground and slowly, he reached in his chest and pulled out the black stone.
“You seemed to have dropped this.’
The man stopped a queer look on his face. “I don’t need that anymore. I've got a new one. What are you planning on doing with that?”
Gavin held it in his hand. He gripped it tight and felt life in it, life that wasn’t his.
“It seems that your life is still connected to your stone. Demon. “
“I-I uh that will be gone in a matter of minutes as my body switches to my new one. You think your so clever boy, don’t you? Yet you’re way over your head. Your using her life stone aren’t you? You know what happens when an angel loses her stone. She lives yes but her body fades away to mist. She becomes a cloud.” He laughed throatily. “She’s fading right now I’m sure. Stupid, clever boy. Let go of my old life stone and go back to your fields. You’re not cut out for this.”
Gavin wasn’t sure what to do. Was the demon lying? He remembered the fog that had risen out of the lake and threaded its way toward Intensity when the demon had her stone. He remembered the look in her eyes when she pleaded with him to take her stone. He realized she had been saying goodbye. He was a fool. He should have seen it. He was just a boy after all. Tears filled his eyes for the third time that day and he let the black stone slip to the ground. The life in it was already faint and the demon seemed brighter and more alive and real. He reached in himself and pulled out Intensity’s stone and looked at it glowing in his hands. It felt so warm. He had killed her. It was all his fault. He watched it as it slid slowing out of his hands and fell gently to the forest floor.
“Yesss that’s a good boy. Now I kill you.”
He came at Gavin from across the clearing his yellow eyes glowing. Gavin just stood there drained and empty. Then he blinked. He could feel himself but it was coming from the demon. His life stone in the demon, he could still feel it. It grew stronger as the demon closed in snarling. He reached out with his being and touched it. Touched the feeling that was him radiating out of the demon. As he touched it he could feel the strength of it and he could also feel darkness slowly overtaking it, making it its own. The demon stopped a couple paces from Gavin and put a hand to his chest.
“Your in here.” He said as more of a question. “How is that possible? I can feel you. Stop it, just die.”
He flung his hand out toward Gavin. Dark tendrils flew from his fingertips and hit Gavin in the chest, flinging him backward against a tree. Pain ripped through him. Yet the pain seemed to be happening to another person. All he could feel was the power emitting from the demons chest. For the first time he realized the strength of his life stone. He could feel it pulsating and he wanted it back. He gripped it, holding on to that feeling with his mind and squeezed. The demon staggered, clutching at his chest with one hand. He threw his other toward Gavin, tendrils leaping out of his fingertips. They shrieked passed Gavin ripping a hole in the ground beside him. Gavin squeezed more and the demon was on his knees breathing hard. Then the demon looked up and locked eyes with Gavin. Gavin felt the darkness on his life stone in the demons chest jump. It pushed at him shoving him back and trying to claim the stone for itself. Gavin fought harder. But the stone had been in the demon too long and it was stronger. To anyone else,happening on this clearing, this would look like two figures facing each other unmoving, unaware of the invisible battle ensueing inside the demon. A battle that humanity hung on. An inner struggle fought by a boy and his will to survive.
Slowly Gavin felt his presence being forced out of the demon. He threw all he could into it but it still wasn’t enough. He knew this was the end. His eye caught something on the ground in front of him. It was Intensity’s life stone. He crawled toward it and grasped it, all the while keeping his invisible hold on the stone in the demon's chest. The warmth of Intensity's stone in his hands, even as the darkness was claiming his life stone in the demon. He looked up at the demon that was smiling now. Gavin could only feel a faint part of his stone in there now. In couple of minutes it'd be gone, he knew.
He slammed Intensity’s stone in his chest and drew deep. He felt the stone grow hot. He concentrated on what was left of him in the demon. The darkness stopped. The demon jerked surprised. Gavin reached forward with his hand and grabbed the demon’s old black stone that was on the ground and slammed that into his chest. He drew all he could from that one also. He could feel them in his chest, one a hot iron, scorching him, the other an ice that seemed to freeze him to the bone. He could feel them side-by-side. A part Intensity and a part a deep darkness. And then smaller he could feel himself that was still in the demon, a mixture of the two yet with something else, something was more familiar then anything he could have known. He reached for that now, and grabbed it. The intensity from it staggered him. He felt it flow into him. Flow into the two stones. There seem seemed to be a ripple that went through him. Then it stopped. There was stillness. Something was different. He could see the demon across from him. He could feel the battle inside the demon for the life stone, and in himself, he could feel a rising strength from, not two, but now one stone. One stone that had been merged together inside of him. He pushed harder at the demon's stone and hit a wall. What was going on? He searched all around but couldn’t pass it.
The demon smiled now realizing. “Its mine by rights you cant’ take it. You gave it to me willingly. Yield boy you’re bound by the rules. Even this one.”
“I wont.”
“You don’t have a choice. What is given can’t be taken back.”
Gavin could feel the darkness rushing around the stone in the demon. It flooded around his presence in there pushing him out, out of the demon and back into himself. He looked at the demon. He could feel his own life stone burning hot and bright inside him.
“I no longer need it anymore. You lost demon. Take the old one.”
The demon was laughing. “I lost huh. I still have the stone of the chosen. The war has just begun, started by the one that was suppose to make sure it didn’t happen.”
The demon walked forward. “They didn’t plan for this did they? They didn’t plan for there precious little creation to just hand over his life stone to a demon. You were more powerful then me, but see now we’re evenly matched with your newly created stone. And you, your too nae to know how to use it. So I’m going to kill you. Here in front of the gods. I'm going to show them their mistake. I'm going to make them watch you beg for your life as I take it. Then I’m going for your precious angel and I'm going to ravage her over and over. Let that go through your head as you die.”
The demon’s hand was on Gavin’s head before he knew what was happening. He felt a freezing cold rip through his brain. He didn’t remember how he got there but he realized he was on his knees screaming. His whole body was shivering down to his bone. For some reason it reminded him of the time he had fallen through the ice on the river by his house. His father had pulled him out, throwing a blanket over him, hugging him tight as he shivered uncontrollably underneath. His father, something was wrong with his father but he couldnt rememeber what. He knew he should but his brain didnt seem to be responding. The scene kept playing in his head over and over again, like a broken record.
Gavin's arms were twitching uncontrollable when they brushed past something. Something that was seemed be alive with its own heat. His brain struggled for recognition. His knife. It was still belted to his side. But the demon had said he couldn’t be killed by a mortal’s weapon. He gathered every bit of strength he could and made his arm obey him. He slowly grasped the handle. It felt strangely warm. The demon was laughing loudly, his voice sounding far away, as he lifted his hands from Gavin’s head for a second.
“Ravage her over and over. Can you here her screams boy? You could have saved her. I’ll tell her you pissed your self when it came time to die.” He laughed again and seized Gavin’s head. A whole knew seizure went through Gavin’s body. Gavin convulsed wildly but the dagger was in his hand. He could feel strength from his life stone pouring into it.The fog in his head seemedd to be melting. He could feel the individual pores in the rough leather that was wrapped around the handle and he could feel an odd power emitting from the each of the three stones that were imbedded in the handle. As the demon laughed with Gavin’s head in his hands, Gavin reared up and sunk the dagger deep in the demons chest. The laughter suddenly cut off, turning to a grunt. And the pain inside Gavin suddenly stopped. Gavin sank to the ground drained. He could see the demon clutching at the dagger in his chest. The dagger glowed a soft golden light. Gavin realized he could sense the dagger, sense its cold blade. Sense how sharp the edges were. Sense its tip buried deep in the demons life stone. He poured power into that feeling. The three stones glowed brighter. The demon was on the ground writhing.
“How is this possible?” He managed in a whisper. “I can’t die by a knife.” Blood was gurgling out of his mouth.. He grabbed the handle of the dagger with both hands and looked down at it sticking out of chest. His fingers found the three stones. “A dagger made for the chosen.” He spat out as a torrent of blood came erupting from his mouth.
Gavin pushed more power into the knife. He could fill it flowing through the dagger into the life stone. There was a burst and he felt a release as the demons life stone shattered inside his chest.
Gavin lay on the ground exhausted. There wasn’t much of the demon left. He could see his dagger still stuck in a piece of black chard stone. The light was gone from the dagger, it looked like an ordinary knife again. He lay on the ground for a minute just looking at it. Then he slowly rose to his feet and went over to it. He picked it up and pulled off the chunk of stone and slid it back in his belt. It felt good there. “Thank you father,” he whispered. He didn’t care that it wasn’t his real father. He was the only father that he had known. Then he remembered Intensity.
He found her where he had last seen her. She was engulfed in catacomb of mist. He rushed to her side and knelt down. He gasped. He could see right through her. He grabbed her wrist. It felt like she was barely there.
“No!” he screamed. Not her. He lost too much today. He couldn’t bear losing her too. “You can’t die. You cant. I love you.” When he said it he knew it to be true. This girl that had given her life for him. This girl that he had just met yet it seemed a lifetime ago. In his fourteen-year-old heart he didn’t know much but he knew that he loved this girl that he would die so she could live. He reached into his chest once again and brought out his life stone. He pushed into her chest. “Live.” He cried. He tried fanning the mist away but it just seemed to flow around his fingers. He was too weak to try anymore and he slumped over Intensity’s body.
Gavin opened his eyes. Cool fingers were brushing his hair out of his eyes. He looked up into pale blue eyes and tried to smile. Intensity was bending over him looking at him. She smiled when she saw his eyes open.
“Hello boy.” She whispered.
“Hello girl.” He whispered back.
He tried to sit up but she pushed him back down gently.
“Just lay there, your still weak.”
It was then that Gavin noticed other voices in the background.
“What happen? Where I am.” It all came rushing back. The demon. The fight in the clearing. Intensity fading away. He remembered shoving his life stone into her chest.
“It worked, your alive.” He whispered. “But me, how am I here? I gave you my life stone.”
“Yes you did.” She looked down at him. “But you don’t really die when you give up your life stone. Your still alive in here.” She touched her chest. “In most instances you become a shell of a person and a slave to the person who holds your stone. But the demon wasn’t lying when you told you that love was the only real magic humans had discovered. Yet it’s the most powerful. You gave everything you had for me. Life stones are created with love, when a baby is in his mother, his life stone is created out of the love that his mother has for him. A small seed is dropped into it from the mothers stone from this magic called love. And so when you passed your stone on to me it left a seed of love behind. Feed it and it’ll grow.” She bent down and kissed him softly on the lips and then she kissed him again.
A boy, seeing something fall out of the sky goes to investigate.What he finds plunges him into a life that he never knew existed.One that involves angels and demons and the age old fight for power and immortality.

© Copyright 2017 Jeremy Moore. All rights reserved.

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