A Sad Tale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's about a guy named Johnathan. It has like a sad and happy ending. You'll understand if you read it.

Submitted: September 03, 2008

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Submitted: September 03, 2008



"What?!" I yell back.
"Get to school already!" Yells Diane.
"I’m finishing up my uh…  homework!"
Diane scoffs.

As I finish putting my clothes on I sit in the chair in front of my desk and open a drawer.  In it is my journal and a pencil.  I lift up the journal and under it is a small razor blade.  I pick up the razor and roll up my sleeve.  As the blade pierces into my skin I bite onto my bottom lip and slide the blade across my arm.  [There is much pain but it’s nothing compared to the emotions I have built up inside me.]  I put the blade back, close the drawer and sigh.  [Well, off to school.]  I roll down my sleeve, put my shoes on, pick up my backpack and walk out of my bedroom.  I step on a stuffed animal "Michelle!  Pick up your dumb toys!"
"Shut up!" [Ugh, I hate her, she’s 10 years old and gets whatever she wants.]

As I walk down the stairs towards the foyer I see Diane’s  purse.  [Diane’s my supposed mother and a lady of the night as they say.  Which means she has some cash that I can take.]  As I reach into her purse I prick my finger on something.  I look inside her purse and see a syringe.  [Oh yeah, did I mention she’s a druggie?]  I push it aside and grab a wad of fifties.  I take three then put the wad back.  [I don’t want her knowing I take some so I do it in small doses.]  I walk to the front door and grab a hold of the doorknob.  "Goodbye everyone…" I say quietly to myself.

As I’m walking down the sidewalk I hear police sirens, gun shots, people screaming.  [You can pretty much guess what kind of neighborhood I live in.]  When I finally make it to school my friendly neighborhood bully’s there waiting.  "Well?  Where’s my money?" He says.
I look down and try to shove past him but his two buddies grab my arms and hold me there. "Where do you think you’re going?"
"Leave me alone."
He laughs then wipes his eye feigning a tear.  "That’s the best one I heard all day!" He looks at me sternly, "But in all seriousness, where is it?"
I hand him a fifty. "There now leave me alone."
He laughs again, "It’s been good doing business with you!  I’ll see you tomorrow!" He laughs and walks into the building.  His friends shove me to the ground and walk after him.

Upon impact my backpack flies open and my books slide across the floor.  I lie there on my side, put my head down and sigh.  [My life sucks…]  Suddenly a pair of knees lands in front of my face.  I look up.  It’s Lora.  [Lora’s the only person I care about, and the only person who cares about me.]  "Would you like some help?" she asks.
I quickly shove the books into my backpack.  "No, I’m fine."
"C’mon Z.  Don’t be so mad." [I have her call me Z because it’s the furthest thing away from what Diane calls me.]
"Today’s the day, I’ve calculated it all and I have just enough money to do it."
"Please don’t." Lora says, "I’ll be so sad without you."
"You have Michael right?  You’ll be fine."  [Michael is her big brother.]
"Z…  You know I love you."
I look down.  "Yeah…  I know…  But please…  Don’t.  It’s not worth it.  I’m nothing but wasted space on this planet."
Lora slaps me.  "Don’t say such things!  You are not a waste and it really hurts my feelings that you would say something like that!"
I look down.  "Sorry…"
She sighs.  "C’mon, let’s get to class before we’re late." Lora stands up and reaches her hand out towards me.
I look up at her hand for a few seconds and then grab it and hoist myself up.  Lora then grabs my hand and drags me to class.

When school gets out Lora meets me by the front doors.  "What took so long?"
"I was uh…  Going pee…" I roll my sleeve down.
"Oh my god, you were cutting weren’t you!"
I look down.  Lora wraps her arms around my neck at rests her forehead on mine.  "What am I going to do with you?" She says.
I look up and kiss her.  "Go on a date with me."
She looks at me shocked. "Wh-What did you say?"
I kiss her again.  "You heard me."
She puts her hands over her mouth.  "Are you serious?!"
I nod. "I am completely serious."
She jumps up and down with joy. "Yay!" She yells, "When?  When do you wanna go?"
"Right now." I reply, "I wanna go right now."
"Um…  Okay.  Let’s go!"
I grab her hand, kiss her cheek then smile.  She giggles and blushes.  "Where are we going?" She asks.
"Well I figured first we would go to the movies and along the way we walk through the park and get some ice cream."
She smiles really happily.  "Okay!  That sounds like fun!"
So we start walking.

After a few hours it’s dark out, our date is over and we’re at Lora’s front porch.  "So what did you think?" I ask.
"Oh my gosh I loved it!  Thank you Z!" We kiss for a good 30 seconds.  "I love you Z."
I look at her and smile. "I love you too, and I’m glad you enjoyed the date."
She hugs me.  "Goodnight Z."
I hug her back. "Goodnight my love."
She smiles.  "I could get used to that!"  Then she closes the door.
[I love you Lora.  I’ll miss you.]  I start walking home.  [How am I going to tell her?]  When I finally reach my house I see that the mailbox was knocked over again.  [Stupid people like to hit mailboxes with bats…  What’s their problem?]  I walk up to my door and find it locked.  [God I hate my family, their always locking me out.]  I grab the ladder next to the house and rest it up against the wall then climb up it and go through my bedroom window.  I close my window and take my backpack and shirt off.  [Okay, it’s time to put my plan into motion.] I sneak down to the foyer and grab Diane’s purse.  I take out all her money and put the purse back.  I sneak back up to my bedroom and close the door.  After putting the money in my backpack I stand next to my desk and shove it in front of the door along with my dresser.  I grab a piece of paper from my backpack and a pencil and write Lora a goodbye note.
Dear Lora,
You know you are my only friend and the love of my life and I would love to stay with you but I can’t.  I have to go start a new life, I cannot stand the one I have now.  Please know that I love you and goodbye.

A few tears drop onto the paper.  I look at my ceiling.  [Goodbye my love.]  I put the pencil and note into my backpack, put my shirt back on and open my window.  [Goodbye my so called family.]  I climb down the ladder and walk towards Lora’s house.

Upon my arriving there I see that all the house lights are off.  I climb the side of her house and look into her bedroom window.  I see her sleeping in her bed.  I quietly blow a kiss to her and tape the note to her window.  [Goodbye...]  A tear falls from my face.  [My love.]  I drop down and make my way to the subway station.  I wipe my tears away.  As I’m walking I look down and see a stone.  I start kicking the stone until it rolls under a car.  I sigh and start looking around as I walk.  There’s no one around and it starts getting cold.  Finally I arrive at the subway station.  I sit down on a bench and wait for the train.  After about 30 minutes the train finally arrives.  When the train comes to a stop and the doors open I start walking towards it.  Suddenly I hear a crash.  I quickly look to the side and see a hobo had broken a bottle.  I sigh and board the train.  The doors close and I turn and look through the window as the train leaves.  This is the last I saw of this place.

It’s been about 5 years since I ran away from home.

I wake up and yawn while stretching.  I get up and swing open the drapes and the sun fills the room.  [I live in a small apartment now as a photographer.  I’m not rich at all but it gets me enough.]  I scratch myself then head into the shower.  Afterwards I brush my teeth and get my clothes on.  [I have a feeling today is going to be a good day.]  I walk over to my end table, grab my keys and head out the door.  As I’m walking down the hallway to the elevator I see Joanne.  [She’s just a lady I know.]  "Hey there Joanne!"  I smile and wave at her.
"Oh, hello Zack!" [I had to think of a name didn’t I?]  She smiles and waves back.
"How are the kids?"
"Ugh…  Stephan has a cold and now Betty’s teething."
I laugh.  "Good luck with them!"
"You want to help out?"
I look around nervously trying to think up an excuse.  "Um…  I uh can’t…  I have…  Stuff I need to do…  Very important stuff…  Sorry!"
She laughs.  "Oh Zack, I was only kidding.  Have fun with your photography!"
"Thanks!  I will!"  We wave to each other and she goes back into her apartment.  I finally reach the elevator and push the button.  I wait for a bit then the elevator gets here.  I board it and ride it to the lobby.  When the doors open I walk over to the front desk.  "Hey man, any mail for me?"  I ask the clerk.
"As a matter of fact there’s a letter."  He reaches into a cubby and pulls out an envelope then hands it to me.  I take it, tear it open and pull out a letter.
Dear Jonathan,
Lora killed herself after reading your note.  Which in turn caused Michael to get drunk and drive recklessly where he got into a crash and died.  The loss of you caused your mom to overdose which sent your sister to a foster home where she was abused so she killed herself.  Your selfish actions caused those around you to die.  When I find you I will make sure you rue the day you were born.

Lora and Michael’s mom,
I put my free hand over my mouth as tears pour down my face.  "Oh my god…"  I slowly walk back to the elevator.
"Mister Zack?  What’s wrong?  What did the letter say?" The clerk asks.  I just ignore him.  I get in the elevator, ride it to the top, walk to my room, open the door with the key, close the door, walk over to the window and just stare out.  [I got Lora to kill herself…  The love of my life…  Died because of me…  I never wanted this to happen…  I didn’t want any of this to happen!]  Tears storm down my face.  I walk to the kitchen, grab a knife and head into the bathroom.  [Lora…  My love…  I’m coming.  I’m coming back to you!]  I lie in the bathtub and hold up the knife.  I look at my reflection in the blade then take off my shirt.  [Old habits die hard I guess.]  I place the knife on my wrist and pierce the skin as deep as I can.  I bite my lip until it starts bleeding.  [I’M COMING MY LOVE!]  I cut a line in my arm up to my elbow then do the same with the other.  I yell at the top of my lungs in agony.  "WAIT FOR ME MY LOVE!"  I then slit my throat and drop the knife.  My head falls back and I close my eyes.  I feel so cold...

  Then suddenly I feel warm.  I open my eyes and everything is pitch black.  I start walking around and see a small light.  I start running towards it and see Lora.  "LORA!"  I run towards her and hug her as tight as I can.
"I’ve been waiting."  Lora says.
Tears are falling down my face."I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean for you to go and-"  She kisses me cutting me off.
"Don’t worry about it my love." We hug and then walk into the light together.

© Copyright 2020 JeremyM. All rights reserved.

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