I wrote this when I woke up covered in sweat and really confused on where I was..


Undigested Hummus selling real estate to keep up with the firedance

You're a legless heartbeat

A clone

Your wimpers fall in a lair in which i proved my throne wasn't

The bell

It no longer tolls for the wounded to protect their soul

Wait for your malibu messiah

Edgar allen campaign corporate miss ring

BEWARE i told you

Maybe i told no one at all

Inscribed on jondus ridden deer pelts

Once they begged for my company

Now..beg for the keys to my integrity


Guest list?

Names slightly modified as to not pollute my mixed drink

Part-time criminal Part-time ingenuity

Part. My hair to the side

Doctor plain land


Docked her. Dreams.

You gave me a word therefore you gave me nothing

Revelatory over the shoulder salt throwing


Speak to me peasant of the underworld

My fingernails are dirty too.

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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